Idiot president? Clinton was an idiot SoS, she proved that by allowing 4 people to die in Benghazi. She proved that by using unsecured servers/devices to disseminate top secret classified information. And I guess it was just a coincidence that Seth Rich was killed in a "robbery attempt"?!? A robbery attempt, BTW in which all of his money, credit cards, keys and other personal items weren't touched. Who is/are the idiot(s)? The people who report these "facts", or the idiots that think it was okay for her to lie, steal from, cheat, nor care about, the US populace?
greg romero
oink oink says sarah, where am i says spider....bannon sits in a corner trying to suck his little dick ! lock them all up ! all idiots. hilarious !
FAAAAAKE NEWS! Otherwise known as libtard fodder...........
Gus olive
They were fighting over a taco
Jennifer Marquard-Clanton
Ship of fools on a cruel sea
Ship of fools, sail away from me
It was later than I thought
When I first believed you--
Now I cannot share your laughter
Ship of fools

The bottles stand as empty, as they were full before.
Time there was and plenty, but from that cup no more.
Though I could not caution all, I still might warn a few:
Don't lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools.

Ship of fools on a cruel sea, ship of fools, sail away from me ...
Robert Hunter/J. Garcia
thanh nguyen
The Ring of Fire, you are so wonderful, and I like what you are doing.
Peter Lorimer
Curly, Larry and Moe!
Warren Webber
Maybe on Air Force One, the whole traveling cabinet will have a wrestlemania!
You are stupid, stupid.
simon smith
omg your an idiot yeah donald trump is the one leaking intel. failed you tube channel keep up the poor work
Joseph Stevens
check out
Sourav M
Tango Bango
Ha! Those three so deserve each other! Hope they all develop ulcers from defending this despicable, deceitful, hateful man!
Sarah is bernies daughter? Just asking
What does his plastic face wife bolognia think of all this?
BWAAAA HA HA HA, BWA, BWA, HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! OH MY !!!!!!!!!
Why do I find Faron so attractive?!
Lauden Clear
and where's Kellyanne Conway?
The three idiots, liars, in the other hand three imbeciles defending the indefensible.
abel hawkins
These three are good for garden gnomes.
Kim Hawkins
I don't think Sarah want that job it ruining her reputation to come be known as the biggest liar it came out the White House
the dems are a bunch of bitches, i will never vote dem again, they are the weak cry baby group, they have no power or respect, rolling with Hillary Rodham Clinton instead of Bernie, that proved it sacrificed the whole usa for this tired ass women, crazy, and she ran the worst campaign in the history of politics, choke, she is a fraud and that opened up the door for the nazi,or it was all done on purpose, she could not be that stupid,
3 clan members
Sevemiestro #1
to the dislikes..for our great nation and the public PULL YOUR HEAD FROM YOUR ASS...before operating a motor vehicle.
Eradicate animal agriculture immediately! It's completely unnecessary as it's not used for survival, sustenance, nor self defense reasons, the only justifiable reasons for harming others especially innocent sentient beings, and it's the leading cause of climate change, (animal products are the leading cause to) preventable top 14/15 dietary and environmental chronic killer diseases (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, etc.), world hunger (worst human abuse), species extinction, deforestation/habitat destruction, water and air pollution, and rape, torture, murder, enslavement, and exploitation of 150+ billions of innocent sentient beings (both human and non-human animals) globally. Don't be a principle hypocrite on this issue. Liberate the animals and live/be vegan for life as there is no rational, reasonable, nor justifiable reason not to live/be vegan for life as humans are 100% biologically herbivores, so live/be vegan for life. Veganism is the principled lifestyle of humanism, environmentalism, liberty and justice for all sentient living beings. Veganize all animal products. #AnimalLiberation #AnimalRights
Educate yourself the truth, about veganism, and make the transition to veganism everyone:
Fully watch speech and Q&A to interpret the vegan message best:
All non-vegans and non-vegan "progressives" are PRINCIPLE hypocrites because ya'll claim to be "good people" and/or care about liberty and justice for all, but ya'll don't extend that rational and reasonable reasoning towards the most innocent sentient beings on this planet (all other animal species) as humans are "the worst transgressor of all the species" as we (collectively as a global society) still accept human and animal abuse/injustice (by not collectively implementing veganism in our "civilized" society) (in other words, collectively supporting climate change, world hunger (worst human abuse), species extinction, deforestation/habitat destruction, water and air pollution, and rape, torture, murder, enslavement, and exploitation of innocent sentient beings (both humans and animals). If ya'll truly wanted to be principled in what ya'll claim to believe in and eradicate all the these global (all foreign and domestic) problems, ya'll would START by living and being VEGAN for the rest of ya'll lives. Don't be principle hypocrites, be actually PRINCIPLED and live vegan as the number one reason to live vegan is because humans are 100% biologically herbivorous animals. The change immediately starts with a personal revolution of vegan lifestyle (the elimination of intentionally harming others for personal pleasure/greed).
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Fully watch speech and Q&A to interpret the vegan message best:
Jj M
well if i get paid as much as they're getting paid i would defend trump even though i hate him as much as a lion hates a hiena
Kelvin Thomas
dude you are delusional are you really in America you can't see that this fool it's about destroy this country
jack johnson
I will take the "CHAOS" April Trump had a Budget Surplus of $182 billion, the FIRST since 2001.....also the Atlanta Fed. predicts 2nd Qtr. GDP to be 4% or MORE...that`s TWICE the growth that Ovomit had. If that is CHAOS I will take it any day of the week.
Guy Parris
Just imagine this photo....Trump, Bannon, Spicer, Huckabee, CONway, Flynn, Pence, Manafort, goddamn what a bunch of deplorable losers!!!!!!
STOP. CALLING. HIM. PRESIDENT! Trump is not, and never will be POTUS.
Jus Axn
More fake news from Skinhead.
lapko luna
3 of the 4 horses of Apocalypse, One is missing here is a clue, is Orange!!
Ensenga 666
hows that running the country 'like a business' going Trump voters
imani kashaka
You're looking at a triple heart attack.
Real WeAreAllAmericans
John Wallace
the reason they were shouting is the Washington Post leak published more details than what Trump said! This may find the leaker
Bruce Cameron
When will Dirty Donnie just quit.
Delroy Brower
Let's be thankful that he only have of classified secrets to the enemy. What guarantee do we have that he won't tweet them to the world next
Brian Hudson
A dysfunctional group of staffers in the Trump White House-priceless!!!!!
thomas seven
These people deserve one another.
Sukhbir Sekhon
What kind of journalists would try to drown out sound of argument?
kristen stillwell
I think the leak is pence
David G
Trump turned the white house into a bad reality show. Kind of like Jersey "douchebag" shore.
as someone who's hated trump for over 35 years I still say to you that NO you should not assume what they were arguing about…that's not doing your job, to assume is only putting what you either think or hope the topic was…either get it right or don't do it at all….this is one main reason why the opposition thinks people like you are liars etc….you don't need to speculate, trump will continue to hand you juicy items almost daily that you won't need to speculate on…do it right
Adrian Brown
I'd get tired of defending the indefensible as well
Come on people let's be serious now Trump is so much of a fuck up that everyone working for him aren't mentally or physically capable of of keeping up with Trump's daily bullshit, and we aren't even a half year into his presidency yet. You can't truly believe Trump has the mental capacity to last a full year, let alone four, without something truly wrong happening right?
Patty Palermo
I get what you're saying and who knows what either one of them were mad about. But what I also find troubling is how happy you seem to be. This is a very scary time for our country and I don't really care for how cavalier you are about it. I guess what I'm saying is if you're going to "report" or stream about it take it seriously
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