April the Giraffe kicking the vet

she would have wrapped her neck around him and flung him across the room
Dennis Younger
NO kick
Joel Ayers
This giraffe is a gold mine!
Gigi Gordon
when is she going to have the baby omg i cant wait to seee lol
Chella Taylor
Guys know when a women is in labor, hum. Not a good idea to walk around April she is in a small place, mild pain, missing her Boyfriend/ Olivier...... SHE is giving life....God Bless her and Her calf. 🍀
Bonnie Bishop
That is called striking not kicking!!
Stephanie Pauley
Poor April just wanted a little love and when the vet didn't give it she let him know. LOL
Happens at 2:18 btw. wish i didnt have to watch the whole thing
Kelly takerskitty mcCallister
she don't like you dude leave her alone
Makes ya wonder WHO is checking out WHO.
heleen t
April isn't fond of this Vet. Her area of rest is too small. Get her out of there and away from that Vet.
Kate Dunno
Would have been really smart on the vet's part to bring a bucket with treats that she likes. that thought wasn't rocket science doc come on now
Ten Years Gone
Oh if she really wanted to get him she would have used her back leg.
Boones 14
I'm pretty sure she was going to do what horses do where they drag there hoof across the ground when looking for grass or hay and the vet just happened to walk in front of her at the same time
Kick at 2:20.
Moochie The Pony
AT :23 she gives him the sign... She is being very patient with all of it.
Kevin Rhodes
Yeah you better leave! lol
Shirley Metcalf
I was wondering if April makes any noise when she's having a contraction?? Also is there anyway we could get SOUND added to the live stream???
Thomas Paine
LOOL. That will teach the guy to keep his hands to himself !
Oliver is in the back like "whatcha doin with my baby mama" lol
Watermelon Slushie
why does she act wild, like i have seen giraffes act way nicer than this.
Was he hurt from her kick? He seemed to limp out.
Tracie Bledsoe
I think she had enough lol love April
Eliz A Beth
when a girls gotta go a girls gotta go... she let him know time was up. such a beautiful momma giraffe. ♥
Holly Carlson
That was barely a kick...lol She started to kick him at the beginning of the clip. I don't blame her, but the vet is just doing his job...
fant walk
Next time bring more treats! lol poor vet
Lydia Carson
Got to have treats in those pockets.
Well he brought no treats and he made her flinch but really I think she was just trying to move away from him and her very long legs are something he should be wary of - kinda explains her agitation later in the afternoon - glad he is alright though - got to be bringing that romaine Mr. Vet.
christy peck
I think she was just registering her frustration with being poked and prodded. If she wanted to she could have done hurt him badly. I do think that vet was limping as he left her pen. Maybe a very bad bruise.
Knowrain Knowrainbows
I think she was remarkably cooperative until it was "time's up". She gave passive signs ... the next step was a gentle but firm, "Enough!"
Gotta love April ... spunky and independent. 💕
Thank you for posting this vid!!!
Rewind Remix NCS
Hey, great stuff!
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