Teachers Play With Fidget Spinners For The First Time

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We’ll decide once and for all if they should be banned or nah!

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Golden Sword the EPIC
teachers takes your fidget spinner and plays with it
Nyte Fox
I wish more teachers were open to fidget spinners like they are.
vybl08 MSP
Well at my school this happened:
Guy: Brings like 20 fidget spinners and hands them out to everyone during an exam
Guy:that wasnt me
Teacher: I see you stop
Guy:wait im almost done
in the end, his parents had to come to school ;-;
i could never take my teacher seriously if she looks like KESHA.
Ukrainian ball maping
fidget spinners
Sofia Simon
What was horrible is that during my final exam someone was playing with a fidget spinner 😥
Junior Garcia
Actually my Science Teacher made this into a lesson because of the physics involved in it. And he gave us a Spinner to keep
viktoria ngo
can you this same concept, except with slime?
C.C 'S Corner
Omg lol my teachers get fidget spinners for free because if she see a fidget spinner being played with in class she will take them and keep them for he kids and sometimes I see her playing with it in class but in math class we got to use it for a spinner
The random Channel
That high school teacher seems like a dope teacher
Johnathan Chu
Finally found a Johnathan with the same way spelled as mine 😂😂
The Falcon
My high school banned them
I like Mr. Jonathan's voice.
My teacher let's use have a figit break in the middle of class if your good so we voted her as the best teacher 😂😂😂
AXISfling Ale
These teachers are cool.
Michelle Cudebec
Fidget toys really help me express my anxiety in a more discreet way than shaking my leg or chewing on pens and pencils
Yeet Yeet
Bryan is my teacher I feel ashamed to have him as my teacher
kreisā Ciska
CANCER all the way
Magicanist A
they band them from my school
Horse Rider
My teacher has a fight spinner and she plays with it all the time!
Jonathan Lieu
lol fidget spinners r like the new and improved stress ball.
Cassandra Multifandom
My chemistry teacher told one of my classmate if he doesn't keep his fidget spinner she would confiscate it-later she asked how much is it and wondered if she should get it too😂
agnel jills
They are cool teachers
THEYRE CALLED FIDGET SPINNERS CAUSE THEYRE FOR PEOPLE WHO FIDGET. i have a problem with biting my skin until it bleeds cause of anxiety. mine literally stops me from harming myself.
Shadow Senpai
Jonathan is tall
Lauren O
One just came in the mail for me. Graduation gift from my brother.

Instant obsession
Rea Keebz
I learned how to solve a Rubik's Cube and ended up getting really good at it so now I solve it a few times when my anxiety gets bad. So I guess I use Rubik's Cubes in a similar way to how some people use fidget spinners
A'Bre House
Johnathan knows he lowkey have a spinner collection. Hes too good with the tricks.
Jonathon seems cool 😂
SaySay Lona
They banned them in my school district because kids were throwing them at eachother. People like me who aren't distracted by them and who they actually help focus can't have them now.
Ladyy Bugg
When my classmates get caught with one my teacher plays with them
Leeanna Roth
fidget spinners are banned at my school and even if a teacher were to see them they would take it away till the end of the school year
Kim Hegger
My teacher ( just my last day of last school) hated them
Keynox X
Jonothon is cool
Newe Films
I wish my teachers let me 😕
The Animator
Put that down Mr.Bryan,you're being a distraction to other teachers
My school banned them.
Caitlyn Hamer
I could learn a thing or two from these three...
GoldfishLover Forever
Who else was watching this while playing with their Fidget Spinner/ DIY Fidget Spinner?
Just me?
Faithy bear
my math teacher has a golden fidget spinner that he is always using
Mary M
Ms. Susnowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
FuzWoozAnt SFM
Fidget Spinners are cool, but I like Fidget Cubes more.
lol bryan is my teacher from bancroft the middle one so cool
AshDa Otter
They banned them at my school ..
Fluffy Unicorn123
Fidget spinners actually help me when I get panick attacks cuz like sometimes I get random panick attacks in school and I always fidget with something to calm me down then I started using a fidget spinner to calm me down but then my school banned them cuz kids were not paying attention in school with the spinners😡
I want to see the high guys get high
Ariel Carranza
I wonder if they let kids use in class course in my class they don't let me use but I still use it
My school banned them....
Zoe Bralley
I love this channel!!! My teacher has 7!!!;)
It took one week for spinners to get banned at my school 😂
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