John Oliver DESTROYS TRUMP For Inventing Sweden Terrorist Attack

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From HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. 
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George Blisson
WOW, the only clip of Oliver were there are only half thumbs down, normal the thumbs down are higher.
moO o.O
Trump got the wrong speech card from the CIA. This was BEFORE they orchestrated another attack to further devide and conquer europe. Interesting indeed.
Rio truths
Sweden is the rape capital of the world why did he leave that out? Look up how Sweden has gone from the safest nation in the world to the rate capital and look up Jimmie Åkesson
The Red
Cons are the real cucks.
No One
For all those who feel so smug over what happened afterwards, let me be there to crush your fragile sense of superiority and tell you that it does not make Trump right.

What transpired was the equivalent of some nut who thinks the world is about to end by a comet, have a small comet strike that killed three to five people, and claim that he was right. As terrible as the attack was, it was no 9/11 and would've been passed as a domestic news by the world if the driver was not Muslim. The chaos that followed was caused by individuals like yourself that used it as further justification of thinking that Muslims are the root of all your problems, ignoring the shit we pull off on a daily basis.
Robert Ellis
Cringe worthy. Where are all the asses now?
Kaloyan Maslarov
ТHIS ONE IS bastard lying bitch :) fire him
How's Sweden doing now
roses on fice
owh he is a fag Jew.. I see.. bye
Jalen Croxen
Are you missing a chromosome, there was videos of the truck and 4 people died and 15 were injured, you sicken me.
des tiel
I don't know who I am supposed to laugh at, him or Trump?
Niall Bradley
That's not really a gaffe on Trump's part. Fox News aired a fake segment, one that could easily have been aired on any other US channel given the climate we live in. The gist of the report was 'Sweden inundated with immigrants, causing rising crime', a popular theme across the West these days, not least in the USA, and caused - to the extent that it is happening - in large part by the USA's wars in the Middle East. Thanks, Obama.
You are not laughing now are you, fucking idiots. We took in large numbers and it was an illegal immigrant who did this. He was supposed to be kicked out but the Swedish government did fuck all about this. The terror attack could maybe even been prevented if the government did their fucking job correctly.
head strong
9.5 million $$$ tax dodge??? Total and complete hypocrite.... LOL!!!!
Scootchie and Boo
so funny cause turns out he was right
the liberal circlejerk continues
edyH llykeJ
Trump reffered to Germany also what was he Talking about there ? From Germany ^^
Rick Fredrick
British scum Zionist communist garbage fuck you kike and fuck trump the ultimate cock sucker
somehow liberals are always wrong. fuck the left and go fucking drown in your idiotic values!
kristian virkkunen
What about last night in sweden the 7th of april?? nothing about that
elisabeth dakak
And in Germany, a woman has been stabbed to death because of her Christian faith in front of her children. This is real, Islam is hell on earth. If Macron gets elected, France will be lost to Islam, the fastest shrinking religion in the world, and terrorism will propagate. God have mercy on France, and on Europe
jonne Westerlund
Well, the VW-joke i am going to use. Then... I Believe that Trump claimed to origin from Sweden(?) I am a proud swede. Maybe a lttle to much trusting, but. We have not had a war in over two hundred years. OK! We are a Little more trustful for our own good... but :)
El General Ramm
The same politicians that hide the rape and crime statistics of inmigrants for the news are the ones who responded to Trump.
smoke'n mirrors
so trumps in on the hoax's... damn
yeah john, nothing happening in the rape capitol of the world especially with those religionof peace people, just move along nothing to see here in the lefts socialist utopia, oh but wait even thier leader proclaimed they were not socialists damn them facts just always getting in the way huh?
Two words for John Oliver "media whoar". Apparently it's very lucrative in America to front a show that criticizes Trump for the majority of it's material.
Ida Huynh
i live in sweden i was close to that attack its cald terro attack and the pepole that have don that its cald teroristerr it was scary i was freiking out :l
jobbar inte han på samhall
Oh dear, this didn't age well.
Tor Martin Kohle
Trump can see the future. There was a terror I Sweden ln April
If being a cuck was a country then it would be Sweden. John Oliver would fit right in there.
William Tyndale
So we have a cab blazing away, almost completely destroyed and yet not a mark on the Unit. Impossible. All clearly CGI
Bubblepink881 M
can you please do a report on what's happening in Sweden and other countries with the immigrants and women being raped. It's like an apocalypse.
laura lamore
Wake up people, donald trump is right. The media are hiding terror attacks from the headlines. another one has just happened in swedan, also youtube and facebook are working together to remove and hide the truth from us.
Yeah, Sweden is a paradise, no one makes the smallest idea of what Trump was talking about.
Fsdf Nog
haha this ugly, stupid kike midget must be eating his words now
pe er
Trump is right. Once upon a time, Sweden was a good country to live in. Now it's a hell because of all Muslim parasites. Sweden is governed by treacherous pigs that should be executed for treason
Fenny Wilson
Sweden terror he knew. Thanks Trump, u r the best!
cory smith
0:20 Oh really? ...

eusopp Kamote
this dude is possibly the dumbest person on planet earth...sweden is fuck and europe is shoot themselves in fucking head.
Nat Palazzo
John Oliver is a prick.
Here we have someone who refuses to do any research on a topic before they spew the crap that comes out of their mouth
Michael Hoffman
160 cars burned in one day, a few more terror attacks, but the lunatic left will still say: "Harhar, Drumpf is an idiot."
Hampus Haglund
Trump was right that day. Swedish massmedia coverd up that attack (because the swedish massmedia and politicans work very hard to make the rest of the world think this country is perfect with no problems). That day Sweden WAS attacked but massmedia didn't say it was a TERROR-attack.
Trump WAS RIGHT! AND 7 april in Stockholm the massmedia could not keep it down anymore. You all libtards get so brainwashed It's sad. /Swede
Wow this john oliver cunt is a fucking mindless husk.
Antheaxe U
fucking cunt has he talk about the truck yet??? in other episodes
Melanea A
Fucking morons...
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