ReyRey Football and Basketball Productions
My school banned them :( and if you get caught with one you get suspended
cruisin' like *NEMO*
my teacher took away someone's fidget spinner away and a few minutes
later he was playing with it lmao. THE SAME TEACHER also dabbed while we were doing math ;__;
mr vector
Hello guys! I am Mister Vector. I am here to drop a knowledge bomb. Feminism is incorrect and inhumane. Oh Yeah!
Shant Shahbazian
Lol the teacher Bryan is my brothers spanish teacher
King Ston
The high school teacher looks like Logan Paul with a fake beard, moustache and a glasses
watercobra gaming
Bryan is a teacher at my school guess he used to teach middle school
Bryan is my Spanish teacher his name is mr Henrique
I heard it's for kids that have mental disorder or a follower that do what others do
Anthony Barcenas
Yo wtf ms.susnow is in this
AShookKookie - 아숰쿠키
I have never owned a Fidget Spinner my whole existence.
Ana Inđić
did you notice one thecer is left handed 😞😱
Brodie Hart
Mu Uncle is a history teacher and he hates them
Nancy Perkins
HOW DID THEY GET THE BUFFERING SIGN TO BE A FIDGET SPINNER OK so hold the j key while you watching
Nancy Perkins
omg like srsly not kidding the buffering sign was a fidget spinner not kidding
Jughead Jones
it's all i hear all day.
augusta brown
hey in know that teacher
When teachers are doing this even much pro than kids i my class
Gladys Maldonado
my teacher when I brought mine she took it away and then she took my friends and she said if I see anyone else with it im not giving it back till the end of the year so I said i dropped my fidget spinner and I was gonna put it back but u took it and my friends mom put it in her pocket by accident and she gave it back xD say that to ur if she takes something away
It's weird how they are better at figeting than me
Chloe Arnett
In my school Coomb Briggs primary they have banded fidget spinners god darn😒☹️☹️☹️🙁🙁😭😭
Matty K
Adam Turmaz
My Teacher Took Mine Off Me And Just Was Playing With It For The Whole Week. wtf
Tommy girl
I wish they were my teacher
Everyone watches BuzzFeed videos these teachers' students are gonna see this and be annoying about it.
Abigail Mania
They got banned at my school
Diego Plays
My school band fidget spinners
Kye Talks
When I was in school I'd twirl my pen or pencil around my fingers. Occasionally I'd accidentally fling it across the room.

I'd say the way I, an actual autistic person, use my fidget spinner would be a lot less distracting. But anyway.
Kawaii Luv
My school already banned fidget spinners. -_-
Shaunah Schaffer
OMG! my school literally made rules for fidget spinners!
Taby Animations
My teacher banned them 😕
Yummy Candy Food are EPIC
teachers takes your fidget spinner and plays with it
Nyte Fox
I wish more teachers were open to fidget spinners like they are.
vybl08 MSP
Well at my school this happened:
Guy: Brings like 20 fidget spinners and hands them out to everyone during an exam
Guy:that wasnt me
Teacher: I see you stop
Guy:wait im almost done
in the end, his parents had to come to school ;-;
i could never take my teacher seriously if she looks like KESHA.
Ukrainian ball maping
fidget spinners
Sofia Simon
What was horrible is that during my final exam someone was playing with a fidget spinner 😥
Junior Garcia
Actually my Science Teacher made this into a lesson because of the physics involved in it. And he gave us a Spinner to keep
viktoria ngo
can you this same concept, except with slime?
C.C 'S Corner
Omg lol my teachers get fidget spinners for free because if she see a fidget spinner being played with in class she will take them and keep them for he kids and sometimes I see her playing with it in class but in math class we got to use it for a spinner
The random Channel
That high school teacher seems like a dope teacher
Johnathan Chu
Finally found a Johnathan with the same way spelled as mine 😂😂
The Kings
My high school banned them
I like Mr. Jonathan's voice.
My teacher let's use have a figit break in the middle of class if your good so we voted her as the best teacher 😂😂😂
AXISfling Ale
These teachers are cool.
Michelle Cudebec
Fidget toys really help me express my anxiety in a more discreet way than shaking my leg or chewing on pens and pencils
Yeet Yeet
Bryan is my teacher I feel ashamed to have him as my teacher
kreisā Ciska
CANCER all the way
Magicanist A
they band them from my school
Horse Rider
My teacher has a fight spinner and she plays with it all the time!
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