Honeymoon in Venice | Lele Pons & Rudy Mancuso

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Olivia Gymnast
The ending tho 😂😂😂
Nour Alotaibi
The tour man :stairs
Me: oh shit
Anonymous. Who Cares??
Amria Morton
I like went you side what hel you doing on the grand. you allany sleeping. Lol
SkyFox YT
William Ulff-Møller
Rudy Mancuso is so into internet📱📱⌚️🖥💻⌨📷📞
gms grade12
That Tour guide made me laugh so hard.. 😂
Mary Joy Pepito
The waitresses is so pretty
Sandra Jacob
Oh shit he was slap by a little girl and his "wife"
Queen Salma
Elisa Prevedel
1 07 Greta Menchi
Magical El
The girl with pink hair was Greta Menchi... im italian.... i understand what she said
Ador Hossain
Greta menchi????
sherri berri
The waitress tho xD
swannius bong
Lele in Indonesia language means fish..
realsqweekyman fan
That tour guy was the worst....he sucked!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Nicris Cayman

Rudy:no shit
Richard Mccullough
A day Whit Audrey
Did the cup broke
Kate Franco
What is up with the person
Titas Puodziunas
Bea Zeta
Lia Rinaldi
C è greta menchiiiiii
Jacob Sartorius
In philliphines there's a Venice it's called Venice Grand Canal it totaly looks like the Venice in Italy
le ROY
greta minchia
jayden fador
stairs No she
jayden fador
i think i got assaulted i died when he said that
Kk lps Mangle
Haley Sam
who your real boyfriend
BaconHairLovesPie Cool
“I think I got sexually assaulted” UMG THE TOUR.......ok then
Elena Venturi
There's Greta Menchi❤
Megan Ervin
unicorn lover
Love only for the instagram followers
Banana Games
This was posted on my birthday
jay&kels msp
lol what abt the water?
Farah Fadhilah
lele and rudy are something
Megi Tanushi
Greta Menchi
Natalia Arlovoskaya
Rhonda Davidson
Are you rilly single
Gulvez King
I love you
Gulvez King
I love you
Hilary koh
is this how keeping up with the gonzoleas started HAHAH
Summer Dancy
Loved it
Jason Farrelly
Anybody from Ireland
Lesly Coello
Yeaaah we are 6m
Roblox rose master Roblox roleplays
The Demon Child LOL!!!!!
Hilary koh
" I think I just got sexually assaulted " HAHHAHAAH
Jalen Brown
What can of 🍯 🌙
Your Insta- my love for you
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