Dude Perfect Home Run Derby | FACE OFF

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There is NO better place to hold a home run derby than Dude Perfect HQ! 

COMMENT with the sport you want Dude Perfect to FACE OFF in next!

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Whistle Sports
COMMENT with the sport you want Dude Perfect to FACE OFF in next!
Bro I'm Brody
No ned
super stars
You guys are funny I've been watching you guys for a year I whish I joined you especially you Tyler
Brian Mcguire
You should do a dude perfect basketball tournament
Ashley Toler
Ned Forrester was the best part!
Felicity Beldad
why tyler is always an announcer
Aarav Worah
Face Off in SOCCER
Kay Simp
Justin Rodríguez
This just proves Coby isn't respected as the others. Well atleast that's my opinion
Rockys Gaming
General Bl0rted
faceoff: porn style
LaineWho?!? 3493
On Ice Hockey Please!!
Brandon McDaniel
will Coby ever win
It your boi Aasir
how come Tyler always the commentator
MM Gaming
6:37 what is Cody doing?
tipple dandu
Owen Sheehan
i think the editing noises are just a little to much
Derek Qian
So Ty was the sideline reporter. in other breaking news, the sun rose today
Tay Heard
I didn't see ya😂
MLB greatest plays
This was uploaded on my birthday
J.P. Garrity
Josie Hechtman
4:24 Cody is naked
Look at 6:09. Exact same time!!! Gotta love the twins
Susan Swain
We want billy .we want billy
Santa 5 leafs fan
Do a hockey one
Numrah Nadeem
Lol coby in the intro
Was he wearing underwear or was he just naked???
Aaron Ferrari
Football plz it's my dream when I'm older and I'm the first one to subscribe and like also people who are the fans
Can you give me a like if you agree because when Added a Comment I didn't get atleast one like comment a sew me what your favourite sport mine is football if you like football then tell me what you want to play footbal
Gina Giampietro
They should make there own ring
Blake Johnson
I never knew he was 5.7
Just Perfect
The sideline reporter is always Tyler like if you agree
Trey Trivigno
you could see codys boxers
Julia Fellers
ned forester
Tylers reptiles
Where was ty this face off
Brooks Rmstrong
Cory is so tall
Tanner Neidig
Tyler you are always the announcer how about someone else
Jackson Rouser
I am an inch shorter than Cory and I am twelve
Cam Newell
How is ty announcer every time
Holly A
Do a kickball face-off
Easton Z-Core Speed Whiteout BBCOR Bat (-3) paining canoeing cleaning I called your name three times why want you to know how are going get hello evening kind are you me and Lane planning to have a complaint of gum I love gone and only thing I know that I have gum name of your videos kind because they're not getting Bob and and and and regular balls I love him please pleases bybye-bye
Coby at 0:17 xD
No do hilly billy Billy's please
Tommy Haring
Do rien
Cody the streaker 😂😂😂
Veronica Schaefer
Slip and slide face off
Rishav Sharma
was cody really naked ??? why was he naked..... telll meee ..... But anyways ... u did a good work and .......... HAHHAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA
Lucy Elizabeth
put me on you show
7:43 did anyone else read the whole thing
Grayson Mied
this is so rigged tyler always gets a role in these
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