All You Can Eat HOTPOT Buffet Tour of San Francisco!

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I went to four popular all you can eat hotpot buffet restaurants in San Francisco bay area and here's what I thought of them.

The restaurants:

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Cosmic Skillz
that looks amazing. I want to go to Ipot as I live in the Bay Area but it always to crowded
Sam W
I hate it when you pay a base fee and they ignore your food orders...
Devon Clark
I gotta try this in Detroit
Are you the next Jackie Chan?
Colin Merry
congee is supposed to have no flavor basically
This guy loves heat...if he goes to hell goes gonna ask the devil for a shot of Red hot hot sauce.
Are you also a sponsored skateboarder from the San Francisco Bay Area?
Little lotussm
Thanks for trying all these and giving us a great recommendation 🙏
Leah Larson
Can u come to phoenix to help us learn where to eat, we want to try new food, my daughter and i love you and eould total try a place u say ti try. Please help us
Kristina Rosal
Hot pot and korean bbq is life
Teagan Yan
san francisco has the best chinese food!
Jordan Wagner
you should factor in the price. cause that is a big factor too
Marvin Le
Hey Mikey, I'm at my cousins house in Hayward, California, looking at this video which place should I go ?
Now I legit wanna go to San Fran just to taste a hot pot 😭😭
Katie Love Hue TV
how much did it cost u to pay for everything?
Katie Love Hue TV
the 8 trime onces r the best
Jazmin Fanfare
Let's skip the broccoli never touch that OMG I SCREAMED LMAO
Marc Co
Hi Mikey, I'm curious to know what the portioning of your different hot pot sauces. How many of each type used went into your sauce creation? Thanks!! Love your Strictly Dumpling and Mikey Chen channels :)
Just discoverd this Channel from Germany Subscribed and i am now watching this Videos non stop
you should try gogi time in Oakland, Ca.
aadish 99
Thats it i am subscribing
Archaic Revival
14:03 hilarious sound bite. wa wa wa waa. classic.
I love The Pots
Yes! A place you visit that I can actually go to.
knight sabers
"I'm Asian but I'm not THAT Asian." Mike Chen 2017
So is this safe to eat???
Sunny Karia
He looks so much like Jackie chan
mike your so lucky there are no hotpots were i live
Bro, let me take you to my fave AYCE spot. Japanese food. You will not be disappointed!
Jireh Climaco
$3 for mango milk shake? here in canada, we pay $6 for half the size of that..
"I'm Asian but not that asian"
Edward Dergosits
I recently took a lady friend to Fiery Hotpot. I love pork belly and was excited to see it on the menu. Unlike the pork belly you were served It was almost entirely fat. We each tasted a slice and that was enough. We had the rich pork and the spicy beef broths. The broths were flavorless but at least the spicy beef broth was spicy. The divided hot pot was a nice space saver on the table. The sliced rib eye was the best of the meats as you said.. The shrimp from the buffet was flavorless and so were the clams. We did like the beef tendon. The fish had an off odor. We decided not to eat it. Overall the meal was a disappointment.
Damn Jasmine is a cutie.
And damn you, you made me hungry again!
A korean-american is now raging a bit somewhere because you didn't roll the meat into a salad, and also because you fried it in butter... :p

(Of course, if the butter is actually margarine, a significant part of Europe will REEEEEEE as well. You just can't win, can you?)
love how honest you are lol
Elizabeth Coen
Just out of curiosity Mike, could you give me the addresses of these hotpot joints? I want to try it for myself.
Juni Obscene
3:30 looked like uncooked blood pudding. What was it? And how did it taste? Btw, I love blood pudding :)

If I tasted something that you'd considered spicy, I would probably get a a heartattack, since I'm so weak :P I wish I could eat spicy food, but the burning in my mouth tends to stop me.
I should stop watching this guy at 3 in the morning. I wana go eat this stuff but I don't think there is one near me at all. x.x
ciera orion
yes you have a HAWAII t on when will you come to oahu
how much weight have you gained from making these food reviews?
Dish water? the second place?
Kingchills03 _
Where do i buy dumplings ? I had them one time but idk where to get them at
Prasit Ritnok
are you related to Jackie Chan? you look exactly like him. have you ever worked as his stunt double?
Peace Florida
U.S.A. T shirt once in a while surely wouldn't hurt bro.
Khelsea Chiem
Hot pot soup is meant to be plain you have to put sauce in yourself I honestly love the plain soup they have. Where I go to have hot pot it's like all you can get where you can get as many food as you want. There's a lot of type of meat where I go as well. Where you go to get the food is where you get the ingredients.
James John
My bearded dragon likes this video he kept attacking the screen when food was on it haha
Mollie Jones
Wow! New sub i.e. From this vid thanks for such thorough info! Can't wait to head to the City. Did you, or will you, do a dim sum reviewer SF? That would be awesome. Looking at your other vids/channels now.
Katie Love Hue TV
i realised that im gonna be a heard worker.
Rusto Panther
you should come to Philadelphia to do some bbq and hot pot
Maile Wong
if you ever do another video about hot pot, Little fire pot in daly city is good!
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