OK and the main thing you have not told us is the prices for each. At a guess the last would be the most expensive as you voted it the best? But all you did about the others is Bitch about them. Had you complained about the lack of flavour you would have found out what their service was like? Yes they have to make sure that the majority of people can eat it but then they should provide the Spices/Oil to add the Flavour. You were judging by the flavours you like not what I like? And if you think from the other side are you going to charge the least and buy $50 a bottle oils to put out in bowls for people to help themselves? At home you may buy one because it will last you for years? At a all you can eat? Not long if it is a popular one
Sorry, NO. If you are marking out of 5 you cannot give a 6? They have to make a base broth? The first one you complained that it was not Spicy enough? Then complained because the secret spices they brought you was no good? So did you complain? Because if you do not they will presume they have got it right. The oil bar is your chance to add Flavour and Spice so why didn't you. It sounds to me like they add Cayenne which just adds heat rather than Paprika? The second one you complained that there was to much Pepper (At a guess Fresh ground Black Pepper Corns) but did you ask them to taste it? Do not forget they all have to try and please every one or give you the ingredients to please your self. All I can say about the 3rd lace is repeat what In said about the 2nd one? Ask the chef to come and taste the broths? And you must stop Double Dipping by tasting the broths from the Ladles, It is Un-hygienic and other people do not want to touch what has been in your mouth. If you want to test the broths use the ladle to put some into one of those little bowls?
Zach Burns
Why so much garrix?
Am I the only one that’s wondering that the ladies must be real tight seeing mike use the communal spoon and then dip that back into the broth?
His standards are piss poor
The Traveling Triplets
love the t-shirt!
Leo Chen
Watching mikes vids is like my love for anime omg
Maximillian Smith
Eating at IPot right now because of this video thanks Mike!
Rika Chu
I swear. I LOVE how you look like you smoked a fatty as a signal of being full. It's hilarious!
That One Female Gamer
I'm gonna have to try some of these places out. I've only been to a few here in SF; the only one I can remember the name of was a chain of Mongolian hot pot. That was 2 years ago xD
Bob McCoy
God damn it... gotta get outta bed and head to the kitchen
Nick Mozzicato
I agree on the service. I go to a place in Cambridge MA with a friend for hotpot. We love the flavours and the generous portions but the service is so slow usually.
Also if you want spicy dude go to the place we go. The spicy broth has those Chili's but they cover end to end in the broth. It's so thick with Chili's which makes it over the top spicy.
Jerryskeeper O
I just went for my first hot pot, soooo delicious! Love your sesame and chive sauce recipe
I've never had a hot pot before. Please, take me on a food tour with you! :)
Peter EerNisse
I want the Sriracha shirt!
Jayski Jia
wow i mean, ur having meals with two girls, one white, one asian, ur living da dream bro
Hey Mickey! My 7 year old daughter loves to watch you eat. She calls you "The Food Guy"!
Kenneth Soto
Bruh he gets all the girls wtf
Motu Bisap
not to be racist but i just found this video and i thought he was jackie chan
Richie Duong
He is the type of guy to put hot oil in milk xD
Running Crazy
It's 4:42am and I want hot pot food. Dammit
Why would I pay to eat out when I have to cook the food myself?
15:27 you can hear that music in the background. copyright infringement!
The best hot pot is in the East Bay, not SF!
Blue Blazer
I love lasagna.
-Blue blazer 2017
Michael Breckshot the Soldierhog
I want to try a hot pot
Jay MF
All you can yet
TitanZhone -TZN-
I like the background music
Iris's Cooking Channel
In my town our hot pot comes with nine soup bases but...their very little their about three inches long all around
Iris Moua
I went to the boiling hot pot once with a group of ten people and just as you, we didn't get any food for at least 30-40 minutes after our first wave. Sadly there was only one waiter but we up and left because the broths we chose had absolutely no flavor and the meats were okay. I wanted to get my friends on the hot pot boat with me, since I LOVE hot pot from my childhood memories of living in Fremont, but boiling made my friends and I so sad and hungry.
"Im Asian but not that asian" take the damn sub man lol
Della Lynch
I love watching you make your sauce I don't know how to make your own sauce but I love spicy and so does my husband and we LOVE garlic as well we're going to have to go to a hot pot one day never been but looks SUPER GOOD!!!
IBleedBlue BBN
I have not ever tried HotPot before but now I'm desperately wanting to try all of them lol!!!
πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Thanks for sharing!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
β€˜I’m Asian but not that Asian!’
Nfgk Nobs
"I'm Asian but not that Asian"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
place in orlando, FL called 9 spices hot pot, they offer all you can eat for dinner and the ingredients come on a conveyor belt like conveyor belt sushi, as well as being able to order directly.

now this is the only hot pot place in orlando that I know of, and the only one i have ever been to, but I love the idea of conveyor belt sushi and as a hot pot it worked very well!

(also their herbal soup base is AMAZING)
jem Ogn
Great video
I like the scoring! It helps to have a way to compare the various restaurants.
Hank Xiong
Lol! "Im asian but im not that asian!"
I-pot, hahahaha more like ipot, means bird poop
Feel bad that you live in san fran... but love your videos
Valarie Cash
Mickey why u don't like Broccoli?
Caper Brown
I know next to nothing about this type of cuisine. And I haven't traveled enough. Wish I could tag along with you because you know the cuisine and I enjoy watching your videos. I'm a recent subscriber. Would love to see some Chicago area vids.
MobileCar69 #MobileCar
khristian mayer cruz
why do i have the feeling that you look like Jackie Chan..?
The Serranoz
I'm tryna go to that first place
Thanhh Huyềnn
omg, vietnamese on your Tshirt ??!!! >.< ^^
alissa hartley
How come as don't have any all you can eat not pots here n many Chinese places don't have steamed dumplings which is bad :( xxx
Mai Lee
First experience with a hotpot place, server forgot our food 3 times and scolded us because it was last call, so we should've ordered it earlier πŸ™„πŸ™„
Tristan Sabado
I think strictly dumpling is a type of guy who tastes ghost pepper mixed with carolina pepper and calls it not spicy
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