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Get your kids ready to go outside with this simple clothing song. Plus more of your favorite kids songs and nursery rhymes from Super Simple Songs! 

Put On Your Shoes - 0:00:07
I See Something Blue - 0:03:02
Rain Rain Go Away - 0:05:52
I See Something Pink - 0:08:07
Make A Circle - 0:10:56
The Pinocchio - 0:11:58
Row Row Row Your Boat - 0:15:07
The Eensy Weensy Spider - 0:17:01
Uh-huh - 0:19:04
Yes I Can! - 0:20:36
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? - 0:23:57
Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Sing It) - 0:26:22
Mary Had A Kangaroo - 0:27:18
Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #2 - 0:30:00
Skidamarink (Animated Version) - 0:31:45
One Little Finger - 0:34:01
Ten In The Bed - 0:36:14
The Months Chant - 0:38:45
The Shape Song #2 - 0:41:01
Walking In The Jungle - 0:45:06
Open Shut Them - 0:48:32
If You’re Happy - 0:05:56
We All Fall Down - 0:52:48
My Teddy Bear - 0:54:45
I Have A Pet - 0:56:47
Who Took The Cookie? - 0:58:56

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Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs
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im 90 and I still watch this
youtuber girl
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Go simple songs
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my 1 year old brother loves this he is loving it so much!
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G.M. Mayo
Finally something especially for children!I love listening to these precious songs when I cant fall back asleep or wake up at dawn.Great job!Precious music@
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sarap bumalik sa pagka bata
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verry nice thanks for the vidéo :)
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Super simple songs COOL...............................
Pearl Anne A Rebucas
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thank you super simple songs keep up the good work you made my kids happy
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These songs be in my head at home stores in my car very catchy my bby boy loves these songs the whole family we all sing them😘
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My dad and sister is super
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I just love your videos
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