Giant 3 story abandoned Victorian Super Old home St. Louis

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Giant 3 story abandoned Victorian home St. Louis, Mo. Urban exploring, urbex, adventure. Please Subscribe! Instagram:TattooTonyAlton

sue stephenson
stop talking do more looking like really love the house
Tina Tomasi
I think you did just fine on the photography. Moved a little fast but not bad. Interesting place really injoyed it.
Roberta Hubert
To many voices at the same time..
β Aquarii
Poor video quality !
Your camera lens moves too fast.
Etta Armijo
your videos, move camera slower please, and please dont use bad langauge, thank you,
mitchell wilson
2 of you both talking over each other?? sorry i dont mean to be rude ok but i cant watch the video, for that im sorry
Urbex NY
This was one awesome house, back in the day, and is 1850's or '60s, I'm estimating.
OhHey Grace
Hey! Can you let me know the exact location of this building somehow? I want to start exploring my city and would love to come and check this place out. If you know anymore places in STL I could check out please let me know! I'm an aspiring filmmaker/photographer so this is something I'm very interested in. Thanks!!
c hr
Used to be a beautiful clean neighborhood till the wrong sort took over.
todd hill
Awesome video tony just rember situational awareness at all times tony what taught us in army no one can ever sneak up on you just trying keep you safe good job beautiful looking house
Ms. Pegg's Healing with the ANGELS
I wanna go with next time ..
Mystical Moon
Wow, this house would be an awesome house to restore! The historical value would be worth it! Thanks for taking us with you! 👍😃🏚⬅️(Fixer Upper) LOL 😂! The furniture and house looks like mid 1800's and judging by the quality, these folks are very well to do. I think you did a good 😊 job filming it!🔮ɱყʂɬıƈąƖɱơơŋ🌙
Bil Howle
I was hearing 2 voices on this video. Made it hard to understand sorry.
Roger Mercer
Thats a cool vid n dont be to tough on yourself. Bout spinning the cammera around on the third floor. I would of donethe same thing especaily see the other flooors below you. Anyways good vid!!!
Robin Gaffner
who is that guy that keps talking over u?
Ruth Shelton
I bet that was once a very beautiful home. If those walls could talk. Stay safe!
Ruth Shelton
I think you did a great job. But don't risk your life for a video. If it's dangerous -just move on. If someone wants to 'complain' just ignor them! I'm glad I'm a subscriber.
Ruth Shelton
If the cammers moving abit too fast you can always stop the video here & there.
Ruth Shelton
I'm still in the bàsement- but looking at that I don't know if anyone could save the house. I wish someone would try but the foundation is in really bad shape. Back to the vid.
curtis mccorkel
mark bolds
Background noise, reverb , echo???
Barbara Ann
I have a few friends have made a cool mint buying these old homes and reselling the wood the doors trim windows , St. Louis has or had some beautiful homes.they all had the high ceilings the big rooms, the house I grew up in , in S. St. Louis had these wonderful sliding doors that dissapp eared into the walls between the living room and the bedroom and they were huge heavy wooden doors not like plywood they were awesome of course when I lived there I didnt think much of it , and the house had this wonderful big clawfoot tub and the water tank for the tub was just behind it up like near the ceiling. It was a wonderful house. Getting through more of your video that cupboard on the top floor, must have been a must have when building the homes of that time, we had one too..I would love to have one now actually
Tony thank u for visiting the wonderful city streets of St.Louis Mo.This is the 4200 block of West Bell.I spoke with the young man that just bought this in a sale , wow he's in for tremendous job of repair.I pray he can save it.
carol neaves
Love your videos. You are doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work
Diane Peifer
Good video....dee💜
Diane Peifer
The windows over the doors are called transom windows. Some would open to help the flow of air....dee💜
Diane Peifer
My husband and I are from st.louis and I see many places from when I was a child and just love going inside with you..We now live in Georgia. I wish you could get the inside of st Francis desalts. I was home and unable to go inside this time. Grew up across the stree in the abandon 3 story home. I got to see it from the outside. Thanks...dee💜
Sassy Cat
Why are there two sound tracks on this video? Makes it more difficult to watch.
Don't apologize. There was an urbex explored killed in Detroit when part of a church collapsed on him. He went in alone and it was a few days before anyone missed him. Not sure how they found him. Another explorer had been there shortly before it happened and he mentioned it on his video when he posted it.
@8:30 lookslike bullet holes all over that room.
Linda Stokes
Exploration -- instead of explanation. Sorry.
Angela Douglas
I love victorian houses i live in one and yes the furniture is amazing i love this house !
Karr Williamson
This is my granny's old house. OMG!!! I cant believe it. I grew up in this house. I spent so many years ripping and running with my sister and cousins in this home. It was so beautiful and Granny kept it up very well. It caught fire when I was a freshman in high school, 1996. I would love to do a walk through updated video with you if you like. There is so much history in this home even murder. There is a lot of mixed energy there but we still adored this home. My heart was broken when the fire destroyed it.
marc mo
what a looks alot like the beautiful houses on st.louis can tell this neighborhood used to be full of white well to do families.there is a beautiful park on both sides of the street.Also there is a building to the east that says municipal bath house no.6 i you know anything about the history of this building?I work for a parcel company with big BROWN trucks and get all over the city.its such a shame all of these beautiful areas of st.louis are fading away.SUBSCRIBED
I cant find anything on that poster in the basement
Wade Guidry
I like the panning, it creates a paranoid aura, perfect for a creepy old house.
Ruby Nelson
Gorgeous old place-beauty in it's day!
Faith Fitness
You did a great job, I've seen worse videos and I honestly enjoyed this. I've always been drawn to abandoned houses and places since I was a kid and I use to explore quite a lot. Keep it up. I had no idea people even did this on YouTube up until a few days ago and this makes me feel connected to my childhood to watch these.
Cleveland Boi 216
such a beautiful place it's sad to see it the way it is great video keep up the good work
I'm Here
Amazing place! Boy, if walls and trees could talk!
i got a headache
Kayla Love
My father grew up in this house and stayed on the 3rd floor all the way up until the father said that progressive poster was something that my grandfather put up.
Ruth Keightley
Beautiful house :)
Anthony Davis
Grew up in that house for years with my family. Email for any questions
mommy mawmaw
No voice overs throughout the videos. Just a look through and tell history about the place if possible. Try to imagine what the family was like or how they lived. This makes a great video. Just FYIs only. I like the exploring. Please try to how more of the ceilings. To be a beginner you are doing well. Keep it up and you will get better as time goes on. Please invest in a respirator mask though. Mold won't let you get old. Take care of yourselves in all areas. I'll keep watching.
Rusty Nail
you're definitely right about the smell of death !.
my company did a real estate clean up job once and the place reeked of rotting meat something fierce but yet we couldn't find anything and later we learned from the nearby neighbor that some lady slit her wrists in that house and blood the death and they never did a bio clean up . Explained the huge nasty brown stain in the gray carpet in the back room.
I think it should be a federal law that all Biohazard must be cleaned up by a professional.
Bobby Baldeagle
When you go into places you should always ware some type of gloves... #1. to protect your hands. #2. so that you'll NEVER leave your fingerprints behind... If ever there maybe so type of a crime committed in a building you've been in and they dust for prints. You don't want your found... I know I wouldn't want my found... They'll hang a rap on whom ever they want to these days... Also for me when I was physically to go search old places I always wore non-descriptive clothing dark pants black shirt nothing that would let me stand out in a crowd of people and dark enough so I could hide in a shadow... and had a solid black banana so if need be I could cover my face in case of dust or small fibers like fiberglass and stuff I wouldn't want to inhale into my lungs....
If I lived closer and wasn't busted up I'd love to go investigating abandoned places with you... I loved doing it. but I did most of mine in the country and out of way places... I didn't want no reason to meet people in brown or blue uniforms... LOL... looking forward to more of your work. this is the first one of yours I've seen... Have fun and be careful...
Gary Rice
Hey, Tony I'm a St. Louis local who likes to Urban Explore. I'd like to meet up sometime if your up to it.
with that equipment sitting there,looks like it`s gonna be a memory shortly.
Wizard horse
If you need help with video or photography advice just let me know. I'd be happy to give any advice
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