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This June, witness the future of justice. #WonderWoman
Wonder Woman is in theaters June 2, 2017.

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From Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment comes the epic action adventure starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright, directed by Patty Jenkins.
Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny.

Ed Young
Looks awesome to me, me and the wife will go see it. Also people need to relax, movies are a escape from reality. I know I need it every now and then!
I am so excited for this movie! Looks to be the best DC one yet. I wasn't really that interested in Wonder Woman until I saw the character in BvS- Gal Gadot was an amazing casting choice, and I'm so happy we have such a great Wonder Woman. My mom used to watch the Lynda Carter show when she was a kid, and she's also really excited to see this!
Michael Clark
Can't wait to see it.
Nevena Todorova
Wonder Woman:The first avenger
why is her armpit so white?? well not that im complaining about it but it seems they forgot to at least put some tan on it
bu fragmanı 8.5 milyon kişi izlemişse filmi kaç milyar izler tahmin etmek bile istemiyorum karıda güzelmiş ama hızlı ve öfkelide pek önde durmadığı için belli olmuyordu.. başarılar wonder woman..
Black Beth
OMG Did anyone else see at 1:57 WonderWoman is flying. I guess she does have her flying power after all.
Trần Mạnh Đức
No se si este buena la pelicula, pero la hecharia un ojo por las Cosplayers (I do not know if the movie is good, but I'll see it by the Cosplayers )
Phương Uyên Đoàn Minh
1:57 so she can fly
Obscure History Channel
looks like Captain America, but with a gender swapped Percy Jackson.
0:05 so much Man of Steel theme
gah... "superheroes" are so fucking boring
Laura Blair
What is up with everyone complaining about armpit hair? Who the hell cares? Honestly can`t we all just agree to the fact, that Wonder Woman finally gets the movie she deserves?
This movie can't come out today!
Sylvia-Alexander Elizondo
Boy L Entertainment
Outstanding! I'm really looking forward to seeing this one. I mean she did steal the show in Batman vs Superman.
0:23 "Are you sure about that"
Daniel del Cid
I so want to see this movie!!!
Mark Libre
If you guys love to complain... Let's all just play League of Legends! 5v5! Bring it on!! Shout all the negative words you would love to say!
Michael Gress
I just hope theres an Ultimate Edition with armpit hair
Sam Land
I love the music
Natalie Cao
The most badass part was when he tried to protect her but she was way awesomer than he ever could be
1:12 what is this?
Natasha Jones
cant wait to see it!!!!!
So I was down in the comment section and people are commenting about people complaining that Wonder Woman is "inaccurate" because she doesn't have armpit hair. Who in the hell is complaining about this........ the fuck does armpit hair have to do with anything. If your reading this and are complaining that Wonder Woman doesn't have armpit hair, gtfo.
marlene altamirano
Kal- El
1:28 Allusion to the classic Superman movie. Clark Kent saves Lois Lane from a robber.
Ernie P
the DC cinematic universe looks awful, but this movie looks bad ass!
SpringMer30jhn Aj X3
Looks awful
good boy
lesbians and feminist movie
and my retort will be ..
too bad she aint american.
too bad she aint american.
Love the theme. Also, this movi isn't so dark as the other DCEU films
ARandom RPGNerd
Why is wonder woman fighting Imperial Germans from world war 1? There is literally no moral reason for killing them, because they are not nazi's and they are simply trying to expand their empire, which all countries did during that time period. I would not be surprised if wonder woman was found by a german instead of a British or American she would probably be on the german side.
Oseas Ramos
I know this movie is going to be amazing and can't wait for it to arrive. Also, hopinh it shuts Marvel fanboys/girls up when they brag abou, "How good MCU movies are better"
Itz GamerEddie
this lucks better than justice league
Wesley McJunkin
Can't wait to see this!! It's gonna be the summer blockbuster!! Yippee!! 4-20-2017
Madison Schnegelsiepen
I want 2 c this movie
Daniel Huang
Does anyone know the BMG on 1:30?
Edgar Roig
It is me, or the part in the part of the trailer when Wonder Woman caught and dodge the bullet because it reminds me in the 1970's Superman movie when Clark caught a bullet thought his hand?
It's me No one know
This is new kind of caption America 1 😂lmao
Lion Man
Isn't trying to protect her the most offensive thing you can do to wonder woman😂
pankaj Singh
her face is made for this role....and she is so sexy
zuhail abdullah
zuhail abdullah
IThinkWithMy Dick
I assumed, by the title, that this was going to be a movie about the life of Angela Merkel. I was sadly mistaken.
Dawn from The Office is Jasper Carrots daughter, oh sorry, thought I'd say something different about the trailer.... better fit in..er...something negative about armpits... will that do... am I cool now? No oh well a..I'll get me coat
This looks like it could be good fun, but trailers can lie.
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