All You Can Eat HOTPOT Buffet Tour of San Francisco!

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I went to four popular all you can eat hotpot buffet restaurants in San Francisco bay area and here's what I thought of them.

The restaurants:

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Ronnel Baligad
Who's the white girl? She's pretty cute
akshay patil
Man U making me hungry 🍜😋
I am in Sichuan, Chengdu, China, friends need to facilitate the hot pot? Reply me! Hot pot, do you dare to challenge your taste?
Sexius Manalive
This dude's like if Guy Fiery and Jackie Chan had a Youtuber baby.
ashley bautista
I live in sf ayyyeee
Angelica Chung
the congee broth is not supposed to have any flavor. it's to make fish and chicken more tender and 鲜, speaking as a cantonese.
Wine bebe
why does he doesnt want broccoli? lol
đỗ sky
Are u Vietnamese
Mick Mack
Dude your metabolism is insane
Dj ballard
"graded on 4 different things" counts off 5
channel papy
There are NY too the similar restaurant aren't you?
In the Lower Town.
I noticed that he tasted all the soups with one spoon and chopsticks not a communal one.. maybe the girls are close family or friends. Anyway, nice yummy video as usual.
I will milk your mangoes mikey chen
You really go for quantity over quality. I'm not sure I agree with you on that.
jojo darmawan
after a lot of eating hot pot now he looks like hes wasted and on drugs
Sean Le
Did you let your friends eat anything...?
Noora Oraha
I wish I was your gf.
Ass Hole
"chicken-- who needs that?--" .......CHICKEN IS MY MAIN MAN
Andrew H '19
im going to SF over the summer...I can't wait to gain 50lbs
Darling senpai
Ninja Pimps
All u can eat meat 🤔😉
I'm a white guy... and I always wonder if people around me including the staff feel insulted or something if I f*ck up... as in I cook things wrong or order something and not eat it properly?

Like... should I "study" before going to a place like this?
O.P Ninja
Wait a sec are you inferring that chicken is bad. Let's go mate 1v1 now
MIKE! try Style hotpot if u ever go to Seattle, best spicy broth i had and i tried plenty.
Amanda Montgomery
SF sounds awsome to try and visit but im going to be in the Long Beach area. Any ideas? or should we just deal with the drive?
seth boling
says "im going to try number 5" circles number 9😂
Jonathan Lui
I live less than a block away from the fiery hot pot place.
Jamego King
Wow I'm hungry by this video
If you love spicy food so much, try mexican. TRUE mexican. Not to be confused with TExMex. You'll LOVE IT.
ami miftahul
drinking game: drink whenever he said hotpot
Mickey Aaliyah
anyone else hear Hailey steinfeld
( sorry if spelled wrong)
I need hotpot now
morgan megurine
I tried that Ipot place and loved it. There's also a hood place on 3rd avenue in San Mateo called ZabuZabu that has really thin meats and amazing broth.
Ashan Gabriel
He looks like a young Jackie Chan
Yan Kuang
when you get a chance next time, you should try Little Hot Pot (Fremont), it is rotating hotpot, and Q-Pot (San Jose) which is also Hotpot and KBBQ
Allen Cordero
Raindrops drop tops I love food going with the hotpot
Maksim Vucetic
Jackie Chan jr. is that you?
Eric Danielson
thank you for this vids have not been on a asain kick for a while .i went and had awseome shushi over the weekend never had a hot pot but would love to.
陈 T
you moved?!?!
Sherry Osinga you have a yearly physical? Better check that cholesterol. By the time you reach 40 it will be a tell!
InMyOpinion Wisdom
A few of my friends were telling me about a place call "HOT POT CITY" in Northern California.

QUESTION: Have you ever heard of it? And if so...what do you think about HOT POT CITY?

I haven't been there yet...but, I'm eager to see if it's a POOR, FAIR, GOOD or EXCELLENT dining exprience. Any input from you and other YOUTUBE Viewers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
zhuzhu tan
located in Chengdu ;-)
Why would you put the spoon back in the soup after you drink off it lol
Mo Zaa
did anyone told u look like Jackie Chan
bryan hsieh
Hey Mike, great video as always. Btw you should really check this restuarant out next time you are in japan,
its called Yakkiniku-Tei Rokkasen, its a BBQ restaurant.
It has an all you can eat menu on Matsusaka beef which is one of the top 3 beef in japan (along with Kobe and Ohmi) and it is regarded by the japanese as superior to Kobe beef. The all you can eat menu also includes snow crab. If you go with someone else you can also choose 2 different cooking styles from amongst the 3 availible ( BBQ, nabe, sukiyaki) on the all you can eat menu.
Stop fanwars
15:28 am i the only one whos Just listening to hailee Steinfeld in the Background
Munkhsaruul B
omg its 3am. im going to hotpot tomorrow
strictly dumpling you should try "the red pot" in las vegas.
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