THE THINNING Official Trailer (2017) Logan Paul, Lia Marie Johnson, Peyton List movie HD

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THE THINNING Trailer (2017) Logan Paul, Lia Marie Johnson, Peyton List Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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Timothy Broomell
this movie looks dumb
Sarah Hoban
I didn't even have to watch this video the trailer was on as a preview
Alejandra Meza
hahaha Logan get at it kiss kiss kiss kiss
Russell hurt
If Logan doesn't get thinned out due to all of his dab videos, I'm going to write this off as unrealistic.
I came for Logan Paul 😂
I mean he's so good at acting 👌🔥
Gerneral Clash Of Clan
Movie brealy start and their already kissing, LOGANG
Wes Gilkey
Met Logan Paul at OU where we attended together. Never met a bigger douche in my 5 years here, and that's saying something
92 Cinema
its like the The Purge and The Hunger Games had a baby and the only hospital that could deliver it was YouTube...
G Nk
The premise of this movie is ridiculous anyone that doesn't see that is young, ignorant or would likely not do well on an aptitude test. The makers of the movie certainly would not be high scorers (or are shamelessly cheating the stupid)

If you are looking to decrease the population/increase the average IQ there are many quicker and easier ways.

1. Tax/straight up pay (even force) the best scorers to produce more children.2. Have those that do well donate their eggs/sperm to parents having trouble producing kids.3. We sorta do this already via Genius Visas we could just expand that program and only let in those who are of breeding age or with children that also have high scores.4. Sterilize the losers (do it in an non-public way no one has to know) which would work great because now you'd have a large population that needs donated embryos from the best scorers.

Why it is a bad idea? 1. The insane tend to do well on standardized tests. 2. One test over such a short period of time is likely to not produce good results.3. This is likely to remove/reduce certain personality types that are helpful to society.4. This isn't testing for health issues/physical fitness.
How that could be avoided?
More testing and only people that are physically unfit/stupid/unhealthy would be culled but not someone that was stupid but healthy.
How you could do this better?
Take the top males over 0.1% of the population and collect their sperm any female scoring below 5% could only have children if they used those males as a donor.

How you could do this even better?

Genetically modify using the best of the best and gene therapy sperm to have all the best qualities while being genetically diverse/diverse in kinds of intellect (artist/engineer/leader/Physicist)/diverse in health factors (we need a robust immune system and highly varied).
How you could do this EVEN better?
Create a program that would research and implement gene therapy on full grow adults to fix any issues that could be causing their retarded health/intellect/physical abilities.
mary monroe
The thinning trailer was before this trailor
Eliyana Ham
" you know what we do with parasites, we wash them out!"
me: you know what we do with hypocrites, we kill the fuck out of them!
Stoptheabuse now
The Hunger Games: SAT Edition
Thank god that its not real i am fail on my every put exams
tbh that president guy is so fucking dumb. overall i disagree with what he's doing, but he should only give the test to the people that are finishing up college and the people who are already employed. you go to school to learn and get smarter, and your knowledge will increase. stupid-ass kindergarteners will probably be all dead and parents will homeschool their kids if only all people who go to school will have to take the test.
Mister Knobb
The way this planet is revolving to, overpopulation...
ryleigh white vlogs
ya know the bad thing about watching this trailer is that my finales r in 2 days lol
Sopia Freitas
sera q vai ter o "the tinning 2"?
gostei muito do filme.
that peyton girl is hot lmao
Diddzliddz Gamer
WHAT IS THIS RATED????? a 12 or 15???
Too bad this is on YouTube Red instead of being distributed in a movie theater. More people would probably pay more money to see it in the theater, than less money to watch online because they don't have to commit to a subscription, or worry about ending a free trial before they are charged, they can just pay cash walk in and walk out when it is over without having to worry about using personal information or credit cards.

Also since the target audience seems to be teenagers, and most teenagers don't have their own credit cards, this seems kind of stupid to have it on YouTube.
Timothy Broomell
this movie looks just as dumb as the Hunger Games lol
Jonathan To
...I can't take logan paul seriously.
Captain Donut Gaming
I want to see it but I can't because it is on YouTube red and my parents said I can't have youtube red because u have to pay for it It looks really good and my friends mom said not to
Alvaro Alda
saturday noon films... brainless shit.
Liam Bone
is this in theaters or just Youtube RED?
Josh Battles
Coming to America soon
The Mask of Nobody
The government needs to do this with the assholes, psychos, bullies, thugs, and criminals and just clean up the schools. Give the power back to the teachers, or just turn the public school system over to the military.
Cora Wynn
don't be a thot on me
Hannah R
Congratulations Hollywood, you have successfully identified the two most horrifying things known to mankind: the Holocaust and standardized tests.
During the purge those idiots had time to have sex in a car? And WTF happened to Stacy Dash, looking all skeletal & pointy!😲
The Kuntdashian family needs a "thinning" starting w/ useless Khloe Hoey
0:10 no you fucking retarded christians. The two other options are pregnancy prevention and abortions.
Incidentally, if the world was truly thinned using IQ tests, your religion will be over, and this ridiculous movie premise should have be over immediately.
Earmuff Hugger
I want some popcorn
Aerul Nua
There i was, sitting in front of computer, watch YouTube and thinking this title of movies is about Hair Product.
Lalli Tenneti
Logan 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎
Seven Generations
So... a documentary....
Night Angel
This looks like a straight to DVD trash type of film.
Lia Marie Johnson ? Is that the girl that was in the Kids and Teens react a while ago ?
Samara Joseph
this is crazy like who does this to teenagers
Oliver Dehn
what is this garbage
I don't think washing out parasites is how you get rid of them.
Hardcore Gamer
This Evil UN and Clintons Obama BillGates Soros Planned to murder 90% of us
Javonda Foree
I seen this already
Pramit Chatterjee
Donald Trump: Origins
joanel guerrier
Dana with another clueless movie
SpartanWolf 01RA
Why are we making movies with youtubers in.. they make vlog type things or pranks or comedy etc.. they aren't magically actors.
Bad Movie I don't recommend it
Asap Jersey
That the guy that be on vine
Batınsu Ayaz
It's a 2016 movie....
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