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CHICAGO — United Airlines is facing a PR disaster after footage of a bloodied passenger being forcibly removed from a flight went viral.

The man was dragged from his seat as the plane sat on the tarmac in Chicago on Sunday, bound for Louisville, Kentucky.

It all kicked off when United needed to get four staff members to Louisville, but then realized the flight was already full and no seats were available, NPR reported.

Passengers who volunteered to give up their seats and take a later flight were offered $400 in compensation and a free hotel stay. But even when that offer was doubled to $800 there were still no takers.

That’s when United decided to choose the volunteers themselves, and four passengers were randomly bumped from the plane. 

One couple left the airplane without incident, but the man in the video refused. He said he was a doctor and needed to get back to Louisville to see his patients.

United staff told the man that security would be called if he didn’t get off the plane. Again he refused and that’s when things got physical.

While this incident was undoubtedly brutal, United are within their legal rights to overbook flights and to remove passengers from their planes. They just have to pay compensation of up to $1,350, depending on the length of the delay.

Ten minutes later, the passenger ran back on the plane, looking confused.

Eventually, all the passengers were made to deboard and go back to the gate while the plane was cleaned up. The plane eventually arrived in Louisville two hours late.

In a statement, United Airlines apologized for what they described as an overbooing situation, but didn’t say sorry to the passenger who was dragged from his seat.

In an email to staff on Monday, United CEO Oscar Munoz said the man was “disruptive and belligerent.”

The Chicago Department of Aviation said the security officer who dragged the passenger out of his seat has been put on leave, pending an investigation.

Many passengers called for a boycott of United online, using the hashtag #BoycottUnitedAirlines 


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I feel bad for the man
Shankar Gawande
The soda can incident with the muslim woman is a pure racist discrimination.
Σχχοτιc Trolls
RedDraggieCun Nguyen
American's reaction: OMG Why would they do that?!


Robot Master
What a waste of money.
Angelo plays Minecraft
What the fuck is wrong with these stupid people
Irish Elite boiz
im not american but i salways watch these vids
Dijana Levatić
fuck united
It was not right to pull him out, but he over reacted
Roman Darius
Those people in California who lost loves ones from illegal alien gang members, can they sue the governor of California for not protecting their border?
Gamingwithstyle Edition
suckish airlines
god damn united airlines are getting a lode of shit recently
freedom ofspeech
i am arab muslim and the something happening to me at my previous job schneider national trucking i am filing lawsuit against the racist
Empire Baconz
f*** united airlines
A⃟m⃟y⃟ B⃟l⃟u⃟e⃟s⃟h⃟i⃟n⃟e⃟
This is why we don't fly united.
Tantalizing Talus
Is that how you treat a paying customer?? Wtf.
seren freakin rawat rko
untied airlines sucks!!!!
Cooper Norton
7:16 manaquin challenge
Little GooseXD
welcome to united airlines
TriickyKid GTA
I were the 1k like!
Irvine Kamal
Wats happening to United airlines omg
ProHitman Pixel Gun,Roblox,Cops And Robbers
This is why I hate united

EDIT:Trump Banned My Country Indonesia 🇮🇩...yeah...I wish trump was not a president...his suppose to be in his home and his country and his PLANE ✈️!...Chump...Trump Being a idiot now...EVEN HE BANNED CHINA 🇨🇳!HOLY BALLS...

EDIT 2:Help! For Fucks Sake Trump should not be a president!!!
tuberxgaming Rosnanda
Why did the plane name is 'United' when the security drag a Asian Guy First😡
Sydney Grenkow
What the hell are wrong with these people! I hope these idiots know there gonna get sued and there all over the news and internet!
Mostapha Oulhanafi
any one can answer my question? do u guys think that this guy can sue the airlines for this kind of treatement
Mark's Channel
Plus, Why is this all about United Airlines
Mark's Channel
This is Bull Crap. United Airlines should not do that to paying customers
josh eidrien abartosa
Fuck united airlines thats illegal you fucks if the passenger doesnt want to volunteer let him you fucks what do we care dont use force
Only in United
This guy could really squel..
Fuck you united airline
tonzax 03
the united racist lines or shit lines idc but we have 100% better we have in finland finnair and its so safe
should've doubled their ticket prize and given them FREE rebooking and hotel stay. it's not hard.
Ayden Durichko
and United States fly the friendly Skies before each flight.
Ayden Durichko
I was in a United plane in Chicago that day but I was going to mexico
Ntp Ømegà
What airline do you guys fly? I fly American Airlines
Jack Tarkenton
I think it's safe to say that the mortal of the story is that united airlines sucks a load or two
United, cmon man you're messing up more than my grades after I fail a test
Nuriddin Tussupbek
I hate American Airlines because of this
Ben Bortel
F**k united airlines
tango nuke gadsby
wtf thats so dumb
Killua Z
the jetBlue flight was an Embraer 190, not a Boeing 747. jetBlue doesn't even have Boeing747s
Killua Z
United together, the world now hates United
faizan joyia
Why does all ways these shit things only happen in the USA
Aj Calderon
I don't give a shit about people other than my fam
Why is this News more popular then the swedeish attack

Tomo we Will make one

Sweden it was 1 week Ago
RascallyGoose49 Playz
And before this comment there was 747 comments
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