Rhink McNeal
That has to be the most forced smile I've ever seen.
Mr. MuthaFuckinJ
I can't get enough of hearing him do the voice of gollum!
Bryan Brionis
frodo is listening very concentrated lol
Jake Green
Two ornaldo blooms!! They're multiplying
Hans Wurst
serkis' gollum is so brilliant
Caine Gonzalez
fucking amazing
İdil Yıldız
Andyyyyyyyyyyy:^333333 amazing!
Stephen Colbert is such a Tolkien nerd like me
Seriously, just try closing your eyes and listen to that voice. You can just imagine Gollum in the flesh as you hear Andy Serkis.
Rob Soltysiak
fuck...IM in LOVE with Cate Blanchett
Erynne Morgan
I love this guy
tbafaf gaga
Lili Drmeyan
Andy ♡ one of the most talented armenians
Marsonal Carrey
I will never not be impressed by his Gollum voice
angelina rose
Smaug voice and gollum so awesome
mumble weed
Andy Serkis: "We wants oscarses..ssssh... my precious little oscarses..ooohh.. my precious!!"
yes beautiful, we all want to see you ride your magnificent elk in your magnificent kingly attire <3 <3 <3
Allyson Adler
Andy is incredible!
Alan Rossi
who is standing at the pulpit at the end of the video?
Serkis is a pure genius.
Wow, I love how he does that~! The whole multiple personality thing too~!
haha i didnt recognize colbert hahaha
M. King
This man has diehard fans. I am quickly becoming one of them! Star Wars couldn't have picked a better actor to join its resurgence.
stephanie bee
awesome .. andys sooooooo gd
Go Smeagol!!!
He's golden!
smile1and1drop1that1dookie Ii
ok, I understand that the people who r asking them questions are from an european country, but I almost cant understand a single word of what they r saying, damn, horrible english skills
I dont really get why Elijah Wood is there

he doesn't even have a part in the hobbit
Boy, if I have that gollum or smaug voice I wouldn't stop talking.
LunaDiggory Kay
Guilherme Eddino
Andy Serkis is too good to win awards. He should have an award named after him.
I have to stop watching half way so I don't wake up my roomate laughing haha
Andy Serkis should've got an Oscar nomination at some point as Gollum!
Did he make an ape voice at Comic Con?
I can't be the only one who'd love to see Smaug crammed into Hall H, or Lee Pace trotting up with his elk. Then there's Gollum with Stephen Colbert.
angel Angely
Andy Serkis isn't getting an oscar for this scene.
This is the absolute coolest.
Jaime Lannister Kingslayer
I wonder if Andy Serkis does this at home when he's trying to decide what TV Show to watch.
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