Eminem's The Monster but Rihanna replaced with a Parrot

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I replaced Rihanna as much as I could with this parrot.

Original Parrot video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjXQgsdlzqg

Remove this video and repost it with a watermark of your name. Otherwise you're going to get this video stolen and reposted on facebook. Guarantee it.
Aaron Morris
This is good 😊 I'm emotional 😭
Haiden Cortez
the bird is amazing
XxQueenCupcakexX The Cupcake Queen
Parrot your one step from getting past Rihanna's fame
Nao Tenho Criatividade Pra Fazer Um Nome Decente
that moment when a parrot sings better than you
Dominika Nowak
Love papagej
Janice G
is this for real? Seriously?
XD omg
Noah Sauros
This is the best thing I've ever seen.
Вероничка клубничка
sudeep siwakoti
Has potential to win voice 2017. 😂
Max Thompson
love it
Original parrot material
Aleksandra Falafel
why the parrot is singing better than me?
Lara Croft
I like how the parrot pushes it's voice even further
Something that Rihanna didn't do
Babyx 32
I hate caged animals
Sasuke MilGrau
Derpy Pie
it's actually beautiful to see this parrot doing this

it can be a singer
Linceza* Lu
obsidian volcano
Is it weird that I like the sound of the parrot's voice?
Parrot at singing > Me at singing
Channel Redd
Dammit this bird can still sing better than me!
the pijus Stropus
this bird sings so so so awesome i love it and this bird so cute love it so so much
Boris the Alpaca
Giacomo Polloni
that's how the song sounds to foreing people
better than rihanna
i LOLed
Jose Marcos
perfeito o incrível é q o inglês dele é mais perfeito que o meu 😂
jeffery -
I'm friends with the molesters in my closet.
Why does this actually sound better than the original???
Literally no difference between Rihanna and the parrot.
Purple Shep_dan
Daniel Hall
h3h3 important video?
aimee xo
Favourite video on the internet.
GD Pyxidus
I don't hear a difference
Maximus russo
Still better than me
Nuria Hernandez
Fuat Deniz
FaZe Myers
that bird sings so good,I mean better than me
0:18 Rape meee
JoeB5 2006
if u wanna skip to the parrot click 3 on ur keyboard
Qw Er
Already reposted a couple of times on YouTube with other peoples watermarks
Abteen .P
what a good voice the parrot has
The Mashup Uploader
Wait what
but i don't see the difference ??
when a parrot can sing way better than you
Commenter O' Truth
Parrot does a better job
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