Zoo Tales Rare giraffe twins born


It was a bittersweet start to 2017, with the arrival of extremely rare twin giraffe calves and only one surviving. In this week’s Zoo Tales, Pridelands team leader Nat Sullivan talks about the arrival of the twins, and why it has been such an emotional and physically exhausting experience, but also one of the most privileged of her career.

Read more: http://www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/sites/news/media-releases/Rare-giraffe-twins-born

Saphire Hobbs
Giraffes are my favorite animal
breaks my heart too. Thank you for caring for her and giving her loves during her short stay with us.
Lynn Marie Sawicke
Amazing and heartbreaking at the same time for the tremendous zookeeper that tried to save both twins. God Bless them
Mary Sherman
Sad but great video. You did the right thing even though it was hard to do. Thank you for being so caring, Nat Sullivan.
Jean K
Very sad, so very nice all that you and your team did. you did the right thing in the end. mother giraffe' s instincts knew her baby was to weak to thrive.
Lucy Cat
I started crying and knew that I could not watch this because I would be so sad for days. Thank you for caring and trying to help. the little one knew that he was loved during the short time he was here.
Diana Hoopingarner
Thank you for sharing this story with us. It is heartbreaking. No matter how hard we try, the decision is not always ours. We love passionately, and that must be enough. To know that they were loved for whatever time we are blessed to have them with us...is the best we have.
S Oakley
OMG, so sorry. OMG. Really ...this made me sad. But God Bless your Team though. Blessings to you all. I Love Giraffes.
Anthony Stark
Oh my gosh I do not cry easily anymore...but the tears flowed at this story....so sad.
Carol Salsbury
What a painful thing my heart goes out to the caregivers.
Janeil Nold
At least they gave the boy a chance. It's hard for an animal like that to care for twins because it's so incredibly rare. I'm glad the girl is doing well despite being so little. I'm sure she'll be as big and strong as her mom one day!
Carrie Hittel
Oh my goodness. That's heartbreaking. I'm crying, too. :*(
Kristen Greger
SO sad. :(
Wintry Kiss
so sad they both didnt survive :(
Chumander 1
😭 <---- My Reaction
I was hoping for a happy ending. :'(
Jeff Bush
0:09,The Giraffe face bombed the lady that was talking!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Familia Familia
poor baby.
Marianne Davis
Brillant attempt with the brother. So very sorry ! ♡ Thanks for posting this! ♡ Watching (for the last month) April the giraffe cam in New York....waiting for her to give birth. ♡♡♡
Sarah Malone
The poor boy I started to cry ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭
Ania from Warsaw
The little boy was so beautiful. I am so sad he did not survive. Best regards to the Zoo Team and giraffs.
Joanne Fink
I'm so sorry! (((HUGS))) Thank you for all you are doing xoxo
Norma Campbell
Love those precious babies. They have a good Mom.
Donna B.
Thank you for trying. RIP, beautiful boy.
Arkansas Family
wow, I was not expecting that at all! So sad and it takes special people to be zookeepers. Really special. Ones that have a calling on their lives to take care of animals. Amazing to watch this and so sad at the same time. :(
Nancy Bragg
only a few months ago! ugh! RIP little man!
Cari Wallis
Yes I'm a bleeding heart. When the story has a sad ending please note that in the beginning. This type of thing sticks with me for days.
Susan M
Poor baby...)-;
Skye Boschee
that's sad
Heather Carter
Well that just broke my heart, I cant imagine how heartbroken the zookeepers and caregivers were when they lost twin boy :(
Aww she cute I'm just sorry the other Baby Giraffe didn't live sad😥
Kelly Kalp
I am seeing this video for the first time and crying at my desk at work. How very sad that the little boy did not make it. Thank you for all that you did to try and help him survive. The little girl is so sweet and I hope that she is continuing to do well. God bless all of you!!!
Jennifer Baker
Sarah Wellen
yeah that was hard. too many tears.wish I wouldn't have watched all the way through
Seren elsie
Such a sad situation but I would have loved to have sat there stroking the giraffe. They are my ultimate favourite animals!!
Danielle Poveda
omg this is so sad =(
Mays Tomorrow
G Wolfe
Hope Feole
how sad..
Haven Swanner
0:09 lol look at the giraffe spying on them
emily mikkelsen
this so sad. I raise goats and I have had quit a few babies be rejected by moms, or have what I call weak baby syndrome. Whatever the cause , it is heart breaking. Someone once said to me, "that while the baby was here it knew it was loved." You all did such a great job. Keep us posted on how the little girl is doing and what is her name. Emily in Woodstock GA USA.
Cindy Narigon
Wow this was sad. Cute babies but I didn't expect to cry.
Bittersweet indeed...My heart goes out to the loving keepers of this beautiful baby animal who tried so hard to save him...tears...
Charlotte Hammond
Tears here, too. God bless you.
Cassie OBrien
This is so sad. I'm crying my eyes out. RIP little man.
Such a special rare birth! My heart just breaks that the boy didn't survive, but happy the other one is healthy.
Jeanette L
aaawww thats such a sad story too x
angie renee
So sorry. Thank you for trying. He knew love in the short time he was here. That's what matters.
Mihalko Lyamin
You are all so amazing. I cried over the baby boy, but you did the right thing. He had so much love.
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