Pit Bull with bleeding tumors surrenders to rescuer and then gives him a kiss :-)

hope for pawseldad hagar

Please donate $5 today and help us continue this work: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
Medical care is so expensive, and for the price of a cup of coffee a month, you can join this effort and send me on the next rescue mission.
To adopt Leesa, please contact our friends at Much Love who gave her much needed love and nursed her back to health: http://www.MuchLove.org

Please share and help us raise awareness about the importance of spaying dogs.



ejay ledda
I subscribe this because it's cring
She stuck her cheek out waiting to be kissed ❀️
Lisa Harvey
look at the patience, and trust from both sides
Unknown Person
"Can I get this? Thank you." I love when people talk to dogs like they understand, because I'm one of those people.
No Name Lady
my cousin had a dog it died because of their maid he bought another one it died by their maid too. 😭😭😭
All of you are truly amazing!
Baby Djs
You should come to orosi California this morning in my school I saw an abanded dog
addison schneider
why are most of the dogs you save pit bulls?
Ayako Tami
I hate people who think Pits are aggressive, mean dogs. That's why I'm glad I live in state where they are allowed. I know several people at my local Dog Park who own Pit Bulls and all are the most kindest and gentlest of dogs. None of them would hurt anyone.
Sosoo beautiful God bless
Da Kid
I had a Maltese once and my parents had gotten them for my actually birth like a week before I was born he was with me my whole life and one year he had ran away and he was gone for 2 years homeless and one day I found him he had come back to my front door and he had the same collar and everything his name was Rocco he passed away 2 months ago it was the worst thing I have ever felt but I'm just thankful after 2 years God was able to return him to my front door. It's the work of the Lord!
alois hermida
who dislikes this i would like youtube to tell me the mames of this ppl wtf
Ianne Simeon
Why do dogs be scared if gettting rescued ?
Awesome Girl ;D
omg! Why do i cry so much every time I watch these video!!!! X3
Elijah Futrell
all dog's want lov3 😍😍🐢🐢
Ellie Dolowy
My dog was a rescue, she was abut to die and they cut her tail of now it's like, and inch long :(
Will Ryan
Please Check out our channel of our Funny Pit Bull and subscribe ever sub we donate a bag of dog and cat food to out local shelter who needs help bad we also give them 5 toys per sub if you want a pic of us doing it leave your info in our messages we also play pranks on him andd eachother its a growing channel but it will get there fast
Redcat Redcat
Eldad you're great, you're an angel... you always break my heart with your animals love.. thank you. πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ€—
sally gamer
We need more off These pepol
Abby Kirby
I hate to see any dog in this condition!
Planet Alex
Whoever disliked this I will find you and I will make you like this vid
Seher A
We should NOW ADOPT THESE amazing, lovely, gentle creatures. If not at least DONATE 5 bucks, If 1000 people donated then we could raise $5000. Cmon, takes nothing.
Jason Avila
i hope that she is fine and lives a wonderful life to its fullest
AwwwWWW what a sweet face 😭
Unstable Pokemon fan
Me too
John Sparhawk
Riley Bean
Every time I watch these videos I think of my dog. She was born on Christmas. She was the most loving dog I've ever met. She was smart, cuddly, and she was really big and thought she was a lap dog. She was a black lab named Priscilla. Two years ago two days after Christmas she died. I just remember the last time I saw her, I lied on the floor next to her, told her I loved her, and the way she looked at me I knew something was wrong. I wasn't there when she died, and I'm so sad I wasn't. She was the best dog I've ever had, I still cry very often thinking about her. If I had the chance, I would see her one last time to thank her for the great memories. I'm not asking for likes, I just wanted to share this and get it off my chest.
Kelly- marie Wheeler
what a sweet dog!!XD
I would donate but i'm english and don't pay dollars i pay pounds πŸ’·
Stephen Rorhan
great work, being a pitbull i hope she doesnt fall to a filthy owner who will just use her as a fighting dog, i pray she doesnt there are some filthy evil people out there
Gina Thompson
You should ceap itCause it's cute and I loves you
Rampage Kitty
I won't donate $5 I will donate 1000$
Gabriel Melgar
Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel plz keep doing wat ur doing recueing stray dogs that people dont care of anymore
thesethingsbyme C
I can't believe anyone would ever dislike any of his videos
Yuridia Delgado
people who give thunbs down are so stupid and messed up they save dogs maybye they are the ones doing those kind of stuff to the dogs
CinnamonCello5 -Xbox Fun & More
I loved it but if you named us leasha it would've been that much better
hue ball
there is a homeless dog in my neighborhood can you please help
has she been adopted yet?
Hello Pumpkin
Ok now i feel bad that we haven't spayed our dog and she's already 10... but i'm scared she wont be able to handle it for some reason, like being put under. ahh ok i will do it
m e l i a
My two favorite parts of these videos are 1) Watching them save the dog and 2) Seeing the dog after, playing around
Pumpkin0330 titi
What a rough she has had. She's such a pretty girl.
You guys are awesome
Bartolomew Jay Simpson
N Nick Haveman
Nikhil Khandekar
I'd take her in if she was here in India. Woe me, she isn't.
Marcy Rodriguez
You sure do have a way with Animals! You must be an Angel!
Amy Islas
EA Mobile God
i swear on god i will donate 400+ dollars when i get married and have a job get ready
makarita lealaogata
god help innocent dogs
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