DEADPOOL 2 Teaser Trailer (2018)

Deadpool 2Ryan ReynoldsKyle ChandlerKaran SoniDeadpool2:Deadpool 2 TrailerDeadpool 2 (Movie)hd trailertrailer 2018trailerdeutschgermanKinoChecktrailer 22018

Official "Deadpool 2" Movie Teaser Trailer 2018 | Subscribe ➤ | Ryan Reynolds Movie #Trailer | Release: 2 Mar 2018 | More
Plot Unknown at this time, sequel to Deadpool (2016)

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#Deadpool2 is the new action movie by Tim Miller, starring Ryan Reynolds, Kyle Chandler and Karan Soni. The script was written by Paul Wernick.

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Özge Yazıcı
bizim dilimizden değil
That ass xD
Tkenway 29
Easter egg seen
Luis men and world
like assholes
Luis men and world
you disgust me and disgust too the heaven
Shabi Malik
hahaha i' m waiting for this movie
youtube legend 2017
guess he got robbed and shot by a united airlines employee who was just trying to re accommodate him and he didn't carry his pepsi while getting robbed
Luis men and world
hi again bastards
Vaibhav Chaturvedi
Lady Joina
amazing movie
شحات لايكات
كس امك ، الي معي لايك
Sunday Geraldf
Anyone notice the firefly posters in the background
2:06 Why not the Rocky theme instead?
Minny Paul
Greatest opening to Logan ever!
jessica myaby
who noticed the logan advert?
Michael Buccellato
The OG Superman theme though.
Anyone else see the "Logan" movie poster in the back ground when deadpool walks up on the dead old man?
Lacey Mak
I hope they go darker with this movie and develop deadpool's character more. I want to see the sad clown using comedy to try and cover the fact that he is living an inescapable existential nightmare.
Diamantina Lerma
The Fak
Raymond Sveberg Pedersen
The Gaming Next Door With AUA
anyone know what song is played when he came out of the phone booth
What an asshole!
Quazy Quafters
For me it says this channel has 0 subs. Logic.
Elmer Martinez
jas anyone seen tht one vine where spidermans at the supermarket and he picks up a soup can and its called uncle bens lmao
mine pro nunber 1 !
saim chowdhury
Kriszta Varga
zhongyuan youxiang
Michael Du
Nathan Summers cumming soon. lol 0:52
Eric Moore
The phone booth is proof that Cable will show up!!!
Shadow bbn
it's a logan pic in the background
outofknowhere1234 s
zip it stan Lee 😂
dragon fruit
Would be funny if deadpool would of got ran over by a bus in the middle of the song 💸
What if Superman actually showed up and beat Deadpool to it?
Reckless KL
WTF i have to wait til 2018 For thisss nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Hasbi Anto
LoL , u re not Superman but you deadpool Realy realy really very LoL and LoL :p
David Moses
That 4th wall break tho😭🔥😂
ryuza _chan
deadpool is the best!!
Rahmat Fauzi
Logan 2.15 .. ?
jack flash
2:45 exactly what i was thinking. where do you find a phone booth anymore???
Torey Hilliard
that logan
I agree, man!!🙀🙀🙀🙀
gareth cooney
2:34 song
Gabriela Reyes
CDK KrakenZarKaizerSlayer
Alguien más vio LOGAN en el teatro detrás de la cabina telefónica, cuando se mueve de alcanza a ver entero.
febin johnson yesudas
Did anyone notice " Nathan summers cumming soon" ?
Simir Reddy
thor should learn from this what a teaser trailer is
Deyan Chobanov
I only got one question - Will his stuntman f*ck people up?
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