Korean military to bolster combat capabilities by 2020


軍, 北핵•미사일 초토화 체계 2020년초 완성키로

  The South Korean military plans to bolstering the nation's combat power by 2022. 
Part of it involves injecting nearly 2-hundred-10 billion U.S. dollars to reinforce its defense capabilities against imminent threats from up North.
Kim Hyo-sun introduces to us, the revised Mid-term National Defense Blueprint.  South Korea's Ministry of National Defense announced Friday its revised Mid-term National Defense Blueprint,... which outlines key spending plans over the next five years.
It calls for strengthening the nation's combat capability against North Korea by early   2020, through the establishment of a "three-axis system."
That refers to the   Kill Chain pre-emptive strike system, the Korean Air and Missile Defense... and the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation strategy.  
The timeline,... the ministry says,... has been shortened by several months. 

Under the Kill Chain project, South Korea would pre-emptively strike Pyongyang's nuclear and missile facilities in case of an imminent threat.
  For that, the South Korean military will lease spy satellites from foreign countries as soon as early next year,... and ultimately acquire five of its own military satellites by 2022.  
Additional Patriot missiles will be purchased as part of the Korean Air and Missile Defense project,... which focuses on directly targeting Pyongyang's missiles.
In connection to the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation strategy,... which aims at eliminating the regime's leadership,... equipment for special forces will be upgraded. 

The ministry plans to spend 238-point-2 trillion won,... or some 210 billion U.S. dollars between 2018 to 2022,... to establish both weapons and monitoring systems to keep an eye on the North's nuclear and missile facilities.
  Of this,... 140 billion dollars will go to the operation of military forces and facilities,... while the rest, or some 68-point-5 billion dollars will be spent on bolstering defense capabilities.  
  The ministry also added that it plans to raise its R&D budget to 8-point-3 percent of total spending in 2022 from the current 6-point-9 percent this year.
  Observers say these plans reflect the seriousness of the threats coming from Pyongyang and the urgency of solving the North Korean nuclear issue.  
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.  

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And if the Korean peninsular gets nuked to oblivion before 2020? Plan B??
Johneric Patrick
S.Korea has Universal Health Care.
United States has Profit Driven Health Care. That 210 BILLION dollars should go to Health Care For All in United States. Time to stop being the police of the world.
S.Korea is Bad Ass enough to hold their own against Fat Boy Kimmy.
$210 billion in 4 years?! Whoever is producing weapons and military equipment must love the "threat" from North Korea.
not with mai käsh Göök ^^
south korea may not be here in 2020 if kim nukes them
mydz Lopez
fuck the china for making these happened over the korean peninsula
Phoenix Laforest
ok fuck this im building a space travel drone to take out satellites
o man. what about tge people. nooo. what about k-pop
Joe M
Smart move South Korea
This just got fucking real.
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