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CHICAGO — United Airlines is facing a PR disaster after footage of a bloodied passenger being forcibly removed from a flight went viral.

The man was dragged from his seat as the plane sat on the tarmac in Chicago on Sunday, bound for Louisville, Kentucky.

It all kicked off when United needed to get four staff members to Louisville, but then realized the flight was already full and no seats were available, NPR reported.

Passengers who volunteered to give up their seats and take a later flight were offered $400 in compensation and a free hotel stay. But even when that offer was doubled to $800 there were still no takers.

That’s when United decided to choose the volunteers themselves, and four passengers were randomly bumped from the plane. 

One couple left the airplane without incident, but the man in the video refused. He said he was a doctor and needed to get back to Louisville to see his patients.

United staff told the man that security would be called if he didn’t get off the plane. Again he refused and that’s when things got physical.

While this incident was undoubtedly brutal, United are within their legal rights to overbook flights and to remove passengers from their planes. They just have to pay compensation of up to $1,350, depending on the length of the delay.

Ten minutes later, the passenger ran back on the plane, looking confused.

Eventually, all the passengers were made to deboard and go back to the gate while the plane was cleaned up. The plane eventually arrived in Louisville two hours late.

In a statement, United Airlines apologized for what they described as an overbooing situation, but didn’t say sorry to the passenger who was dragged from his seat.

In an email to staff on Monday, United CEO Oscar Munoz said the man was “disruptive and belligerent.”

The Chicago Department of Aviation said the security officer who dragged the passenger out of his seat has been put on leave, pending an investigation.

Many passengers called for a boycott of United online, using the hashtag #BoycottUnitedAirlines 


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Jawn Cheena
This incident was predicted on Final Destination 5. :)
Maddy T7
wait why was he dragged out?
8:27 "the flight attendant refused to give an unopened can of soda because she might use it as a weapon."

Was the flight attendant really stupid? Or was she straight up racist (in religion)?
Bro Tv
How is this allowed. This is not good or nice. I don't why you guys do this to people
Bluefire Gonzalez
As a American I agree that united Airlines are trash
mr oblivion
omg how is blood flooding from his mouth
That guy that makes crappy memes
American airlines uses the 2-2 layout from what I have seen, and I have been on 15 American Airlines planes.
Alex Stark
He should be able to use them, but if someone uses the knee ting on him then he can't get pissed
1 2
super-obese flight attendant in the animation... LOL
Rose Dinh
I'm extremely triggered
the tech man
when untied airlines wouldn't serve the Muslim lady soda that was very racist!
Rosey365 GT
Wasted people money why USA??
Rosey365 GT
Whats going on with United Airline??? -.-
David Martin
So to airlines there biggest threat and fear is a can of pop how scary
YoIsYe_ Boi
I would've beaten his ass harder, he tried to scam them, that bastard
Avnish Rajbhandari
what the fuck
The flight attendant must be a racist... She doesn't give a muslim a soda... or Maybe she hates Muslims
what the hell how is a soda can dangerous
calamazo mcdonald
Fuck United airlines I'm never going on it ever again, and that poor Asian dude I hope he becomes rich and has his own private airplane
Qatar Airways is best
Summary: don't fly USA airlines if u are not American
That One Drummer Boi
Boeing777-9x Lover
United is the f**ed airlines ever 0_0
They're apologizing the guy but its too late MAN!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡
You Fork
Fuck united airlines, I hope they go bankrupt and all the staff leave them while their planes are burned to rubble and banned from airports.
Amir Gamer YT
meh care you
sabriya lorin
Dragiesag HD
well if the man was working i sidedid with him but if playing games ill sidedid with him
This is why I take Alaska air
Simon Zwirko
this is why I choose Ryanair
Simon Zwirko
Rainbow Quartz
Poor Muslim...
Jehad karkoukli
People are racist idiots piece of shit Fucking bitches
Jehad karkoukli
Fuck American people
Jehad karkoukli
Fuck United airlines Fuck America
sansau blue berry sans
people are so stupid
Dan Pang
I hate Crimminals.
I am glad I do ride that airline I hate them that is worn I wish I could sew them you should not be able to drag People off the plane I loved planes but this is not nice 😡😫😤👿😾👎
Elias Medina
That's fuck up
Chisk Dreemurr
united airlines=fight club
ash ton
the guy that is pulling the passanger out of his seat should of taken him out slowly instead of nocking him out and dragging him across the floor.
Random Cat
If United doesn't understand, well here.
>You went to a fancy restaurant
>You wait in line then finally get in and pay
>Boss says the employees are hungry and ask for volunteers to get out for a prize
>People don't want to leave
>Boss randomly picks people
>It happens to be you
>You don't want to leave your meal that you paid and waited for
>You get beated up and kicked out
Yi Sambathpanha
Mr. Stuff
Pepsi: god dammit united!
LenrxGaming // LexGaming
This guy is Vietnamese
Its united airlines what do you expect?
Emran 101
Muslim people allow American people to travel to Dubai they won't say anything and if Muslim travel somewhere else people start freaking out

what is up with people these days?😑
AGAIN this is why UNITED fricking sucks
Team Cousin Pack
What is wrong with United Airlines????
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