No Name
Can someone guess a name for me plz?
Meownpy -
Now can we see the part when the giant jelly blob is used on a car
Iris Provorse
so satisfying
Nadia Idris
poke it ughhhhhh
Blue Hue
If I were a shower product (like soap, shampoo, etc.) I'd wanna be a shower jelly
rainbow necromancer
...the problem is, that if you put it on a plate and leave it on a table for decoration or something, someone might eat it.
and that someone will be me.
Cinnamon Roll
this is from Lush!! I love there bath bombs
louisa amabel26
0:03.. hm.. barrel o slime...
Becca Moyer
ReallyR ?
Whoosh is the best!
IMeow LikeADog
Am i the only one that wants to eat this thing?
edit R&M
I'm gonna sit on it and bath
Hannah Frost
I wanna eat it
Caoimhe Dunne
Can u get these shower jellies in the uk??
veronica battalue
I want to bite it

but the taste😐⚘
Novembertopaz123 Or Supercutielake
0:22 when you and your friends try to be cool
EDIT 1:13 when you and your friends try to be cool 2.0
EDIT 2.0 what color jelly do you think you were?
Jesus Mendoza
So satisfying
Aminah_Makes_Slime 123
I wanna cover someone's face with it. Why am I so weird?
0:36 it's like patting my grandpa's belly
Cookie Monster
I want these things to be thrown in a big fight.
Daniel Herrera
king potato
I wanna bite into it
Sugar Pea
When you were born in 2005 °_° or °0°
Abigail Cates
s l a p p i t y s l a p
Anjali Johal
Little blob: ugh thanks for throwing me
Big blob:ugh thanks for throwing me on top of my little friend.
Little blob: they are so annoying
Big blob: I know right
Motiwor Rahman
I want to eat it...
Oyunerdene Sharav
I have it you can get it at a normal bath and body store
No Logic
if it looks good it's just another reason for me to try n eat it.
Dogadian Lily
When you want shower jelly but it's sixty dollars for a handful of it
It's Me
I don't think anyone is gonna use this as the company intended us to use.
Anjali ;-;
It's honestly not really worth buying in my opinion. I have one and the first day i used it was literally so slippery. It fell like 20 times and then it ripped in two. Also when you try to actually wash urself with it you cant cause theres no grip to it
lennox schwarz
lap trend negotiate best trap separation space failure
Did anyone else think this was a DIY slime video before watching?
1:36 here comes johnny
Anna Janelidze
I wanna eat some haribo right now! Lmao
I'm Plant
friend: hey are you okay?

me: the green one looks like flubber. what if it is flubber but it only comes alive when you say a command and then you can have your own flubber. and what if the other colors are flubber too and the can preform different jobs-

me: yeah im fine.
Maricela Cazares
I want to eat it (I know it is not for eating)
Jannie Gayle Quiambao
Now I'm craving for jellies 😩
Little Ava Vlogging/ Minecraft Reviews!
I kinda wanna eat it! It looks like normal jelly :)
Nicholas Chandler
They're anime boobs
Adison Morhart
I have 93,000 miles and it smells like cinnamon and peppermint. I personally think Whoosh looks the most appealing but it doesn't smell great. Needles and Pines smells fresh, not really like pine needles, which is strange but it smells so good! Refresher smells like lemons, kitchen lemon to be exact but it has a little bit of a mint scent. I know I sound stupid telling you the scents but I'm just trying to help if you are getting one but this is my opinion😊 thanks and no hate plz
I never even had heard about those
The Slvyeon Pokémon channel
The Slvyeon Pokémon channel
The Slvyeon Pokémon channel
Is it wierd that I think that these things being collabbed together is cute?
wong ren jian
Is it just me look like I wanna eat it
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