Models are Dumb - Is It True?

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We put models to the test to see if they have more to offer than their pretty looks. Do they have brains and beauty? Let's find out in this episode of "Is It True?"


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Starring: Ayona Clemons, Nizhoni Cooley, Nadia Beddini, Meg Scoop, Christine Sanchez, and Serena Powell
Directed By: Travis Brown
Produced By:Travis Brown 
Cinematographer: Herbie Wei
Cam Op: Carlos Medina
Sound Mixer: Cameron Selan
Production Assistant: Casandra Epps
VFX: Arthur Castillo
Editor: Amy Glickman Brown
Assistant Editor: Bryan Nam

J. Dimitrijević
I don't know about models, but people who think that thumbs aren't fingers are definitely dumb.
Lorenzo Lodge
Fuck me there dumb
Lorenzo Lodge
The fuck is the point of the button
It's doesn't show intelligence
these motherfuckers dumb
madison ma
what do the olympics have to do with how smart you are? I got all of these correct besides that, because I just don't do sports.
madison ma
the thing is, some fish can drown. bettas are actually some of the few.
Laura Lacen
I'm sorry but those question aren't irrelevant...
Mindless Gaming
them tits tho!
Aprisha Price
They so have proofed people wrong 😂
Lauren Alexandria
If they asked the model with the degree in psychology about parts of the brain or psychological disorders I bet she'd sound really smart then, you can be really intelligent in one field and not in another. I feel like this was rigged to make them look dumb
Sally Webster
I knew every question before the smart and the models they were all so easy and I am in high school year 12
Mikayla Tierney
I knew the finger question and im 13
All of this has nothing to do with being smart though. You can have a college degree and not know these things. It's kind of common knowledge a dumb person can know it it doesn't have anything to do with actually being smart.
Daisy Rich
Jesus I'm 13 and got a better score than they did
But a fish can drown, so the producer got it wrong
Still pretty dumb. It seems the stereotypes were proven in the video, so yeah.
Kiwi 34298
eliza Mars
when it was the fish question cameout i was like there is still 12 fish even if they drown does that mean i am have dumb
ButteredPopForLife !
the girl that wasn't a model and in the white shirt made me angry, she's a showoff and a little bit obnoxious
it's Ajobi
Lol it's not the occupation that determines your level of intelligence clearly
WTF there's 20 fingers, toe is one of them!
Sara Krueger
The models really didn't do a good job
Just because you're not book smarts not mean that you're not smart
Like you can be smart in a different area
There are many different elements that put together your intelligence
There is Book smart streetsmart and then there is intelligence you get from experience
Just because you're a book smart does not mean that you're not smart
And these questions don't really get to show your intelligence
Because most of them are just book smart questions
And most of them are trick questions
I'm no good at trick questions.
Ilya Iakoub
man these questions are so dumb
KlOud J
The second one ik she dumb
Audrey martinez
the model with the white shirt is dumb
Megan Aaron
"Mt Everest was never discovered"
Jimin -sama
The JFK one made me lose hope for all these girls, also youre trying to test their general knowledge but you give them riddle and trick questions?? Fix your life All Def
Fish can drown.... this video was dumb in and of itself
all of them were dumb.
Literally just Abby
Bro, how pretty you are can not define how smart you are, I mean it can make you conceited, but those are all just facts, they don't show how smart you are, I mean some of those girls are too busy looking glamorous taking beautiful photos, to look up and memorize facts, how smart you are mostly depends on how well you retain information, and you can't remember information that you aren't interested in for longer than a few months to a year, stereotypes are crap, how you look on the outside doesn't show how smart you are.
Jason Peng
every single fucking person on there was retarded
Han-Nha T
fish can drown if the water doesn't have enough oxygen for them to survive, right
Harry Vaughan
the black model just showed how much of a joke degrees in the US are (but she was hot af)
Amanuel Wolde
How are thumbs not fingers?! What are they then? Tf?!
Topi Syrja
That train one.... These bitches are dumb :/
Lotnan Adam
A degree in psychology is nothing.. it actually is a negative degree..

you should have got Lucy vives she is probably the smartest person I have ever seen and she just so happens to be a IG model
Andrea Leaff
Fishes can actually drown though
Tyrese 2times
one of those girls said most of those questions are irrelevant but she didn't answer majority of them😂
Tyrese 2times
this bitch said she had 0 fingers😂
Grace McGowan
Fish can actually drown btw
Agata Paszek
"I can be smart in different area" They all need Jesus.
maybe next time try and get some actual models and not some hookers off the street
someone you might know
um can I have a hug too
Holly Preston
Ok so they all proved they're idiotic with the fingers question
Ann Mig
you can be pretty and smart but most models don't really try to be smart because they are to busy trying to get famous
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