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Brush Your Teeth song! ►►https://youtu.be/K26y_Ca9hoc

Get your kids ready to go outside with this simple clothing song. Plus more of your favorite kids songs and nursery rhymes from Super Simple Songs! 

Put On Your Shoes - 0:00:07
I See Something Blue - 0:03:02
Rain Rain Go Away - 0:05:52
I See Something Pink - 0:08:07
Make A Circle - 0:10:56
The Pinocchio - 0:11:58
Row Row Row Your Boat - 0:15:07
The Eensy Weensy Spider - 0:17:01
Uh-huh - 0:19:04
Yes I Can! - 0:20:36
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? - 0:23:57
Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Sing It) - 0:26:22
Mary Had A Kangaroo - 0:27:18
Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #2 - 0:30:00
Skidamarink (Animated Version) - 0:31:45
One Little Finger - 0:34:01
Ten In The Bed - 0:36:14
The Months Chant - 0:38:45
The Shape Song #2 - 0:41:01
Walking In The Jungle - 0:45:06
Open Shut Them - 0:48:32
If You’re Happy - 0:05:56
We All Fall Down - 0:52:48
My Teddy Bear - 0:54:45
I Have A Pet - 0:56:47
Who Took The Cookie? - 0:58:56

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Yhael Yohan
RaelVidot _RBLX
this is better than zool babies
Diosmauris Delacruz
this is great because I take care of kids and I can put it on tv and they are so calm.
Its Me
I love your song
Vincentalexis butor
miiru chan
me encantan los vídeos
Alex Kali
My sister likes this💚🌼👗👗💃🏽
Lora Yordanov
Jyothsna S
Logan Heuerman
I am too old for these
Justin Adebiyi
why does he have such a big head
Miroslav Bogatinović
Dobra je pesma za manji uzrast moze da se nauči dosta engleski
Rachel Cordon
My daughter Penny is 7 my son Cash is 5 my daughter Ruby is 3.
Rachel Cordon
My kids Penny, Cash, and Ruby but Banks LOVE these shows!!!!!!!!
Лиза Ефимова
я тут одна русская
Judith Orozco
like right now he is laying on me and watching
Judith Orozco
my baby brother like the song when I'm watching these song then he lays on me to see
Judith Orozco
We watch your video .there amazing songs.
Rommel Goergid
My baby cousin likes this so much
Leilani Calvin
I. like it
이 노래 영어 시간에 배윘는데ㅋ
Said Mouhssine
is the biutifol video
Liya Hamid
Conwell Magwaza
your the best
Fernando Cruz
Desculpa pelo musicapor na verdade a palavra é musica por
Zuzia Ludwiczak
Znam tą muzyke ale jedt dla maluszków

Thomas Bowen
Alesandra Rivera Sanchez
Kiara Allison
cool very cool but I'm 9
Anush Aghinyan
O my little sister Like it very much thanks for this cartoon
dut le van
Abdul Rehman
I. Love. These. Songs
Abdul Rehman
경tv 선
leah austin
so much to learn
Janine Souza
Is good I like this
umaimah shiahed
it was good
Grace Hanson
I 💗 this video!!!!!! 🙃
Prossy Nanteza
my baby sister likes it very much.
Samaian Mapping



Oanh Nguyen
veronica mancilla roa
Raellian Starfire
my mom has to remind me of putting on my shoes and I'm 14.
Stanley Enrile
this is for kids songs its great
Mohammed Almarzouqi
Paz Lebaty
Lad mejores canciones en Engles 👍😀😘
저거 남자애들이 목도리가 짧았는데 매니까 길어졌다 했는데...ㅋ 그리고 허뤼 업 허뤼업 허뤼허뤼 업 할때 다 따라했었는데....
이 노래 5학년인가... 4학년때 듣던 노래다...
중독성 있어...ㅋ
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