Models are Dumb - Is It True?

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We put models to the test to see if they have more to offer than their pretty looks. Do they have brains and beauty? Let's find out in this episode of "Is It True?"


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Starring: Ayona Clemons, Nizhoni Cooley, Nadia Beddini, Meg Scoop, Christine Sanchez, and Serena Powell
Directed By: Travis Brown
Produced By:Travis Brown 
Cinematographer: Herbie Wei
Cam Op: Carlos Medina
Sound Mixer: Cameron Selan
Production Assistant: Casandra Epps
VFX: Arthur Castillo
Editor: Amy Glickman Brown
Assistant Editor: Bryan Nam

Leomas IsMe
dump as fuck
3:00 spot on pronunciation girl.
Jaz M
columbus discovering america had nothing to do with the question
Joseph Saleh
"It's so random that you know that"
"just because i didnt get those questions doesnt mean im dumb, im smart", thats something a dumb person would say
First model looks like Ciara, she is so beutiful!
sc dotsc
A fish can actually drown..
Love how she said 'thankyou for watching ADD' at the end.

Made my day.
John Tuohy
how many fingers do you have?
20. I'm actually gonna hang myself
Ciara Williams
When i say Nizhoni I was like " HEY!!!,You were dating Mysticgotjokes!!!!
they are still dumb but not all models are dumb
Jewel Mcrae
Q-how many fingers do you have.
lnaooo πŸ˜‚
Lee M.
they were trick questions . the brain must be prepared for deception.
Chemical Poison Gaming
Actually fishes can actually drown because their gills also need oxygen. Actually there are oxygen molecules in the water. And the lower the temperature the less pressure which means there are plenty of oxygen molecules in the water, but the higher the temperature, the higher the pressure in which the oxygen molecules go up the water and therefore the fishes suffocate/drown
lasse skarpengland
Lovely opening speech but they all ended up getting trashed with these simple questions -,-
Julianne Mcmichael
Everyone thinks they are a model these days
Charlie Mendez
nizhoni sexy af got me hard in seconds lmao
Kylie Cheffer
Fish can drown
Delta Bolt
After reading the comments I realized not all of them were models. (which I could've assumed by looking at some of them)
I rewatched the video and the (Instagram) models actually got more questions right (in time) than the regular women.
Obi Wan Kenobi
im sorry but models for what?
Katja Leya
aw man I'm 18 and i knew more than they did....not just models but all o them.
Chris Roze
There are two racewalking distances contested at the Summer Olympics: the 20 kilometres race walk (men and women) and 50 kilometres race walk (men only).

The marathon is a long-distance running race with an official distance of 42.195 kilometres

Even the organizers of this debate are dumb enough to not know the answer, and they have access to google.
Douglas Newberry
I'm older and Kathy Ireland was the most famous model to me. And she was on the cover of forbes.
shadow stalker69
these bitches are fucking dumb
"participation is only thing that matters". LOSERS TALK. THEY ARE DUMB
sanjana b
how are they models...
Geo Rockmann
When I saw the first girl I stopped the video and fapped to her.
Justin Henry
Fish can drown. If any of those fish were betta fish & held under water they would die.
Jonathan Watson
they are dumb tho! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jonathan Watson
some fish like sharks can drown if they stop swimming. the reduced water flow over their gills means that the oxygen that is dissolved in the water can not diffuse into their hills as the concentration gradient is lost and the suffocate
Madison Campbell
i'm 15 and i could solve most of the questions in 5 seconds then when they answers i was lmao
Reading & reciting what you study isn't really smart. Booksmart people could be dumb & folks who can't recite what they study but can think thru it is true intellect.
So degrees do NOT validate smarts. shrugs
Illuminati Confirmed
8 fingers you dumbasses
They really didn't help themselves hereπŸ˜‚
Pixx La
this video mde be believe models are dumb
they proved nothing
Who else was goin for the black girl model?
lol shit I want a hug
David Floyd
you compared them to other dumb women, all of the people answering were dumb!
Atheer Ali
Isn't nizhoni mysticgotjokes girl
Michiko Gold
omg wtf this is so ez
Fusion da God
Who knows that one girl from mystic
Sofia O
The finger question is a trick question because in other languages we use the same word to describe thumbs and toes
dom g
That light latina and black girl were bad afffff
sTOp WRIting haT3 COMMentZ
Don't they all have a degree in phycology
Andreas CM
Fish can drown idiots. If there isn't any dissolved oxygen gas in the water, which can happen in an aquarium for example! Why do you think aquarium requires pumps, oh and guess what happens if you turn the pump off. Yeah, your fish drowns.
Lindsay Sluder
Fun fact: if there is no oxygen in the water fish can technically drown
just because you have a degree in something doesn't mean you are smart, I've met a lot of dumb people with degree's they are good just at them and then it's all empty;D most of education is memory and even math geniuses are dumb, to be smart you have to be 'street smart' also. I think with models it's the same, if they know how to earn money without major support and they push themselves in that industry without injuring themselves mentally and physically, then they are very smart, I think some models are dumb, a certain label pushed them to do everything, they end up anorexic and so on. Models travel a lot, so with all that time doing meaningless photo shoot's and so on they have time to learn about culture and history.
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