One of my favorite games is back!

little nightmaresdlcfullgameplayplaythrough

Hồ Ngọc Bảo Kim
Павел Князев
How is the game?
Stale the cheese
he called seven a meatball ;-;
Unicus Overkill /Unicus Riot
/( ' ')\
/ \
Emily Honda
Dammit I was rewatching this pewdiepie little nightmares playtrough and when I was in a game shop today I bought the game on impulse!
saw trailer on movie called "It" And immediatly remembered little nightmare :D
LOL when he was like "come on man" he sounded like that guy who was in the group for small penis on south park. LOL
Zero Deaths
What happened to timmmy🤣
Stephen 'Chainsaw' King
Brilliant also. Seeing you happy brings up the ocean of earnest fans that follow just to simply laugh. You do a great service. A grand destiny you have. It may not seem like it most days. Life is strange that way.
Ruben de Jong
Zero deaths because he gives Pepsi to the wemen.
Musta khan
i wish you lose all your subs
Quenton Williams
I love this DLC its the backstory of the original one and that extra characters that u played as was the other kid from the collector PLAY MORE , MORE PLEAAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
I bet you my life pewdiepie won't pin this.
Marco Mastro
I think they might be leeches, not slugs dude
komang ayu
igot thalassophobia right now
I ship him with Six
this reminds me a lot of the game limbo
Rabia Hashmi
why isnt he playing the new uncharted game
Karan Koul
Got em , absolutely destroyed em no recovery 😂😂
Jimin little Jam
5:43 R.i.p. Head phones user
Jaidyn Here
how the hell u suddenly sing not today by bts im not staying calm for this askjldf
baku, a very bacon-y fujoshi
when you realized pewds is the only one who got granny's gender right
Maya Smith
casually watches hole thing before buying the game to know exactly what to do
ulan bi hevesle ekran kartı aldım onunda fanı calısmıyor bir tane versene ayağını öptüğüm :P
Fixle HD
Bella AG
Why did it make me feel so sad? :C
29:10 think I need my ears checked "shut up n***a"
Na9er AN
انت كلببلببببببببببلببلببللبببببب🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐒🙉🐨🐮🐷🐭🐶🐨🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
The Lindsey show
My sister pronounced his name as pew🔫 Die🗡 pie
JamJam Dancel
did he just sing not today
eenhelelangenaam metveelletters
A black cock
Ostrich Nostril
I think pewdiepie's sex tape was in the pot and he just edited it out
President Gaming
mah naymes jif (gif)
Ellie Rosenthal
zero deaths, indeed 😂
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Respect swamen
Nurul Ain Fadil Hisham
28:53 Yiiih No Not Todayy ARMY where u guysss
Olaf Wójcik
Go away evil dogger
They are my drugs
28:54 no not today bts 😂😂
Lilly Eats
I bet it's the girl in the pot
Keira Sauve
11:20 omg lol
Britney Rudderow
When the thumbnail makes you want to have a aneurism.
Thats actually Lil Uzi Vert
Hugo Jambou
he keeps saying everyoney like an amalgamation of everyone and everybody
Kids PlayMode
Pewds... one of the best commentary gamer!
Philip Reyes
17:15 there is a hand of a child that must be the girl what pewds saw
The character pewds is using is called Seven
EmberWolf -
sexy noots
Omg yes I'm so fucking happy
Nivelle Aruana
But what about timmy 😢
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