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After doing the Full Face Using Only Kids Makeup, and Liquid Lipsticks — today after many requests I’m doing the FULL FACE USING ONLY GLITTER Challenge! Oh sweet glitter herpes… today we shall see if I can transform myself into a glitter princess! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

Shout out to Katie Butt who made this challenge BLOW UP and absolutely KILLED IT! ‣ https://www.instagram.com/katieelizabethbutt/ and Glam&Gore for doing this most recently -- https://youtu.be/75tha5XKQyo

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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

Awrad Alaradi
It would’ve been amazing if she only did her eyes, eyebrows and lips
Christy Whitaker
Nikkie: "Am I saving this look right now!"
Me: no no Nikkie just no...
Sydney Wood
That intro tho..😂😂😂😂
Abby Marklin
i actually love the glitter brows omg
Nicole Froehlich
You should have just mixed some glitter into your foundation or concealer. Probably would have been way easier that way!
Hazel Rosario
Your nikkietutorials what can POSSIBLY go wrong?? 😂
Noreen Zai
and by the way I think you should do a collaboration with Christine where she does your nails and where you do her makeup plz like if agree
Noreen Zai
her eyes look so good cause it is balm and amazing
Sarah Bloom
Christine would be upset... that's not real Holo
Lakshman Singh
Can u tell me the way of making diy primer plz?
im at sonic. want anything before i leave?
Bethany Sian
Gurl calm the fuck down, do we need you saying 'Hello!' 'damn!' 'Ooooh' every two fucking seconds? No.
Emily Gayda
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍 this look
K&M Entertainment
That intro😂😂😂
Amber Fitzpatrick
Omg Edward Cullen on the beach hahaha
Chevy Girl
The eyes look great at first
Such looking holo graphic
Amy Tompkinson
So well. ..

It started off great.
Then the foundation..
Hidden Girl
I wanna know the aftermath of this video 😂
Jessica Schultz
This reminds me of a Mardi-Gras look, for some reason! x3
Lívia Carvalho
great job!!!! u r amazing, Nikky
Alisha Ali
This is the worst I’ve seen her and she still looks good
stacy s
Glitterlly I like this!
Sabri E Mari
BR❤❤❤🙌 linda
Lily & Mando :p
Full face using food or sauces
Unknown Player
wow, kewl. □○■
Eugenia Davyt
Your videos are one of my favorite part of the day!

Love from Uruguay!
OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)
i liked the eyes much better before she added the copper
Asaq Nader
Do a vampire look using one makeup brush
stranger edits
Nikki's you look beautiful no matter what 😂❤️
Lizzy and Val
Her eyes match her nails lol 😂
Martine Robert
I’m wondering how did she take all that glitter offf
Natalee Carr
All my holosexual family is here, but is my phandom here?? We seem to fucking be everywhere
She makes everything look flawless
Azadouhi Whittlesey
Is she a drag?
Paola Guevara
lol you remind me of Adele!!!!! found you couple months ago, you're awesome and beautiful
Aylin Akkol
Full face using only holographic glitter challenge!!!!!!
Bonnita You
That's funny
Arshdeep Gill
I could never take the line “in the color______” after watching the Jenna marbles dying her hair video “IN THE COLOUR REEEEDDDDDDD!”
Candy ?
This is actually my favorite makeup channel ever😂😂😂 holy shidunkles ( keepin it pg)
Scarlett Brooks
Dang all of my favorite YouTubers know each other. That explains why I am a sad little human.
Kendall Newton
Kendall Newton
Should have mixed foundation in with glittery
Saskia Costigan
I would wear this everyday
Zoe Pertzel
Can u plzzzzzz do more full face using only ....... challengers plzzz xxx
Denise Vega
U should do a collab w Bretman Rock
Me Myself and I
"I am here to blind"
Chenle's Cute Smile
How do you even wear that?! <3
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