Leonard Schneider
Is it me, or does Trey Gowdy have the world's worst jock-hawk? (11:49)
Christian Mayr
Deliver agreement stream none ride protect somebody French.
Kwame Nyarko
Lisa has a good friend ! xD
Catherine Hier
Trump is going to be impeached!! HOORAY! Hurray up!!!!
sheila sheehan
Ryan is the most disappointing speaker of the house ever!
Stormie Sea
I'm not a Republican. guns and politics don't mix. I wish safety for our elected officials!!!
USunited 57
now I know why I do not watch Seth, he is piss ignorant.
Jermey Owens
I thought republicans liked to talk big and tough. look at them now. hiding like little bitches.
Trump needs to get fired.
Devon van Dort
He's not gonna get impeached because that requires Republican cooperation.
Trump wants coddled because things happened to him he didn't deserve. But the poor? Screw them?! They can wither and die sick and poor? Unprotected from pollution, banks robber barons, unsafe workplaces, illness.

Can't afford health insurance because you have , for example, flaky skin on your knee, and you're struck, sitting in your home, by a stray bullet? $500,000 DEBT! Don't worry, the president cares about the press quoting him.
catrina malloy
Seth I love your show😂😂😂😂It's so real&funny
Seth is upset that Comey cleared President Trump of collusion with Russia, the lefts favourite conspiracy theory proven wrong. The left keeps talking about impeachment but it is not going to happen, get used to saying "President Trump".
Michael Miller
I was only passively watching this and almost thumbs this video down when Trump's speech started.
Rose McGuinn
Paul Ryan = Eddie Munster's evil twin
Jason Jones
Everyone got so mad when Trump got elected and started pointing all this trash and swap monsters in the cabinets and I was so glad because now they are all going to go down at the same time especially Paul Ryan is such scum
chris casey
What a fucking moron.
stuff and things
has the penny dropped with trump that no one likes him aww we poor wee don-don
Julius Willis
Can someone turn up the volume for this channel? Otherwise all is great here.
walter ontiveros
he's an idiot and he's all ours
Geo Izumiya
Trump can make history if he is out of the office more shorter than the record :,D
Herman Boing
This is beyond policies or even ideology. Republicans are criminal, and have been for a while. Unfortunately, Democrats just seem inept.
paul babuik
I'm calling it milania is the anonymous source behind all the leaks
Leave comrade Trump alone.
David Scott
Is it me or can you hear a person in the crowd say oh come on during Trumps speech.
Kitty Couch
Trump is a moron, That commencement was not about you.
Joey Enochs
Guys... I'm not worried about Trump getting kicked out. It's gonna happen. I'm just really worried who the next guy is going to be worse than trump
Al Lo
Liberal media wants to get Trump so bad that they're willing to sacrifice their audiences intelligence. Sad.
arthur riley
what I meant to say was; Impeach Trump Now!
arthur riley
Yes, Yes, The 'I' word. Trump is about to be revealed as an "Idiot'.It used to be Impotent, some said Immature, others Ignorant ...nope, just Imbecilic.
Andrew Miller
you make me want to rip the brains out my phone
george cushing
commie himself has said nothing..all rumors and unamed unseen sources..cnn tells u from day one smoking gun evidence yet notging happens maybe cnn not telling us truth. working with dems to replace only non corporate sponserd canidate with a controllable one pushing agenda. they think in you are dumb.think about it
all trump supporters are gone, are we winning yet?
Assuming Trump gets impeached, Pence would take his place - just different kind of crazy. This is really messed up situation.
Democrats are going to turn on this Special Counsel once he vindicates Trump and his team. I guarantee it. The guy is as non-partisan as it gets and is a straight shooter respected by both parties. When he finds Trump did nothing wrong, Democrats are going to look like morons for pushing this hoax for so long.
9:17 Is that the guy who does Kermit/Raymond and other voices in Family Guy?
iL Lupo
it looks like our president... puts on sunglasses was Clinton after all

Oh wait, theres that other guy who lied at 1:08
No God
Impeachment? Come on, get real. Republicans have majority at both chambers. Republicans are just a bunch of spineless, greedy idiots. Most of them already have their lips tightly glued to Trump's ass.
Look at them senators got bused from Capitol to White House just to hear Trump gloat for a few minutes. They work for Trump now.
No God
Impeachment? Come on, get real. Republicans have majority in both chambers and they are a bunch of spineless, greedy idiots. Most of them have their lips tightly glued to Trump's ass.
James Harris
Will the GOP do the right thing?
I think we can count on the GOP dragging their feet on impeachment as long as possible. After all Trump is in their party.
The problem is the longer they drag, the closer we are to the midterm elections.
Winston C
under 1000 dislikes....the Trump occultists are evaporating....future looks great 👍
Cathie Mead
Oh poor him :(
Steve Angelini
Trump is the end of democracy. If Trump had a backbone for the right thing... LOL LOL LOL what a cuck, ... american people are paying him to screw ALL American people.
No politician in history? Has he not heard of a man called Nelson Mandela?
Timmy Turner
I feel like there are way too many newb watchers of politics ever since Trump got elected.
Anton Wilzewski
Thrumps down
Vishal Anand
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