Beauty and the Beast - How Emma Watson and the cast brought the songs to life

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Behind the Scenes
The Music of Beauty and the Beast: Bringing the Songs to Life

Oh, Emma and Luke sing perfect as Belle and Gaston. Josh is amazing as well. They are the best, what a great video :)
Mythical Productions
I think it's the studio's fault for overprocessing the vocals. Please don't blame the autotune on the actors. Thanks.
Mutation Ent.
Emma's a really good singer and actress and she's so beautiful
Virgo _1415
The casts' voices r so powerful! I love them so much!
Lara E
I don't get why everyone freaks out because their might be some autotune. Every singer uses it and nobody is saying anything about it
Clara Lister
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Maria Kazi
so what if Emma's singing was autotuned?! Most of today's singers are singing with autotune too...and plus, she never went to a singing school...
I still think that she has gorgeous voice and that she nailed the singing👌
Vanity Rose
that auto tone bugs the crap of of me. no doubt she can sing however still they should not have done autotune
Jillian Rayca
All of the voices are incredible
with autotune
Spiner Splash
love it
Rebecca 99
It seems so good👌
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