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Things have definitely changed...

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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

Anej Žaler
Make shirts v-logang
Kaden Tuttle
Were is the 838/ 12 /929 only for example I don't know the time I'm 10
Mari Lopez
i subscribe to all the videos i watch
Fadi Sidaoui
Like if Logan Paul is better
Reply if jake Paul is better
David Mataele
That was fire
G&D Production
Be a maverick
He is acting like he is famous
Bay Drifters
I love you
Triston Riojas
I only get Logan Paul’s savage maverick merch or logang t shirts on T SHIRT TUESDAY! Like if you buy the merch
Chloe Spellman
U have about 1 mil subscribers more than Jake
Fuck him
Richie Roosevelt
And that vine thing its gone you know
Richie Roosevelt
Logan your zoosh merch is so cool i already hafe it when i was 3 pls restock the zoosh merch i like it i have it but i think its a collector item but iwant the zoosh
Adithi Math
What a glow up❤️❤️
Sam Allen
u r my itel i look up to u
Osiris Oclinaria
I have a YouTube channel
Osiris Oclinaria
I am you bigist fanu
Osiris Oclinaria
You are famous
Osiris Oclinaria
I love your video
Osiris Oclinaria
I got your mrch
Kyle Jolicoeur
Buttt lol
Katie Gammon
I'm kind to Logan
Maverick Hobby
Your my hero bro
Linda Dickson
I️ subbed 1 year ago
Psychocreeper 456
Now jake just wondering what happened I have 2 mill less subs then Logan😂
Miko Nunez
Logan, u were so cute when u was little😘
Unknown User
Your such a choch!
Dima Vlogs
Everyone please check out/subscribe to my channel. It is a vlog/Different types of challenges channel such as hide and seek in stores, overnight challenges, etc. (I dont have a lot of videos up but they are coming soon!)I will subscribe back and maybe even shout you out in a video!! :)
Doug Lockhart
The thinning is my favourite movies
Jasmine jasmine Ferguson/Jake pauler/funnle cake
I know your birthday is April 1st but my birthday is actually 12 days away from it cuz mine is the 13th
Do more Madden
Bassam Rani
I'm 14 and I did community service for pranking my rival; I put glue on all of his clothes and his locker he got pissed and his parents wanted me to spend a month in a detention center 😂
Penny Pasen
Yo logan, my son is a fanatik fan of yours... He want to buy your merch but he think the merch is expensive if change to Malaysia Ringgit... He feel so sad...
Abbigail Piceno
who else watches Michelle McCruden.😄😄😄😄😄
gavin Addington
you are awesome
Flowergirl Dab
They was so funny
Zach The Skeleton
Logan, you literally acted better in high school than I do on my whole entire youtube channel!
Lolz 818
Who's here when he has 13 mil followers
The Talking Head
im from vancover ps biiiiiiiig fan
Robert Luigianos
Are you going to be able to see me or not
You are the best and most kids in my class like you!
Be a Maverick
I live in Canada 🇨🇦
Kidz with a blog
He WAS so strong right now I don't see his abs p.s you are the most popular youtuber apart from pewdiepie but honestly your still so much better than "pewdiepie"
Kidz with a blog
Cool vid de loganster!!
Natalie Glennon
I love it but stop swering lots
Hazel B Finn
By the way ur hot👄❤💓💙💚💖💗💋👅🌡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hazel B Finn
Aulani Morales
I used live in Tijuana I’m half Mexican half American
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