Karan Johar & S.S.Rajamouli | The Meeting Ground

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Karan Johar and S. S. Rajamouli come together on Film Companion to discuss their most talked about venture Baahubali and the art of film making. Do Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe to our channel.

Footage Courtesy: Sai Korrapati, Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram.

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gangadhar bellamkonda
hello bro's
chandu koppula
Mujeeb Rahman
Sreekar Reddy
Karan johar is too fake
Gayathri Kodancha
Bad seating arrangement for Rajamouli!
sindiri suneel
This is power of Telugu film
Vijayabharathi Shivakumar
I'm not saying, legends are telling , start watching Tamil films , you will learn what life is worth seeing kamal movies
Jenny White
Not a fan of Karan all his movies makes no sense but, now I give him credit for supporting bahubali n promoted to such an extent
Sunil Yadav
rajamauli is the great personality. he explained every thing very clearly
Abhishek Mukherji
does kjo know who is he sitting with? 🤣😂🤣
Pallavi Pednekar
Karan Johar reminds me of Barkha Datt asking high handed stupid questions. He should learn modesty from the great film maker Rajamauli.
its true the herd mentality, now mahabaratha is being made after bahubaali .. more epic movies are being made
Sujan Shrestha
I like the thoughts of Rajamouli.
Shri SS Rajamouli Ji must not sit with people like karan johar. This cheap man has no respect for Sanatan Heritage and Medival Bhaarat. Please show your work to Hollywood producers and ask them to invest. rather depending on bollywood which has undergone urduization in a country where majority of population is Sanatan. Its a shame as to how government made muslim retarded and let them control Bollywood and inject deliberate urdu knowingly that our mother tongue is Hindi. Please, no khans or any converted muslim in BHAARAT'S GRAND DREAM PROJECT MAHABHAARAT AND RAYAMAN. All these are cheap bastards. It is BHAARAT'S Dream project. Mr Rajamouli please make it in 5 parts. Make the animations 10 times better. Make Sanskrit sloks and Sanskrit words compulsory. It will rock the universe. Just please do not take any porki muslim mindset in this Pure Sanatan Project. Infact the music must be towards Sanskrit inclined as it is pureSanatan heritage. Sanatan Dharam deserves atleast this tribute. Song can go in background. It must began with the forefather of Kaurava and Pandavas. And it must not show Drudhana as wrong or anyone as wrong. It must put everybody's perspective correct. Be it Shakuni as he was a loving mama. Krishna must be played by Arjun Rampal. All stars needs to be very good looking and therefore prabhas should not be a part of this project. Madhavan or other good looking actors can be a part of this awesome project. This movie must beat the animations of 'Hercules' and 'Clash Of Titans'
Mausam Mukherjee
i find most south indian film personalities very humble
Mausam Mukherjee
it's spelled 'baa'-hu-bali not 'ba'-hu-bali,,KJo
to laugh and think get inspired
You can related so much with baahubali 2, for example: how a people's King raise, if you needs to get people's support you have to be trustworthy, it's very important for our present Indian politicians and leaders.Second is law: there is one another scene, Which baahubali killing one of the antagonist, who touched his wife (queen) devasena, here you can relate how poor Indian laws are. (We should follow the national laws of Saudi Arabia also it's called decapitation)There you can reduce specially molestation( I think none of us forget that bengalore molestation) and rape.
Fantastic interview
roshan jadhav
why are people amazed by being humble.everyone of us meaning all humans should develop this ethics which is pure and beautiful.
Bruce Halford
A minute of silence to those who thought and still thinks, "Telugu, Tamil, Kannad, Malaya what's the difference, All are same". I pray for your recovery to lost sensibility.
adrian moreiro
Directors in south India...have real stories🙂...not copies like in Bollywood 🤣
And people from south are really humble...not always on air..like people from Bollywood!!!
pinchuap canad
proud to b a telugu bidda..
pema choedon
Kjo is so cunning and manipulative. But this guy SS is so down to earth, no wander his movie became internationally successfull
Shweta Mayekar
One Brilliant Conversation!
Hats off 🎩 to SSR
Priyanka Dash
yrrrr vry humble.... I respect u sir
Varun Kumar
It is an Indian cinema not Bollywood,tollywood etc etc
Rajesh Chhabda
Please let the collaboration flourish the Indian cinema as a whole. Regional cinema has an immense soul to it and it connects with the audiences like no other film or rarely a commercial film does. Great work Team Bahubali. Jai Mahishmati /\
Anjana S
how can a man ... so legendary..... be so simple.. my respect for sir rajamouli just went upper upper upper... ...
pooja b
Karan johar makes no brain movies with no interesting script :student of year, Kuch Kuch hota hai, Kabhi kushi kabhi some crap... with cheesy stuff n tries to sell it as classy... n Kareena's over acting ..uff
Vrkonline Ramesh
Rakshith Ragava
indian no 1 director #SSR
Amit Kumar
Bollywood will improve when it becomes less Khan-dani!! Both nepotism and islamism needs to stop!!
Free from Samsara
gay interviewer must have fed by those greedy actor because of ur unpredictable character but certainly not the great nd honest director like ss rajmouli. learn frm him
Gamer SV
jerome jose
nice guy
Sanjay Kumar
i like ssr shirt i want one like that
irshad ansari
He is being always a very big director, watching his movies from last 10 years each movie got unique techniques, the bad thing is people just got to know him after Baahubali
Ankush Koul
Wtf karan is doing with his fingers... Its kind of annoying to watch
K 2009
karan...tu itna stupid kiw hay ?
ab bc
I hate this gay pig acting like martin sorcese he sud stick to doing chick flicks and not even interviews
<3 for Rajamouli sir!
Ravi Tolani
really nice video.
jack olvin
I wish there was a universal language across whole India so that every Indian can enjoy every kind of movies
we have soooooo much talent in India with a tremendous diversity.
although, almost every movie is dubbed in other familiar language, but it's still doesn't feel as original as it actually is, cause the emotions attached with the voice of actors/actresses deforms sometimes.
krishna's view
All films are super hit Director by SS.Rajamouli in Telugu....

I Mean all FILMS....Block buster hits
nithin sivan
Ameya Benare
This guy is going to compete with Hollywood head on in few years guaranteed.
Subin Pillai s
how karan johar profited realeasing bahubali in hindi....is he brought the right in a certain price and whatever profit geting for him or sharewise?
rambo L
its 365 not 385
rambo L
i like karan johar
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