Zoo Tales Rare giraffe twins born


It was a bittersweet start to 2017, with the arrival of extremely rare twin giraffe calves and only one surviving. In this week’s Zoo Tales, Pridelands team leader Nat Sullivan talks about the arrival of the twins, and why it has been such an emotional and physically exhausting experience, but also one of the most privileged of her career.

Read more: http://www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/sites/news/media-releases/Rare-giraffe-twins-born

Danielle Poveda
omg this is so sad =(
Mays Tomorrow
G Wolfe
Hope Feole
how sad..
Haven Swanner
0:09 lol look at the giraffe spying on them
emily mikkelsen
this so sad. I raise goats and I have had quit a few babies be rejected by moms, or have what I call weak baby syndrome. Whatever the cause , it is heart breaking. Someone once said to me, "that while the baby was here it knew it was loved." You all did such a great job. Keep us posted on how the little girl is doing and what is her name. Emily in Woodstock GA USA.
Cindy Narigon
Wow this was sad. Cute babies but I didn't expect to cry.
Bittersweet indeed...My heart goes out to the loving keepers of this beautiful baby animal who tried so hard to save him...tears...
Charlotte Hammond
Tears here, too. God bless you.
Cassie OBrien
This is so sad. I'm crying my eyes out. RIP little man.
Such a special rare birth! My heart just breaks that the boy didn't survive, but happy the other one is healthy.
Jeanette Harvey
aaawww thats such a sad story too x
angie renee
So sorry. Thank you for trying. He knew love in the short time he was here. That's what matters.
Mihalko Lyamin
You are all so amazing. I cried over the baby boy, but you did the right thing. He had so much love.
Wyndham Crest
Bless your hearts you gave him a lot of care and love. I'm sorry he wasn't strong enough. Very heartbreaking. I'm happy the little girl is doing well though. Mama and you all are doing well in making sure she survives.
Thanks Aukland Zookeepers for trying to help male baby giraffe twin. You guys did a great job. Death is always an unfortunate part of your job but animals have a life cycle, too. Good luck with your sweet premie little girl.
LezzaPlaysPokemon and stuff
Hey I hope she is doing alright I want to see this happen but sadly I didn't....your very lucky to who ever saw it in person....I want her to grow up healthy and strong! P. S I love your videos
randall macon
1:00 awwwwwww😄😄😄
Julia H
So heartbreaking. :( I was hoping the little guy would make it. Happy to see the little girl has survived and hope she grows healthy and strong.
Baha Ryan
I'm so sorry. This video brought me to tears. I'm sorry for the sorrow the compassionate staff must have gone through as well. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Bentley G
omg this was the saddest thing everrrrrr :'( I want to hug that woman!
Awww. I just want to give everyone involved a big hug.
Jess Smith
Why was the boy put down could he not of been hand reared? Sorry I have no idea so a genuine question/interest glad to see the girl giraffe is doing well never knew giraffes could have twins poor mum giraffe ouch x
Angela Pryor
Heartbreaking! Poor babes!
Audrey Nadeau
omg when the other giraffe jumps lol THERE'S A BABY IN HERE!
Donna Sayers
you all done your best for the baby boy, my heart goes out to you, Keep up the good work, the other giraffe look tip top n beautiful 😃
I appreciate the beauty of/in nature, but it can sometimes be so cruel and heartbreaking. Glad the little girl survived and is thriving.
Brooke James
Is she still doing okay?
Carieanna SecondLife
aweee heartbreaks for all who were involved in this. I know how it feels to put your heart and soul into trying to help both mom and Babies and then have one not survive. It's impossible to Not get attached to them no matter how hard you try not to.. and I sincerely hope and pray for all involved to find peace and know that you did what you could and that I believe you made the right decision in putting him down as it's the eternal question... Quality of life or Quantity? at least he feels no pain.. thank you for sharing You and your team's adventure,trials, joys, heartbreaks, and every other emotion involved in this event.. it is an experience that we can all feel and learn from as well. so thank you and God Bless you all in your lives and may the whole park/zoo have good luck and amazing blessings throughout the year!
Sarah Yates
thanks for trying to help the baby boy. you gave him a chance. in the wild he wouldn't have had it at all. this is an amazing story. such beautiful creatures!
Kristin Forrester
Oh-so bittersweet 😪 Glad to hear the little girl is doing well!
Is she named yet?
Laura Johnson
Awwww, that was very bittersweet. I cried too.
omg that was devestating.......................
Rhonda Blackwell
she is so little and adorable. hope she and mom are doing good
Ashley Williams
Poor baby boy! At least you guys didn't just let him suffer, you did what's best for him and at least mother and baby girl are doing great!
Well I cried.
Lynn Berg
so sad she lost her brother but glad the little girl is doing well.
How is the pretty girl doing?
roberto carluccio
good life baby giraffe👍👍
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