Steven Wade
i died from laughing when he started saying the weed part
Gargl Thunder
Creepy mask woman; next batman villain confirmed
Menmic Beats
Why did that woman's voice only come out of one headphone!?
crash planet
Ethan Hughes
Hey, don't make fun of infinite waters. He's helped me and a lot of other people take back their life. He doesn't deserve to be attacked like that. Think twice before making fun of someone. I understand that you're trying to be funny, but please understand that there's a line between being funny and being a bully.
Sidney Meyers
That meditation video was a bad joke.
X Cookieinater X
I heard it only in my right ear
Pewds heard it in his left lol
Dr. Quinzel
omg his voice
more powerful than batman voice
Popcap Kitty
bloody hell
Alyssa Ruiz
I feel like you and Scott Disick would be good friends
Phil The Officer
I love infinite waters so much , and your channel too, its so weird seeing you watch him
i just ..
Kai Dabner
$38 still more monies than I make in a week
Dr. Football
racist poodiepie "smoke week to feel better adn big notrills"
Matthew Seth
Hey poods the family friendly pews is back
Karma Katsudon
Holy shit this is the future?
Siri Bergström
Så jävla grym! Keep IT up
Ryan Smith
chakra farts
Nikoloz Orkoshneli
lol you got less likes than call of duty ww2 trailer yooo
The Janitor
so ur telling me...i can meditate anywhere at any time hm? I have a question........

can u meditate while playing dark souls?
Anonymous Me
.........When I think of monkey mind, I think of the mind in charge of thinking about the
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). It's not just me.....right?
seba buffa
7:32 i'm clearly not gonna sleep tonight, and for all this week probably
I died from the andromeda galaxy being smaller than his nostrils. best part of the video
Should of reacted to koi
cyberlink Mera
Shut up if u want me to meditate w/ yoi😡😡😡
Oh sure, force me to put my left ear phone in.
Is this video green screened?
I love Me
Pewdiepie is SHOOK
Vance Biondo
Vance Biondo
AAA I'll get my own but um thanks
William Clipstone
this is a random Question but who knows clanky GT?
Hogo day
I am Single
they are just some bitches who wants to be in a pewdipie's video
Jasmine Robinson
Are u still wiv marzia
deja vu
Strawberry Barry
5:04 jackass
Vini 201
Felipe Neto
I'd like $36 a video just do watch mojo and make about 12 vids a day lol
effected by depression worldwide...
Matty Willby
Push too much that's what she said
Only my left ear bud works
xXßoe ßoe Xx
Thnx for telling me I should hear the noise was coming from the left headphone pewds,bcus then I realized I had my headphones on the wrong way
Louise Wildman
Hahahahaha! I've just seen this! I'm your friendly neighbourhood bank robber. Fancy a kiss? ; )
Calum Kirkwood
Thicc Boi
jak puler
Royal Giant
watched ricegum I wanna be a Youtuber :D
watched pewdiepie YouTube sucks and all youtubers are homeless
Kint Aura
I watched the whole ad so Felix can buy Marzia nice things.
Just don't tell Marzia!!
Jean Du Preez
Once again I salute you, your content is 12/10 👊👊👊
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