Marvel's The Gifted - Characters Promo

The GiftedMarvel's The Gifted

"The Gifted" premieres October 2nd

maude velayo
ROOOT OMYGAHDDD I thought you were dead you were just in another identity cover hahaha
Alex Rosser
Omg this gets me so excited😜
Ianer Ramos
#polaris always been her fan. She's the reason ill watch this show
Daood Ahmad
each character has his own laser torch of different colors
Jodi Meng
Go Amy Acker!
Alain Smith
wtf Polaris should have a green hair
Ant John
looks like shit
yani dude
I might have a crush on polaris
Zach Ryder
Thanks for combining all of them
Marcelo Moreira
nem acredito que Polaris e Thunderbird vão estar na série. podiam aproveitar ela e fazer uma série do X-Factor depois
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