2014 Awesome Powerful Train snow plow Southern Pacific Monster through deep snow railway tracks

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SHARE ON FACEBOOK twitter AND LIKE IT !!  this great video. Now this looks like one powerful train - I wouldn't want to be anywhere in the vicinity when this monster is coming through.  It runs through the snow with no problem at all.
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reynald bonilla
This is fantastic!!!
John Porter
For all my railroad fan, friends ...... enjoy.
Sonauddin Khan
Monty Brewster
Amazing! The lines in the UK would be shut for weeks if we had snow like that! It'll be hard for people in Canada & North America etc to believe but we actually have line closures for leaves on the track in the UK! It's some proper pathetic stuff! But this is the way to deal with snow. This was fantastic! Thanks for the upload WCC.
Rukhsana Gasque
and that could hit cars
tom dooley
why do so many americans sound like Yosemite Sam
mayito valdez balli
Trump train plowing through snowflakes.
Pat Stokes
Very Cool.
Big Johnson
Puts on a better show than a rotary, but can't handle as much snow!
Aries Zodiac
time to change jobs hope i get it!!!
Pencil art Art part
Douglas Thornstone
That is fucking amazing!!! Good show
Bruce Sharpe
A good video great blasting through the snow
R Diaz
3:36 -- Is it me, or does that plow look like Zardoz? Or Boba Fett?
Mark Redshaw
AT 3:44 Your dang logos and links and crap covers the best part of the video. Thumbs down.
Richie te Wierik
In Holland we got complete chaos when there are leafs on the rails.......
so how does it not derail?
Tfjhg Hgfj
q guayy
John Petit
not southern pacific this is Kyle RR
Helaman Aragon
Que Tren la Verdad 🚉🚊👍🚇
Calvin A.
boring, bad quality. Go home....!
All Interesthing
Jay Horton
That is so cool ....
Ari José Rio Preto / Sp
vary crazy this vídeo Ari sjrio preto SP Brazil I See this train in swissa
Harold Smith
Amy Sliter
Beats shoveling.
Christian Madsen
i know its old. and I've seen it lots of times. i still think that would be an awesome job... (as long as nothing was on the tracks)
Roger Hammond
My dick coming through
DeserT BoB
This isn't SP....this is UP somewhere, using old SP and ATSF castoffs and a bucker plow. SP neer used bucker plows.
Robert Glennie

A Kiwi Rail train clearing the West Coast line at Arthurs Pass, South Island, New Zealand, 2012.
Lynne Perkins
Looks like the worms coming up above ground in the movie Dune.
Breaking the snow's barrier. Nice video.
Rusty White
I assume that this video was taken somewhere in the Western United States? I would be nice to have the location. There are too many of these videos that do not have the location written in the info.
Pi Jay 1976
Monica Matos
Insane video!!!
Zach Shult
damn, that thing is almost as powerful as Ray Lewis
Trev Mac
this is cool
check it out
CraftHunterGaming - buses, trains
Whoa ! Awesome ! The snow looks really white and nice , I've never seen snow in real life before .
Alex_The_Gamer 1516
oh my fuck this is so awesomeee
Justin Noker
man cannot fully stop nature, but a few locomotives is enough to push nature out of our way
Amity Games
Holy guacamole...
How long will an average rotary plow last? Since they are not used that many days out of the year, do they wear out. or slowly fall apart from corrosion, rust, metal fatigue etc?
National Business Reviews
What an awesome display of raw power from Southern Pacific loco...snow plowing never looked so fun..
Awesoem video man! I subbed!
Hier kan de ns nog wat van lerem
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