Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus - Speed Test! (4K)

Samsung Galaxy S8iphone 7 plusspeed testgalaxy s8 vs iphone 7iPhone 7 vs galaxy s8+beast

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test. This is it. Can the iPhone Slay the beast? Lets find out in an epic speed test battle between the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7.

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Khushal Pawar
Hey buddy Hey Hindi mein baat karunga ji Samsung Galaxy S8 plus damage phone de do na plz mujhe chahiye Samsung Galaxy S8 please please please my number is my mobile number is 9595 406 972
P _left3ris_P
Let me take a popcorn and scroll down to the comments.😂😂
S7 plus vs s8 simple?what an asshole
Silver Angeles Woodlawn
Love A10 Fusion... Real single-core performer. While S8 was a bit faster in multi-cores... Display is a huge difference with S8 having an edge but iPhone 7 Plus is my choice because I simply hate Samsung 😉
Dado New
Feels so good to open the apple website faster on Samsung device lol
Aamir Siddiqui
did someone noticed yhe battery percentage... which shows samsung won by 3%
Austin Gloin
How much of a hurry is everyone really in? Wholly fuck were talking a couple seconds either way sheesh
Roman kovac
gess why is the iphone 7 plus slow because it has too much GB so its downloading the system
chillin bruh
Lamo why android users always get so mad
Allink Only
Just got iphone 7 for a week now i move on galaxy s8 😂✌
Aryan kaBIR
How to download vice city game ??
Heres an accurate conclusion :

*Iphone seven has the centre button which is very outdated, the s8 + is fully touch screen
*The display seems visibly clearer and brighter on the s8+ (watched in 4k)
*the scrolling is much better on samsung, picture retains itself during movement and appears much clearer
*The samsung screen is much larger and speaker is much louder
* The samsung resolution is 2960 x 1440 (529 PPI) vs iphone 1920 x 1080 (401 PPI)
* Iphone does not have an audio jack so you must buy apple headphones, or re purchase the conversion adapter from apple to be able to plug in normal headphones
*Samsung has larger screen size while harnessing a smaller body, stronger glass and more futureistic design
* Samsung has a better waterproof resistance
* Samsung is customizable while iphone is not
* The battery is 3500MAH on samsung, and only 2900 MAH on iphone
* Samsung has a micro sd slot for an additonal 256GB of space (very fast)
* Bluetooth is 5.0 on samsung (better range/ speed) and 4.2 on iphone
* Samsung is the winner
guys this is unfair he compared a 8th gen to a 10th
Ok so i have both a Galaxy S8+ and an IPhone 7 Plus and in my opinion they are both great phones for different reasons. the things i prefer about the S8+ because it has all of the customization options that the iphone lacks and i slightly prefer the S8's camera and the screen is sharper (you can look at the 2 phones in the video its kinda obvious to me, but hey you might like how the iphone's screen is, thats your opinion). the things prefer about the Iphone 7 plus is that the build quality is high quality, the phone looks really pretty (not saying that i think that the S8 isnt, its pretty too) along with ios being really clean and simple which is really good for people that are new to tech (i would suggest an iphone to someone new to tech due to the simplicity while letting them know that adroids are better for more experienced tech users)

ok but 3 things that i don't like about IPhones is 1) that there are no back buttons or buttons that open task manager, i really like that feature about androids and 2) i feel limited compared to android and 3) is taht you have far less options

and 1 thing that i dont like about android is that its harder for tech noobs to use

if i had to use only androids or iphones i would choose androids solely on the fact that that i dont feel as limited as i do on an iphone, but hey thats my opinion and i hope that you respect it and i will respect your opinion. most likely you will disagree with me due to that im the rare handful that likes both so please tell my why you disagree and not the stupid "oh hes a samsung fuckboy he doesnt know what hes talking about iphone is clearly better" or stuff along that line, thats just being childish
John Evas
Dman i wish i could aford a s8 like all those guys who are watching 😕😕😞
Light is greater than darkness
I can't stand the iPhone 7+ display! And before anyone thinks I'm loyal to one company, I HAD AN IP7+ before I got my GS8+.
Other than iOS, headphone jack and some software issues my main gripes are the display.
The iPhone 7+ display I tested had greyscale issues, white balance was FAR too warm and unnatural looking and the colors seemed washed out like an old technology LCD.
I see some of these same things in this video with side by side comparison.
Seriously though... Who REMOVES a simple, cheap feature like a headphone jack? If Samsung EVER does that I'm going LG...
ابو فاضل
Nazim Hameed
Iphone 7p airplane mode is on .thts why iphone is bit fast
Samsung is best
Samsung Better.
Many android users say that it is unfair for the iphone 6 or 6 plus to compare with the latest model of android while many iphone users condemned android when they make a comparison between i7 or i7plus with the standard/cheaper android phones.
Nevada Lasvegas
S8 very good
Daniel Grigoras
apple sucks, Samsung is the best :))
αdríαn ΔIRIL
Apple only fast for game
Latech Gaming
The iphone 7 plus this is airplane mode the samsung galaxy s8 plus no airplane mode
Lokesh Lokeshchavan
Bagus Wijaya
the screen colour of S8 is badass
daksh Khanna
start from 00:35
M BoXi
Big Gamer
samsung FAN s8 is best
Iphone 8 will violate s8
Travis Anderson
We all know the Shitsung will start lagging after a few months of usage.
Legend Blackz
Os brasileiros vão dominar o mundo
2:28 Got me laughing!
WhoDarestheMAN gamer
Who's dumb enough to still buy crapple shit in 1017???
Chemically Assisted
Please do the galaxy S8 vs Motorola razor
Hives DOTA 2
Andres Ramos
the screen on samsung galaxy is really amazing!!
watching this in my s8 coral blue .. proud of s8
Ahmar Raza
I love samsung
ninja arashi
S8 plus is best
Ahmed Omar
All these videos are pointless just look at sales revenue. Android as a whole doesn’t compete with Apple. All the phones that have android os can’t compete with iOS. You look at what people want and you realize that the gimmicks on the S8 and other fully loaded android phones don’t really matter.
p.s.s. santosh
THATS SOOO CHOPPY ON THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S8! iPhone in the other hand , is really smooth! DON'T JUDGE ME! ;) 4:36
Dror Levi
S8 is the best!!!! I want to buy it so much!!!!!
anonymous freind
Apple loads its own website slower
Hafiz Usama
Samsung👎🏻 wait for iphone 8
leave a like if you like Android than iOS
1 or 2 sec ??? are u blind?
Milan T Man
Its clear the G S8 is better than the Iphone 7+ 😝
apple is forget in time because samsung make phone faster than apple even iphone 2s release first before samsung.
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