All You Can Eat HOTPOT Buffet Tour of San Francisco!

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I went to four popular all you can eat hotpot buffet restaurants in San Francisco bay area and here's what I thought of them.

The restaurants:

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this is my kind of video
abdul jelati
144p squad where you at?
Pauline Chum
watching you eat make me so hungry
Pauline Chum
great service that's awesome..I alway have bad service at Asian reaustarant that's why I prefer going to American reaustarant.
Neoninfused Kck
every time i look at your videos im so hungry
Jesus Bernal
did he say chicken who needs that
Alison Lu
The Pot's is my liiiife
In jae Hwang
I never had hotpot before in my life, I lived in Soul my whole life. Now living in Canada BC Kelowna
ZaneDSC DarkStarCaliber
this looks nice wish I was there🍽
is it wagu?
Dena Redford
Have you ever thought about doing a cooking video ?
I Just miss the captioning.
Yanet Lara-Prado
you just made me hungry
Why dont you drink
Amit Purkait
Who's back here from Mikey's recent PO opening?
Amit Purkait
Who's back here from Mikey's recent PO opening?
Micheal Ponce
Mike I live here too, but have not been to alot of food places. Look forward to tryinf these and coming across each other 💪
Jesus Olivares
One suggestion: when you were listing out the things you were to grade them on, you should have listed them on screen
Johnny Strautins
I like food
Johnny Strautins
Jasmina is kinda hot ...
Ha Vu
Chinese restaurant service are always terrible.
He did the math and I almost flipped, but then he returned to human status xD
UnX Format
Jasmina omg lets have some food.
Jeremy Fitsgerald
I don't have Hotpot in my country :(
review it
that mango drink is a meal itself lol. I just drool all over myself too. that last restaurant is the best
Rob Andretti
im asain but im not that asain 😂
safa mossawi
Bro you look exactly like Jackie chan
Brownbiggirl IG
service everyone is nice but a 4.5? 😂😂
is it me but this Chinese guy is cringy af he's the reason why hiroshima was bombed
Tony Lee
That was interesting. I only ate hot pot a few times in over 60 years and the first time was in Hong Kong years ago. I think that every one had own taste. I would never put potato, eggs, dumpling or coconut milk into the pot. Also, I liked to start with plain water and add my own sauce. I would add vegetables, and some meat to simmer for added flavor. None of the 4 places seemed to have many side dishes such as pickle vegetables or even tofu which would not work for me. As always I only ate lean protein and vegetable on my diet, even on hot pot or any buffet, so I would skip several of the places which served meats with lots of fat in them.
just.. oh my God !!! i ll open a shop with this concept in Turkey :D great video thx !
Sue Liang
馋= =
could you do one of these down in the LA area?!
First Rating: "Let's break break the rules I just established"
Henry Herndon
Love your Videos! One critique of your soup base judgment though: i wouldn't be so strict with the soup bases. In my experience (mainly different styles of hotpot parties at home and family/friends houses), the soup base is suppose to increase in flavor, richness, and hardiness throughout the meal. At least, growing up at home, my mom (Hong Kong-Cantonese) would just throw some sliced raw daikon in water and bring to a boil in the hotpot, and the broth would gradually get better and better throughout the night (sometimes she would freeze the broth and reuse it for the next hotpot, or save it for "hot pot leftover soup" w/ funzi (cellophane noodles) the next day.
My personal ayce hotpot place is Little Dipper in Fremont
FaZe Pika
anyone hear avicii's waiting for love and the other song (forgot name) in the 2nd one
Are these prices per person? Because if so it would cost over $100 for a group of 4 people to go to one of these places. That's like, once every 5 years or so expensive.
Michael Duvic
Did he say 'cunts of types of meat'? :-O
22:30, just a little bit of sesame oil.... and he fills half a bowl of oil LOL
Love your videos! More please!!!
Next time if you were here in S.F should visit Taichi Pot Shabu Shabu at Santa Clara.. definitely worth a try!! top notch quality meats!!
Jean Wang
are you in sf or ny now? you should try the spring shabu shabu in flushing ny - the buffet is just insanely big and has everything an asian can ask for. I have yet to explore the hot pot buffets in sf and excited to!
Is Hotpot and Shabu-shabu the same?
cause I tried shabu-shabu
aris gemino
only problem with #4 is ipot in filipino means poop
Lin Wen
Who heard the starving song
As a person that has a mango allergy, I am super curious on what mango tastes like. I keep hearing people say how good it is.
Mary Kim
Come to Texas! You need to try Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot!
"i know im asian, but im not that asian" - that killed me XDXDXDXDXD
George Costanza
i would eat Jasmina's cheeseburger EVERY DAY!
George Costanza
San Fran Sicko.
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