WATCH: The Best Jokes Ever From the Golden Globes

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All the moments that made the stars laugh and squirm over the years at the awards show.

Shark Guard
People worship these stars and the stars vent about politics and the environment and endangered species and the fact is when they don't have lines other people wrote on the teleprompter to read they're as inarticulate as the rest of us.
Mya Johal
That was shit
Vino sitas
The best joke is this video, considering there are no ricky gervais jokes...

HOW BORING was this year's golden globes. OMG.. rickys mel gibson moment must be the most funny thing i had seen that year on television.
this video is a blaaaaaaaaah
Alistair Kendall
I thought the George Clooney lifetime achievement award would make the list as well. lol
Jawad Jawed
Banning Ricky Gervais is such a shame for the so-called liberal media.
adrian villeda
Salma Hayek what a beauty
Lorrie Whittington
And nothing from Ricky Gervais who was the best thing about the Globes.
Phillip McConnochie
D ugh
Ethos Rockefeller
ET sucks!
John Kent
I hate Hollywood and all it stands for... sooooo... I'm going to go to every Youtube video about Hollywood and use the words 'liberal' and 'elitist' until my fingernails fall the fuck off. Because I hate Hollywood so much I drench myself in it...
Me Myself and I
Is there any other profession that is as self-congratulatory as the entertainment industry? The Nobel prize ceremony is only held once annually to celebrate all fields but the entertainment industry seems to throw themselves parties at every opportunity: Golden Globes, Oscars, Academy Awards, Film Critic awards, Film Festivals, Red Carpets, etc.

They're almost like one of those clueless roommates who throw themselves a home-warming party when they crash on your sofa for a week, a graduation party during the last semester of their 2-year Associate's program, and a premature bachelorette party when they find a jewelry-store receipt in the glove compartment of their boyfriend's dad's car...
That's pretty lazy that presenters can't memorize a 20 second speech.
Callum Scott
Having a best jokes ever from the golden globes video and leaving out Ricky Gervais is like having a best Basketball players ever video and leaving out Michael Jordan. Go home ET, you're drunk
Stephen Gutsch
Not even going to watch the video why would I when the greatest joke of all is the Golden Globe awards! Bahaaaaaa
Fire Bird51003
Meryl Streep if you are so classy you soppostu contact with Donal Trump and telll him this : Mr Trump you can not laugh from dissable people and it will be nice if you say I m sorry. But what Meryl done was make her very amature person.
Oleg Kushakov
That was really fast
Naru The Loved
the best joke is Meryl Streep
Where was the jokes? oh meryl streep was the joke, i get it now.... still not funny.
Ok so where was Ricky is this vid....
vb vb
Eww! actors acting funny as opposed to effortless funny Ricky Gervais😎
Linda Smellycunt
0:53 Christine Lahti has a very fuckable mouth.
John Bush
dam this wasnt political. fantastic.
You forgot Meryl Streep's speech
these people need Rickey in front of them
Bad Boy
Wow... J Law vs M streep one is epic... lol 😂😂😂
The best joke was triggered trumpturds
Her come the trumpkins to immediately jump to the comments and never realize this video has nothing to do with politics.
It takes absolutely NO COURAGE to stand in front of a bunch of pathetic whining LOSERS in HOLLYWOOD, and tell them exactly what they want to hear and about a topic that has been endlessly discussed and refuted in front of all Americans, WHO CHOSE TO ELECT DJT even after such rubbish permeated for weeks on air by the disgraced and untrustworthy Legacy Media (new reference I have just learned).Those attending the GGAS were all rich spoiled cry babies, none of whom were disadvantaged citizens. Actually, it seems that half of them were to self-report had Americans elected Trump, but none had the moral fortitude to keep their words. None would have been truly courageous had Meryl Streep stood in front of this crowd and said something they disagreed with, such as; "Oh, Guess What, I JUST JOINED THE NRA, Yoohoo!" Now, that would be courageous. Sick of these Coward Liberals.
Clickbait anyone?
New Flower Art and Music
This evening is not for everyone. We are normal.
Jus- Sayin
Megan Kelly is nothing but a looser
Captain Random
best joke: Meryl streep
Paul Klenk
Crap video.
Lucas Gonzalez
Pata sucia !!
one would thought they would have learned by now
Jeremy Renner rofl!!!
Ricky Gervais should definitely have got a mention.
Lena Oxton
The best joke up there was Meryl Streep.
Michael Baker
Looney lefty liberal elite doesn't control the country, thank God.

Trump will be so amazing for us!
todd burlingame
is it really trending or is this what they want to be trending
todd burlingame
man they love shuving this shit down our throat
Urban Leakz
Everyone search Faded by Lil Yung Pharaoh. it's hella wavy and lit🔥🔥
Geeno Miller
That black transvestite with the wig introducing this rubbish actually looks up to these golden globe goons...and thinks they are 'stars.'
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