DEADPOOL 2 Teaser Trailer (2018)

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Official "Deadpool 2" Movie Teaser Trailer 2018 | Subscribe ➤ | Ryan Reynolds Movie #Trailer | Release: 2 Mar 2018 | More
Plot Unknown at this time, sequel to Deadpool (2016)

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#Deadpool2 is the new action movie by Tim Miller, starring Ryan Reynolds, Kyle Chandler and Karan Soni. The script was written by Paul Wernick.

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Dcry 100
10/10 phonebooth costume
Naman Choursiya
he was late
Code Nado
2:20 Logan trailer poster
Kaye Ashleigh Castillo
"You probably woudn't be dead if you were Logan." LMAO
Captain Sabalan
1:04 REY graffitied on the theater
Go big or dont look 1000000susrciber
this is 100% fake this Logan movie 100% fake
John Azul
jOdY B.
can't wait!!!!
lucia de la torres
min 0:49

Nick Willems
"the fuck is a phone booth doing on a street corner? didn't those disappear in 98?" lol i died
Naomi Shinozaki
"[Santiago's] hands are just as old as he is" haha
Sponge bob
And this is how peter Parker was never the same after uncle Ben died
Alex Lovato
Everyone, Hands down,
best marvel movie ever
Leo Landon
deadpool tries to hard to be cool for teenagers Renold Ryan acting like a douche not an asshole because god forbids this would be an edgy pg13 movie not a rated r one
Tobias The gamer
Super man
Daniel Palencia
I was wrong about this movie this is funny
That's why Superman wore it under his regular clothes.
Michelle Qu
m7moud a7med
what a fuck?!😂
Charles Xavier
Showing off his ass doesnt make him a superhero. Bakwaas superhero
Santorious Kikos
There's a Easter egg in background saying Logan
mike müller
Assozialität in Hochkultur.... meine die Drehbuchschreiber und den Regisseur und die Zuschauer. Genau das soll verrohen und das dann auch noch gesellschaftsfähig machen. Pfui...
Garip Kont
Bokum gibi ya bu ne
senZ Trailer Movie
good job
Ry Zeus
When Man in Motion kicks in, i died.
Don't let this video distract you from the fact that the UK signed the Balfour declaration to push Israeli occupation in Palestine in 1927
Someone Unknown
Read the whole story it's really good and I think it's how Reb Lobster came to be
Rosel Minque
I want to see dead pool castrate Thanos
Rosel Minque
the marvel universe is where I plan to stay
Deena Dau
The beginning was kinda funny, but then the old man got shot because Deadpool took too long to change although his intention was to save the poor man. Then he just lied on the man's bleeding stomach and ate his food. I found this clip so heartbreaking and not funny.
ShimizuAMV 生活
This is not a teaser trailer. It is a featurette. Teasers and trailers consist (primarily) of scenes from the actual film. This was stand-alone short narrative that exists as a seperate entity. The actual Deadpool 2 movie hasn't even finished casting yet, let alone started filming.
The Autobot Patriot/Brony
Poor old man :(
Markke Foo
And that's how Spider-Man became who he is
Bill Stone
The old guy had 4 apples so you know he's an asshole. If you don't get that joke go watch Cinemasins.
Dead pool!!! Come back!
Jayden Skipper
Also says Nathan summers coming soon on the phone booth which is cable in the X men and he is going to be in Deadpool2
Jayden Skipper
3:16 deadpool leaks an Easter egg telling us that "he probably wouldn't be dead if he was Logan" meaning Logan didn't die😱
Tom Beneens
I wonder if Logan will be doing something similar ^^
Ryan Reynolds could make so much money if he made a channel where he just made random shorts as Deadpool. It could even tie into the movie universe through the 4th wall breaking jokes.
Casa sem Cor Casa sem Cor
Trabalhar rrpooiiuyttrrreewwpoiuiopoiuytrewwqa

Skyan Augustus
He could have just worn the superhero suit underneath his regular clothes.
Steven Bass
Just had a dark thought... What if the guy that Deadpool failed to save was named Ben???
Diego Calle
What´s the name of that song, "not the Superman one".
So... the next trailer should be of Deadpool sneaking into the offices of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, him pitching the idea of killing off Ryan Reynold's character very early on in "Life", the sound of a disagreement... then the sound of how disagreements typically go when Deadpool is around. After the sounds of struggle cease, you hear the sound of a marker... then a pen, then Deadpool leaving the office with a happy skip as he says something about having Ryan Reynolds all to himself.
Logan In theatres 😂 and Firefly posters ..
Justinlx30000 L
If Deadpool was spiderman he would put on his suit quicker and stop the thug before he kills the old man
Abdul Hadi
what universe is this ? did all the mutant died in logan movie and changes to all new xmen ' marvel studios better
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