10 Surprising Things Guys Find Unattractive

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10 Things Women Will Be Surprised To Learn Men Find Unattractive
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Wouldn’t it be nice to have the upper hand in the dating world? If you have ever wondered what you're doing wrong when trying to attract a guy, then this list is for you! From acting too cool for school to wearing too much makeup, we are revealing ten surprising things guys find unattractive.

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Sarah Price
How are these things surprising?
Huey Freemab
What goes finds attractive "STFU DON'T TOUCH ME WHORE Boyfriend slaps her " Ow spank me" Boy WTF
Rafi Lonnie
Does Troplusfix Dating Secrets really help to get laid by hot girl? We have learn a lot of good things about this popular dating manual.
anime quirks
I honestly dont find anything about men particularly attractive. For me, he needs to be skinny and LEANLY muscular.
Even a lil bit of fat disgusts me.
Men dont have anything tbh...
So i lower my standards for them.
Anna Mcaffee
Is this made for 13 y/o?
Minniedash gamer
Not all are true..
Steve VanDien
Basic rule: If you look a whole different with makeup than without, you're wearing too much. Cosmetics should enhance your appearance, not change it like nobody's business.
I am pretty sure men had nothing to do with this list. As a man listening to friends talk about women my entire life I realized the saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' is true every time.
shazamanda 2708
Guys don't like playing games?!?!? That's a good one, they invented games!
Oscar Fernandez
2 tits and a heart beat is all a dude needs
Vy Sharieff
Lol my dad has always called makeup war paint, I️ love makeup. My mom has always been natural #goodstuff
The gossiping one is so true lol
Jennifer Dally
On what planet can you "just run you're fingers" through curly hair?
OMG i just think that the right guy will be into you no matter what you look like of course its common courtesy to like show up for dates on time and to be generally just a good person, but what if the guy IS into girls who play hard to get or what if a man actually likes a "damsel in distress". And FYI not every woman has waves and straight hair men can just "run their fingers through". This video just isn't good to me. Smh
If theres anything guys like, its playing games LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
robin ryder
The comment about makeup is not correct. Men always say they don't like makeup. But when they see a woman with well-applied makeup, they think she is a "natural beauty." They don't know they are attracted to the makeup. Men are very visual, and they love a polished look. They are also really dumb and don't know what they really like.
Neddih Lous
many of these things doesn't apply to me....
Neddih Lous
JenJen M
These are some great points. Before marriage I have had guys say some of these things to me when I've tried to hard to impress, I loosened up and had longer, happier relationships. I definitely need to show this video to my neighbor who gets dolled up everyday. Her quote is "1st thing you do is represent your man, that's why he doesn't see me without makeup" and honestly I don't think her man gives a crap whether she's in makeup or not.
Do I care what an unshaven man thinks is unattractive? Nope. The end.
Matthew Norris
A guys opinion about everything you just said:

1. Agreed

2. Meh, it's whatever, can be bad can be good.

3. YES, if you have no ambition expect to be the local booty call, because long term will not be in your future.

4. Agreed, don't be easy, but don't consciously try to play a game, there's others who won't.

5. Disagree, when you gossip your comfortable with me, and being open about the things your thinking about...obviously don't talk about your ex though -_-.

6. Disagree, if you actually know it all and are correct then fine I'll find a way to be attracted to it, smart women are a turn on and given time it will be one of your strengths....what's not ok is when you THINK you know it all, but in reality your very misinformed. Nothing worse than a know it all who is frequently incorrect.

7. This is a gray area, we say we don't like it but you'd be surprised how many men get sucked into it when the woman does it properly.

8. Don't be accommodating but be selfless, selfless women are insanely attractive, wanting your spouse to be happy will in turn effect your spouse and cause them to want you to be just as happy back, the speed at which they return it varies by what type of person they were before you....selfless....not accommodating. Also, bullshit most guys like the fact that your willing to break plans with your friends for them just the same as you would like if they blew off their buddies because they wanted to be with you instead...it's the same nice feeling.

9. Most of this was a lie....some of you really do need to keep putting in the work. The multi-colored thing is true though, odd colors in your hair tend to be the favored choice of the quirky girl who's willing to take her clothes off later if you feed her enough compliments to offset the years of insecurities she developed in her last marriage or in high school depending on their age.

10. There's a right way and a wrong way...seamless is the right way, if I know your wearing makeup but it works so well that I forget your wearing it 5 mins into a conversation....good job thats the right way....the wrong way is when I notice it randomly during the conversation and several times after, at that point it might as well be a giant mole that has an unsightly twitch every few minutes to remind me it's there....
Copyright Free Bikini
M and M Performance
#11 you missed one to much CELL PHONE,
Julie1914 Gaming :D
Honestly the only time I do my makeup is when I'm not planning on going anywhere. I just think it's fun putting it on and I usually wipe it off not long after.
i just accept my girl as who she is
1:47 nip slip
Uncle Drew
Can't they get a guy to make these types of videos
John Callas
Sarah Powell
My boyfriend is literally harping right now. He says "Just ASK for God's sake!"
Sarah Powell
My boyfriend is literally harping right now. He says "Just ASK for God's sake!"
Ashley and Nayeli' s Unique World
Who tf cares wht guys think, a guy should love you for you
Wise Rose
a lot of girls at my high school have boyfriends mostly because they cake thier faces with makeup. us barefaced girls are mostly single
Diamond Wilkins
The hair part is for white girls lol.
Baskar Saminathan
We do not wake up every morning to impress boys!!
Jeb Atman
Excuse me, inflated ego = high self-esteem. It shouldn't be high self-esteem or a low self-esteem, how about a good healthy dose of self-esteem? Not high, not low just normal??
Jeb Atman
Absolutely nothing wrong with a party girl? I beg to differ
American women are all of these things...
Dakota Wells
my man loves my wild ass makeup looks wdym
Patricia Renteria
I don't really care what men do like if I like it I wear it .
Fun vid.. All spot on points.. One thing about the hair... DO NOT listen to the gay hair salon guy, and cut your hair short.. It is NOT cute. He just wants you to look like a boy. Long hair makes you look regal in a mans eyes.
Đivector Kyané
what tha hell? i would like a girl who is literally crazy for me, who wouldn't want to feel so valuable like that.
Yasmine Apocalypse
I'm a party girl who wants a party guy. tbh I have no boyfriend but... God dammit.
D Jay T
essentially...avoid extremes
Nothing 05
1:34 ummm thats not what James Arthur said
Grace Roberts
I'll stick with my cat, thanks. He doesn't give two hoots (or meows) what I look like.
I was just checking this vid to see if it checks out they only time you should do this is if its truly you on a daily basis one thing guys hate and i know we all hate this is fakes people who force themslevs to cahnge of someone they like if someone likes someone else they should just take their chances and hope for the best

As an example: last time I asked someone out they kicked me in my shins and my crotch but I still asked.This applies to men and women
Nomadic Moons
Oh my gosh... that was ridiculous. And most of it is completely opposite to my experience with men. Besides, most women don’t do makeup for men, they do it for themselves. ;)
What about they gay guys? It should be titled things guys find attractive about women
"Surprising" it's just logic
I only date women that make as much or more than me. she has to own a home, own a car and have zero to less debt than me.
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