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Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! There is always somebody watching. Sometimes that “somebody” is Google and its navigational and mapping implements, Google Street View and Google Earth. With its eye on every street corner and overseeing every backyard, it’s no wonder that the technology mogul caught these ten acts of wickedness and delinquency.

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10. The TPing
9. The Stolen Bike
8. The Police Chase
7. The Drug Deal
6. High-Powered Weaponry
5. Brandishing a Weapon
4. Indecent Exposures
3. Prostitution
2. Slayings in Brazil
1. The Railway Murder

Voice Over Talent:

Have you ever did anything outside that you'd be embarrassed to see on Google Earth?
Shree Ram Joshi
श्री राम शमॉ
Jaime Espinoza
Good stuff
Timmy Mclovin
Wow... I don't think I've ever seen a good looking prostitute before thanks Google earth lmao😂😂😂
you guys rock
Ian Chok
8.1 million views in 6 days.... not bad!
Jose Hernandez
mia Hyde
oh yeah there was the first and last time I tried Jagermeister.spelling may be wrong. it was disgusting by the way😫😵
lol this Chanel is a Nexus fake while Nexus is a Gameranx ripoff
KappaBoy 339
ohh nooooo!!!!
zeya siyad
Seah. Leng San.
Good information, guys
Brian The Bold
some of these weren't even crimes, but anyways
lynn kesh
For all morons here who believe in this video? get a life...Google earth is not LIVE... U can't see pple n moving stuff from their app n most countries u can't see buildings yet only popular places so far ...

Ur welcome
good vidio
TheGaming PC
I'm subcribed
wreck 1990
I love how this video hit 8 mil and the rest are under 30k.
xXGrizz GamerXx
aaron lewis
Does anyone realize that their are no satellites in the sky and Google earth images are taken by a Google truck with a big antenna on the ground level. PROOF THEIR ARE NO SATELLITES IN THE SKY!!! EARTH IS FLAT. THEIR IS NO GRAVITY BUT MAGNETISM. REALIZE WHO WE ARE AS BEINGS NOT PEOPLE.......
Hunter Bloomgren
#6 is where I'm from there is a gun store down the street and u can see lots of people waking around with guns. 😂 thought it was cool to see the street that my mom use to have her store on.
PBK Adventures
The guy with the gun is at First Stop Gun And Coin, I have been there a couple times and it's a really good place to get gun's, bullets, gun cases and even pepper spray. They also have a big selection of guns.
jon wildes
Do you guys anti-gun much. I'm ashamed I watched this video and supported you.
Macawber Music
So far most of these 'crimes caught on Google Earth' are.. according to the narrator.. 'not crimes per se' and 'not illegal'.
Well played Youtube video posting troll. Well played.
azam MMC13
you guys rock!!
You guys rock!
dark dude
this video sucks. I thought it would have some real crimes, not some kids playing with toy guns and people selling dope.
SpOngE b0B
David Gotham
Why blur the image? Not necessary 😩
John Moore
at 3:10, that legit looks like a pellet gun...
Wtf 7 mill in 1 day something seems fishy.
Pedro Campos d'Oliveira
you guys rock!
Sheikh Ibrahim
that thumbnail though
Margarita Ocegueda
BallisticCat CoolCat
You guys suck!
YOU GUYS rock!
jay Andre
WOW!!! THAT WAS FUCKING BORING!!! I would've rather chewed on Aluminum Foil, or watched paint dry, or the grass grow!!! I thought I was gonna see something cool. Instead, all I saw was ordinary, everyday happenings! Not graphic in any way at all!! Thanks for wasting 6 1/2 minutes of my life, that I'll never get back, and don't have the luxury of wasting!!
Marie Martinez
Mon2 Mas
kill me with bleach
Alexander ortiz
I was in Arizona in a IHOP and saw the Google Street car and it took a picture of me and my brother eating
sai phanindra Vutukuru
Number 6, it is the thumbnail why everyone here. Thank me later
Taco cheese
It is called Big Brother. The government is always watching
rock n roll
Mirjana Dasic
im from serbia
nigel mahabir
was caught with ex riding me. seen on google earth 1 yr ago lol
Jessie Cortez
nice video
Joel Bulger
Dang the last to were sad
deadray 98
fuck u
Gaming WithTypical
I will sub to anyone who subs me and like my comment
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