Kermit Traps


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this is how they got fat
At 3:48, Kermit is questioning his life and also Jenna's and Julien's authority 😅😅
Just saw this...
Need to do this do my dog Lucy
I will email you my vids
Brittany Polly
it's so funny! thank you for sharing! ♡
Dragon Princess
is marbles alive
does your chain hang low?
Pauline Magos
Huge nerd here but 5:07 Jenna sounded like peridot from SU
Wandering Waffle
Traps are gay
Joe Cambo
2:52 Testing for stability... smart pup
Hannah V
this still makes me weez like Kermit
Linny Crocus
why does kermit remind me of a kangaroo
This just sums up how easy it is to cermetnap a cERMET.
Isabel Favre
The noise kermit make at 2:41 is so cute
Carlos Carballo
What breed is marble I need to know now!!
chara the donut
today's my birthday and I'm just glad the fact I didn't die today
Weird Pug
She should do paech traps
Blaze WillowCreek
Hahaha!!!! This is the best! You should do another with Peachie!! :)
Crafty Cookie
is cearmat pottie trianed?
Eeveegirl 5755
5:49 marbles is like
Thank godness shes not doing that to me
Id kill her!
ah, the pre-peach days
Edessa Jajo
MF Blaziken
I'd fuck her even if it was gonna kill me
donut .ashley
I thought he was gonna do a trap mix for some reason
shorty_cake _
I yam esteemly consernd. Yourr smol angree an cermet dusnt seeem too bee an gwowying enuf. Hee Olso seems ded. And dupresd. R yoo giving it enuf an chikn?
stress level: kermit
Helena K.
cermet looks like dobby the house elf
Anderson William
BumbleQueen Papi
Why does Kermit always look high?
Astraea Aaaa
This was so funny 😂😂😂😂
Twee Widdershins
Dobby has been given a blanket... so many times...
Nathanial Jamieson
It's amazing how high he always looks.
I thought traps won?
The Phsycopath
ha ha
I think my favorite is when she hid under the blanket and scooped him up, her face was of the purest joy
Lisa de Jong
IT'S A KERMIT CRAB - no I didn't read any of the fucking comments to see if that existed. I also laughed SO HARD at my own joke.
Mara Friedman
Is it just me or did anyone else stop at
0:23 to admire Kermits beauty?
Melody Herman
Fucking hilarious!!! I may just do this soon.
Paris Vagias
i thought this would be kermit trapping not trapping kermit
A sad potato
Video starts 1:39 if you want ok bye!
Evelyn K.
Do nawt trap ur am cermet it doas nowt halp tham groaw.
Blockpile -
trap lyf
Gamer Abby
what need of dog are kermet and paesh. Slow marbles
I named my dirt bike Kermit
Kat John
when I saw the title I thought it was "Kermit raps" I thought it was going to be a rap about kermit or something omg😭😹😹😹
Amber Okorie
kermit just looks stoned af
Cermet trapiss yasss eye luv thias veedeo 😉❤️😉❤️😂
New drinking game: take a shot every time Jenna says "trap".
Warriors 4Life
Yer shud make Paesh traps now to halp your chekin colored Cermet groaw
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