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Dude Perfect FACEOFF...BATTLEBOTS EDITION! Sponsored by HEXBUG. Watch the Dudes battle it out in multiple BattleBot challenges, culminating with a TOMBSTONE showdown! 

COMMENT BELOW with what you want to see Dude Perfect do NEXT! 

MORE DUDE PERFECT here: http://bit.ly/1rTTZY3

More HEXBUG: http://bit.ly/2eR0Oog
More VEX Robotics: http://bit.ly/2efrLR7
More BattleBots: http://bit.ly/2e4I3OX

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I cant think
This may sound creepy, but does anyone know what kinda ring that Coby has at 5:47???
Kainoa Turner
I always go for Coby
Aidan's Gameplay's and vlog's
Can you guys play basketball on your court 3 on 3
Justin Lane
team Coby all the way like if you agree
Hermann Fegelein
tombstone for life
Random stuff Tv
I don't sucker
Mike Johnson
Did you do booksing
Hiren Shah
Rick Abell
Tombstone is your tombstone Vex
Max Gavin
pause at 0 11 ty is anouncer probs
Reece Rendon
Happy birthday Garret
Bryson's Sports Tips
sorry coby
Nico Koller
return amid identical xtrgxsy frequent laugh anxiety sun illness.
How to confuse people

Read more
Charity Cote
I agree with noon j
Jose Navarro
just found these at target­čśÇ
Dean Lipscomb
Quack­čŽć for Coby
ChrisMan 9000
I subscribed! :)
michaela haughton
Finger spinners
Mason Humphrey
I feel so bad for coby
Mason Humphrey
You should do a fidget spinner face off
Josh Black
" my mama told me to always shake hands, even if a kid is picking on you you always shake there hands"­čść­čść­čść­čść best part
according to the names Cory won the second battle, but it was Coby that won
Cory blew a 3 to 1 parts lead like how the Warriors blew 3 to 1 lead in the NBA finals #goCAVS
SGT. K170
Tombstone is the best one in the actual show but on the hex bug it is the worst
G BoyChannel
Ye Jason
John Marvin
Liam Holm
I love cody
brye templet
I'm confused on what made who the winner
123 456
Mhd Aznil Syahmi
Evan Geisel
get James harden on the show
Lurz -Super
Poor coby
1 like= one win
Ryan Curtiss
Ryan Curtiss
TY is my favorite
Ryan Curtiss
Gary Man
Coby sucks
Melissa Chapins
I hate you gar
William Tiernay
coby you are awesome
William Tiernay
you are awesome
Carter Universe
Tyler should have won the first round garret sucks
Hoverboard Maniac
Shouldn't it be Tim linzy tempoltin
Lincoln De Boer
i do the First tech challenge which is pretty much vex but different
Luca Samuel Svatek
Go garret!!
beyblade fanatics
can anybody subscribe to me
peanut butter jelly time
1:10 did he actually one time fall in love with a robot
Someday Coby will win a battle
Messi HD
Coby was about to cry
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