Produce 101 :D
Too much Suga will kill me too
Kawaii Drawings
Are you Canadian
chandler riggs lol
only 40°C is pretty low for a heat stroke, come live in arizona during the summer
trodeath w3
0:47 hey is that Arnold
Yocelyn Gonzalez
I️ thought vitamin C was water soluble which means your body just gets rid of whatever you don’t need?
avarye johnson
I SUBSCRIBED and turned on notifications
Jonathan Hebert
"Our bodies can handle fast speeds" because speed is relative. There isn't a physical absolute reality of "speed", so there is nothing for our bodies to handle.
T.A. Iversen
Good to know that I can eat 128 teaspoons and still be fine
Nicholas Ho
Question: How much vitamin a kill you?
Thanks for scaring me for life
Mr.Above Average
6 xans
Lioness Playzz
i guess ill never die from overdose on pepper, i hate the stuff XD
Edit: well i may have to worry about the oranges one, i freakin love em ^w^
Xxsniperbonnie xX
A pink magical human potato
I don't know why people take life so seriously,

You won't make it out alive anyways...
Ha ha I saw that. I can't feel my face when I'm with you, you know that song lyric be added in there
Joni Way
This video just save me from eating 11 000 oranges....thanks a lot 🍊🍊🍊🍊
Cloud KL0WS
So you saying if I eat 10,999 oranges I won't die ?😂
john doranlon
why is there a banana in the thumbnail?
Kagamine Gracie
Maybe the reasom Kagamine Len dies so much is because he eats too many bananas
TeeBee TV
Ohh no I’d better stop eating those 11,000 oranges every morning. I’ve been risking my life for years
Eliseo Delossanyos
pt 3
тнe Epιcoolαd
Luckily I only eat 23 and a half tubes of toothpaste a day.
Devin Cinari
How many of you think this will actually help you in life?
Black Dagger
you would also die from radiation poisoning if you eat 10,000,000 bananas at once.
Goofy Abby
Damn I can't even eat 1 banana because i have way too much potassium in me and it makes me so sick that I'm throwing it all up and i can't get out of my bed....... What if i kill myself.....with.....bananas......
Do the earth one got me freaked out
Football dUde
I dont think anyones gonna eat 11,000 oranges. 😂
marcos salatiel
Salt kills you?
Reggie Elmore
PART 3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
Captain Underpants
I can’t feel my face when I’m with you XD
Schizomania :3
Asapsciense This Person stole your video iam here to help your channel grow
Y’all are weak. Dying from only 11000 oranges? Rookie numbers. I eat 16000 on most days and feel fine!
Fionna Clark
problem after problem
Filip Čermák
if u look at me u will die from trauma cuz my face looks like mashed potatoes with bleach plus with 12k of toothpaste
I had 40°C temperature once, I am immortal
Zhafran Gaffar
who eats green potatoes?
11,000 oranges can you kill? Omfg thanks for saving my life. I was literally about to eat that many oranges right now. Wow.. thanks so much :))
Brawo Donut
lmao who will ever eat 11,000 oranges at once
1:33 Oh. That's why I can run more in cold weather.
Caleb Henry
What happens if you put Your head under water for a day
Evans Castro
banana is healthy!!!
andiscalis gt
Once i was sick and my body temperatour was 41.3° celcius i was 6 then
Finally PART 2!
Syra BWA
and did you knew thaat 1 bullet to the head can be lethal and kill you beacuse of the Speed of the gun shot?
Guess I’m going to have to stick with only 7142 Abdominal X-Rays.
i can run 20km/h and im 57kg. Im damn proud
Let me kill myself. Anyone got 11000 oranges
Kaitlin Sanchez
in texas it goes u to 40 degrees celcius, dlsfjdk challenge accepted
Kayla C
thanks for telling me
Kayla C
how much YouTube will kill you
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