Bad Baby Bunny Steals Eggs! Kids Pretend PlayTime

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Bad Baby Bunny Steals Eggs!  Kids Pretend PlayTime with Naiah and Elli. The girls go on an Easter Egg Hunts for Kids and The Easter Bunny steals all their eggs. He is a naughty bad baby who takes all the girls candy. He is a bad baby that needs to go to jail and never escape. We open all the surprise eggs and their are lots of toys to see inside. There are Paw Patrol, Trolls Poppy, and fun Disney toys to see.This is a great family review video for kids. 

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Nayeli Recinos
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Jaxsggnvggghhfhgnmon Curry
Ellie and naiah I know who took your ex the Easter Bunny he's outside I saw kit
Jaxsggnvggghhfhgnmon Curry
now the Easter Bunny has all your eggs in his basket now he's leaving outside catch him before he goes home and I saw her hands inside of them the white better catch him before he takes all your ex because he had them in his back to Milly's house before your mom
Jaxsggnvggghhfhgnmon Curry
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Moyinoluwa Wale-Balogun
Naiah! Elli! a bunny took them
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