Models are Dumb - Is It True?

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We put models to the test to see if they have more to offer than their pretty looks. Do they have brains and beauty? Let's find out in this episode of "Is It True?"


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Starring: Ayona Clemons, Nizhoni Cooley, Nadia Beddini, Meg Scoop, Christine Sanchez, and Serena Powell
Directed By: Travis Brown
Produced By:Travis Brown 
Cinematographer: Herbie Wei
Cam Op: Carlos Medina
Sound Mixer: Cameron Selan
Production Assistant: Casandra Epps
VFX: Arthur Castillo
Editor: Amy Glickman Brown
Assistant Editor: Bryan Nam

Maddy P
Did anyone else catch them selves screaming at the video "eight!! It's eight!!! Eiiiiiggghhht!!!!!!!" When they asked how many fingers you have?
Zoe Wright
Lots of models are definitely smart and business minded and well efucated. it's just that hot people were more likely to go to parties or get involved in relationships rather than education growing up whereas not so good looking people were more likely to stay home and do well in school. There's lots of exceptions though! Just a theory
Papii Chuloo
This still proved that they are dumb, not becasuse they got most of them wrong, but because how how they reacted on the ones they got right like it was some million dollar question lol.
Mariana Schleder de Lima
This just proves models are dumb
Fsy North
Fish do drown idiots, fish sometimes come out for oxygen if their glans dont extract as much as needed from the water, so if they dont, they just drown.
Bren Williams
"So the ones on your feet are not fingers" hahahahaha bitch you are dumb they are called toes for a reason and the one with the white shirt with the tattoo on her shoulder not hating but she's definitely not the smartest in the bunch
The thumb is a finger
KlayWitda Shot3
The girl at 1:55 looks like a balouga whale
Joshua Reddy
Tama Karaitiana
"How many fingers do you have?"
"Zero" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ’€
that black girl model with boobs is hot. the way she speaks, the way she is makes her more beautiful
Samantha Gracia
Funniest video ever!!!! When she talked about Everest
Ava Scheib
I'm a teenager and I got most of these lol
The longest race in the Olympic is 50km (31 miles) walking race
This made me feel extremely smart in comparison to how I normally feel.
Tuna Sandwich
If the 3 model you chose happened to all loose doesn't make all models dumbπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
M. Stroud
They're not considered dumb because they don't know facts. They're considered dumb because some of them do dumb shxt and make bad decisions.
Woolly Cow
They are dumb
Whoever wrote these questions is retarded. Fish can and do drown. If sharks get dragged backwards through the water for more than a few seconds, the water can run into their gills, thus drowning them.
Also, if the water is too hot, there is less oxygen dissolved in the water, so fish can drown that way, too.
White Guy
I want a hug
Raw Dawg
They chose the wrong set of models
rabid_SOUP 28
Lol this vid is great but literally if they don't know an answer it doesn't mean they are dumb cause it's probably just really bad education systems
FH 24
Dawg dem bitches dumb as fuck πŸ˜‚
Jonathan Johnson
Fish can drown
Owen Boi.greaves
The mile race πŸ˜‚
Kylee Nichole
The girl in the white frilly shirt is so rude
Matthew Fasic
Fish can drown
HI Bye
How she a model with that nose?
Kailey Kcb
The third girl to talk looks like exactly like my life is ava
Clare Toy
Can't men be models too lmfao...
Who else is scrolling down to the comments wondering if they messed up on the fish one tooπŸ˜‚
Ty Marshall
how can you not get that Question right how many Fingers do you have
DB Highlights
"You're so smart" You learned this shit in school maybe you should have paid attention lmfao
DB Highlights
Quick answer. Yes.
all metal & hard rock
models are whoresss
Mack Attack
"Who painted the Mona Lisa?" THATS EASY LISA SIMPSON!
GSHeverything _27
These models are Dumb
"Because fish dont drown"

Um, actually they do. Sharks are fish. They drown if they swim in any direction other than forward. I read that somewhere i think.
Being instagram model doesn't makes you real model.
Models are dumb. Video proves it. Or fair statement would be women are dumb
Ben Smoker
Fish can drown. It never specified if they were in water
dylan fesmire
0:13 hoe retarded breh
Myztery_- Syzoth
Fish do drown.. if they stay still water doesn't rise into their gills causing them to "Drown"
Xx-Oli-Xx -
I was litterally screaming the answers
Models Ain t done.. they just don't know very much.
Nyaa Duhh
They ass dumb ass hellπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β£ they cute thoo...
Reese Jacobs
The thumb CAN be called a finger according to the definition
Question: "Which is heavier a ton of gold or a ton of silver?"
Girl on the left: "They're both equal"
Girl on the right: "You're so smart"
Girl on right: (in head) "Bitch you're just dumb"
Chase K
But if you dress like that, don't be surprised when the guys don't give a fuck how smart you are.
The chica was dumb.
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