rhandie marsee
Unicorn Walker
H A H-
Andres Fyke
Mcgogamer 3000
Dare you to run naked on the street singing mary had a little lamb
Deegan Collins
It will cut wood
I dare you to dare me to dare you to say I am a douche
Family Hernandez
I dare u to run up to your brother and act like a girl for the whole week
Master Argio
What do u mean paper can cut paper it's like 4 paper stack
Alejandra Lopez
Manuel Baldazo
But wood is papers daddy
Kerbal The Kerbal
Watch a cringy compilation for 10 minutes straight no cuts.
Kara Howard
Slap a bus driver
Storm Tornado
Eat a spoon full of mustard and ketchup mixed together :3
Jake Vega
And 100 bucks
Jake Vega
Two chicken Bok Bok Bok
Jake Vega
Do you have to jump off a cliff in the water
Charly Geeves
Eat Oreos with hot sauce on the oreo
Paula Williams
You have to make us a video that has no editing and give all of is who gave a dare. It has to be not dirty and you have to say our names.
dimond destroyer
Call your friend and say I broke something dezz nuts
Kate Lancaster
The dare is show ur family on the camera
Denis Radoncic
Saber Cyan
lick you nipples
Joshua Robert Martin
It really will work because of the speed. Any objects that has a fast speed can cut anything(Except cotton, or other stuff). But what if it is just plain? Not moving? Do you think it would still work?
Tony Tran
christopher robin kivisild
it can cut
Gio Sevastian Arroyo
Give me $1000 bill
Chael Bib Yuan Gensoli
suck my dick
Mariam Moussa
Just kidding but eat 10 warheads
Yuri Verkholevsky
Show your dick
Jocelyn De Jesus
wtf I can bilieve
Mariam Moussa
Eat 5 Tea spoons odd salt
Pop tnt Swagger
"That is called pussy wood" - Tal 2016
Marionette Dreemur
Kill me Thanks
doggy dog
I dare you to delate a video ๐Ÿ˜
bigviper747 -
I dare you to swallow 5 whole
Hot dogs remember to swallow them whole
I dare you to stick you finger there
Kermit The frog
I dare you to call one of your friends and call them a figger naggot.
000000_ 782973
No being harsh eat a nail like for hammers
awsomenes dragon
I dare you to jump out a window
madrussian 52
Also did you forget that paper is made out of wood
madrussian 52
In which kind of wood did you mean hahaha luwl
Reymond Huelitl
I darรฉ you to high-five a stranger1
Leonardo Nilsen
Eat poop
beba saez
Spend the night in the woods
B routt
Lick a frozen pole in the winter
Golden Freddy Golden Freddy
Paper is made out of trees so basically it's made out of wood and leafs
kameron Johnson
Eat poop
Lit Kid
I dare you to say hi
logang bmax v pro
I dare you tosuck your tit
olympia Osgood
Paper is really thin win
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