Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus - Speed Test! (4K)

Samsung Galaxy S8iphone 7 plusspeed testgalaxy s8 vs iphone 7iPhone 7 vs galaxy s8+beast

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test. This is it. Can the iPhone Slay the beast? Lets find out in an epic speed test battle between the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7.

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Robson Correia
can link Wallpaper Iphone?
Quentin Angelini
Yellow screen iPhone, white screen s8
Jacob Morales
What wallpaper is that on the iPhone?
Cobie Montemayor
Android sucks
AWGamer// Allworldgamer
If you agree that iphone sucks like this comment
Shahzman Ahmed
Plz make lg v30 and Samsung galaxy note 8 speed test
Looks like some apps not fit the Samsung screen?
That white on the S8 & that bright screen if only samsung was alowed to build a samsung with ios on it:)
You should change performance setting first and clear cache on both phones. Then u will find out how fast galaxy s8
Upendra Dwivedi
But that display of iphone 7 plus is no way near that of s8
you call that games? try asphault and tomb raider then you will see if the memory is enough the only one that you tried that is "more" demanding is subway surfers the other ones are straight low memory usage games
Muhd Syahir
S8 is not "a tiny bit quicker than that fucking 7+" but it is tremendously faster....nah.
Dragon 77
This is the galaxi s8vsiphone7Plus
Ghaffar Ejaz
S8 vs iphone 8 vs lg v30 gaming, speed and battery drain test
Boy Florida
Don't forget that the iPhone has 3GB RAM and it's still as fast as the stupid 4GB SCUMsung
Good to see a Wwe fan , it's a WONDERFUL video
Nicolás Merino
iPhone always kills the time test tho. Compare these two in 1 or 2 years and iPhone will be killing it. But for now, the newer S8 is faster tho. Just...wait
Austin Bruck
Is it just me or does the iPhone have a yellow tint to the display i currently Have the Samsung s8 however switched from iPhone 7 plus!
ow yeah
He is puposly clicking late on s8 because he knows that iphone is just a shit in front of Samsung device
Kiko Haitham
bitches just cuz you bought the fucking phone dont mean its best well guess what Nokia is better its completely shatter proof fucking fanboys in the end u should be happy with what u bought.
Snake Slime
Im not lying, but about a few years ago i asked my friend to give me play geometry dash on his android phone, i dont remember what it was called tho. And the phone ran slower than an ipad 1. A FUCKING 2014 OR 2013 PHONE RAN SLOWER THAN a 2009 ipad or whenever it was released
Patrik Pítr
The Galaxy S8 looks pretty much better than the iPhone.
4:30, that was smooth? Between the camera and my eyes it looked like you could count the frames on the left.
This guys so bias to the S8 😹😹
ryan bks
turn off screen transition effects on on both phones then do it, the effects can slow down tge opening of apps
2:12 Samsung failed
Mohd Fahiem Naz
I am using both the phones sometimes the iphone is better and sometimes the s8 is better in different different scenarios these both phones are the best but sometimes I feel different owning a iphone rather than s8 i from the crowd I suggest you to buy iphone 7plus rather and s8
IPhone 7 way faster
Boby W
Iphone - what a peace of crap. I would be embarrassed to walk around with such douchebag phone :D
Julia Orciere DorcasMeta
I was waiting for him to open GTA😳
Sheilla Surya
S8 screen look more great
Bin Hassan Rohaan
Where do you live
s8 pum pum fatality ahhhhh 🗡
Jaifar Akram
You have tinder😅😅😅🙎🔜💑
Peasnpey Lip
Im tipping from a s8. IT ROOOOOCKS
Gurbhej jatt
iPhone is better than Samsung
Thomas mills
IPhone is better than samsung
mlody me
The narrow screen on Galaxy makes no sense and offers less real screen than iPhone. For instance, in the Instagram app, the web browser (check the wikipedia) you actually see more things on iPhone then on Samsung. Even the Viber App looks like it is zoomed on Galaxy compared to iPhone.
Apex Predator
Which one should I buy ? S8 or iPhone 7
david tadros
Horribly flawed test. More channels should do the test the same format as everythingApplepro does
Iphone really looks dated now! Who would ever have thought an Iphone to look like a refrigerator next to a Samsung 😂😂
Taha Mesbahi
Tip; you shouldn't test the phones while connected to the same Wi-Fi, but use instead 4g same provider or different wifi routers (but same router model ) with same internet speed, and that's mainly because of the Wi-Fi's limited service to complete the requests; in other words, your wifi can just finish one request and then pass to the other request and so keeps... This is my pro tip here, and hopefully you can answer me 😉🔝 @XEETECHCARE
kim nas
While we are fighting over who made the best phone.. These companies are actually co-operating. Hahaha sucker fanboy.
Lets not forget that the samsung runs at FHD or 1440p and also has longer animations.
I compared my s8 exynos version at 720p and made the animation shorter on developer options, it actually won iphone by 3 sec...
Carlos Ramirez
Ok so how does apps that are optimized to the specific device would allowed me to judge which phone to get. This was the weakest infomercial I had ever encounter. Please test other factors rather then games and social media.
Sias Finny
I noticed, iphone dont have ads from color switch and s8 have ads below
Shahroz Bukhari
the google bit doesnt really test the phone's speed, it all depends on the wifi tbh
Need Ful
S8 + 💗
Robert Sørensen
the apps have different animations than the iPhone. And the games is what shows the real difference
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