This shits still not public. Wtf are they doing
Guilherme Matheus
Lol Floyd so stupid
Allen O'neal
Big boy status ya dig
I Still Haven't Seen The Full Episode Cause I Haven't seen Them Post It Where Da Fuck Is It???
rustam abudllayev
Floyd cowboy mayweather
Gaming Factory
why does conor mcgregor's kid look autistic
Mireya Yim
I think ScreenVariety is good place for you , you also have there very good live fights with all Euro games
Snelle Eddy
Cant mess with floyd inside the ring 49 other tryed and failed what makes u think a rookie will got a change dreaming is good but dont start halucinating
Northern Thai Garden Guy
Does Floyd plan on training for this match at some point?
Where is the full episode? 10 pm est was 2 hours ago.
Epsidoe 1 and 2 blocked in my country. What am I living in North Korea? Dipshits.
i hope that kid does not die he looks so energetic
Theo Wallcot
The only thing Floyd's going to ride on 26th is the ambulance
Ken Kenichi
Seems like he's always ignoring his kids. Sure they're with him but they're not...wierd.
Jose Ole’
Where can I watch the full episodes?
Little Fuking Weasel
Amador Villa
Episode 3????
tony stark
dance for me boy !!
Mr. Roboto
Floyd making fun of white cowboys?? That's not racist?
bubba luv
fuck he is a homo
Anthony Quinn
when the fuck will ep 3 air ??!!!
JackoWacko V
Why cant i find the episodes??? Are they on this channel?? Im in the UK
I see he's training real hard for Conor.............
Camron Paige
Why are they not releasing the episode
Al Bundy
πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ thumbnail got me rolling πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Harry Dunn Podacast
Floyd is hilarious he should do stand up comedy so I can blow my brains out. #sorrynotsorry.
Commando Master
Floyd acting like a teenage girl with that phone.
Chris Jack
Alchemistic Academician
Showtime you're not fooling anyone making it seem like Floyd isn't training when in reality he's looking in more shape than his last 5 fights.

I feel like Showtime is trying to paint Conor to be the bad guy and Floyd to be the good guy, but also to give Conor fans hope whilst also kind of dismissing his chances as well. They're a bit confused about how best to sell the fight. Confused because Conor is the one running with this promotion, Showtime's entire marketing is dragging behind Conor's Instagram page lol. The whole narrative is driven by what Conor is doing.
that man kev
Floyds tryna be a reneck sumbitch!!
Fighting Words Boxing Network
That vest!!!!!!
Northern California Boxing Talk & News
He looks so out of place! Who takes selfies while riding a horse? What kind of gay ass shit is that? Hopefully Mayweather and McGregor manage to knock each other out! They're both unbelievably annoying!
Armando Armas
Where's this episode at !!!!!???
Dan l
This guy lmfao, "howdy partner" lol say what you want about Floyd and Conner, both rich and enjoying life
Alonso Gadea
Is this not free anymore?
Bolonga Sandwich
I remember when All Access was free... What the fuck?
Dislike Comments Mann
Do your thing Floyd, whites always gonna hate on you, ham face mothafuckers.
James Charnley
Laughing at all you morons.
MMA is a much tougher sport and call conor tapout all you want but look at all the boxers who have stepped into the octagon they have tapped.
Mayeather wouldnt get a chance to tap because his nk would be so weak he would just go to sleep within three seconds.
That vest is fucking dope.
Django ads looking dude
I've seen it all riding a horse with a cell phone welcome to the 21st century yee ha!
Amador Villa
When will y'all load up episode 3?!?!??
Spiritual Homo Sapien
Showtime favors floyd always in the preview no Conor
Dumb Dumb
Floyd is hilarious.
Are they really not gonna upload full episodes? What kind of backwards ass thinking is that? Boxing/Showtime is still stuck in the past.
Now that's what I call LeRoy Rogers..
Pirvu Dan
This man looks already beaten!You can see it in his eyes!in his voice!There is no confidence here. May Conor have mercy on his soul!
That could be a $100,000,000,00 fall if you broke something cause that that horse chose to do some while stuff Floyd...
He has to have a stool to get on horse??? Puhleese!!! Lol
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