Pit Bull with bleeding tumors surrenders to rescuer and then gives him a kiss :-)

hope for pawseldad hagar

Please donate $5 today and help us continue this work: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
Medical care is so expensive, and for the price of a cup of coffee a month, you can join this effort and send me on the next rescue mission.
To adopt Leesa, please contact our friends at Much Love who gave her much needed love and nursed her back to health: http://www.MuchLove.org

Please share and help us raise awareness about the importance of spaying dogs.



Brinnley Adams
that happened on my birthday
mike kirkham
The world needs more of you hope for paws
Pursuit Of Passion
people are so inhuman..even after. seeing such a beautiful vedio they thumpsdown...
Brooklyn Burdine
hey good job keepsaving
terence yapp
I think you deserve the dog, she even gave you a kiss!
John Crossley
What a great guy. What a great loving human being. You are loved
meem star
animation dude im on yur side i hope i can see you there
kumar astitwajha
i cried bcse i also have two cute dogs richu n happy
Lethal Mafia
Nakul Verma
God bless you
Unspeakable Gamer
I don't understand why people do this! Animals have feelings too! Like if you agree
Ruben Hernandez
I thinkkk this I saw this pit bull on Vet Ranch You should check them out. I love their videos :P But there are graphic surgeries just for your information :) (Edit: I checked but there isn't a video of this pit bull there is many others that are involved with a pit bull with a tumor but I recommend Vet Ranch :P)
terry spencer
So good so fucking good 😒
Das Rabennest
That poor girl was so scared...😞 Thank you for rescuing her! πŸ’œ
Lety Ochoa
I cried
Xylie loves Horse
I want to so badly have all the dogs you rescue. I have never had a dog but my dad and mum both had litters of puppies. Sadly I live in an apartment so I can't have one. And it is illegal to have one in the country I live in. I am subscribed and I liked. I love ❀️ pit bulls and Rottweilers. Good luck for your next rescue. I am going to donate al, my pocket money to you so you can save more lives.

AriannaPlayzzz !
She must be the prettiest pit bulls I've seen :)
Kory M.
Can I have it I'm really good with other dogs I've got 2 she'll have fun with me.
_yout. .gurrl_
You guys aut so correctπŸ’–πŸ’–
Alex Olmos
they are so nice
The sadness on her face is just too much to bare. I hope to God Elgar is recognised nationally for his work though i'm sure he does not care about that.
Dogs have feelings too and they feel pain just like we do! I love animals so much and i aspire to be a vet πŸ˜˜πŸΆπŸ’™
Keep up the good hard work... Makes a grown man cry this did.
Amrold Thomas
i does feel so sorry for those dogs that they make me cry 😭😭😭😭
Filippos Michalopoulos
you should come to greece we have a lot of abondoned and stray animals
Yuta Puta
Damn! I always say that I'll just watch one video but I ended up watching more than 10 videos.

I think you people are amazing.
Lilly Hell
I can't stopping to cry πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ ...thx for Humans like you .... ..God bless you .....sorry I can't write ....I have to many Tears in my Eyes ....πŸ˜“
Sara Ilic
omg this is so sad
XGamerKing125 125X
owners abounded them
Anthony McGeoghegan
No food for a desperate dog don't like your videos
whoever disliked this is a fucking bitch
Aliya phaviseth
How many dog have you save I think 96 dog or 105 what is your?
Jennifer Enriquez
i can help you let see how about my classmate ill tell them
Google Assistant brought me here.
Maddie Cameron
Every dog deserves a better life
Siman Shrestha
due to lack of proper animal health care facilty,my dog died of the same tumor on her belly..but hats off to you guys..u all r doing great jobπŸ‘πŸ‘
valentina shlebaeva
I cry too and I am happy that sach noble people exist
Luis Agero
The video they make get's better and better
valeria martinez
hagan sub tΓ­tulos en espaΓ±ol plisss
Amara Moss
To the 686 people who disliked the video, there is something wrong with you, HE SAVED A GOD DAMN DOG! if YOUR pet was LOST or HURT I Wouldn't Feel sad ( for you, I *Would Feel sad about the dog, because they are with you, and because they are hurt
Tracy Harris
I almost cried
Footballers Twins
200 likes and my puppy well go out of the hospital
the guys who disliked are muslims 100 because they are brutal
Becca Faith
Poor thing....
Darshan DASH Maniram
Thank You Hope for paws!!! Please keep on doing this!!
Jodi Jackson
why do they never make the joke furever?
Fehler - code223
it breaks my heart to see that some persons give this video a dislike... these are no humans...
fira's kepo channel
love your job
Char 10773
Oh wow she really is beautiful😍πŸ˜ͺ
Somesh Rockey
very very great
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