CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage
Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!
Soon Kum Peng
George Bronstein
These drivers are amazing!
Prashant Makwana
Honestly speaking after watching this awesome video i wish i could be a "Pro Truck Driver"
khaidir nasrullah
wow {amazing|awesome|great} video{😁|😍|😎}
Moby Dick
Ramadhan Dodi Pratama
i tried to park a truck once in gta and it was hard af. this is awesome
Marcus Edin
How many of is if playing Ets or Ats xD
Dawaleeb Alhawa
truly amazing.
Why is this relaxing and soothing to watch while listening to some chill music?

Peace and God Bless to all our workforce around the world!
Nefavis Nakuranu
Truckers has the best driving skill Worldwide^^
Go4Fun l
Hey! please come and watch my channel if you like extreme sports :) subscribe thanks:)
Meta Nexus
The guys who were driving these trucks should just use their clips as their resumes.
Damn! ..... my hat is off to these guys..... I can barely park a 16 ft Uhaul truck in the hotel's parking lot whenI move. LOL!
заебал уауу уауукать
Like a glove.
mike travis
1:25 amazing. I have seen blokes at the tip by me unhook the trailer because the didn't know which way to turn the wheel when backing up! 3:30 no way!
thanh quoc
Amzing, best i ever seen
Jaime Panesa
I want to see that Volvo thumbnail :/
Its nice to see some good driving than all the bad driving videos.
Angel Lizarraga
the first clip, my dad does that all the time lol and it never fails how anxious I get when he dusts off a car and he laughs lol it's funny because he drives a huge peterbilt and he always has his seat all the way down and you can't even see over the dash let alone the nose lol I freak out every time and I drift and race cars lol
Vladimir M
Живела Србија наша мила домовина
1:24 I thought 2 different truck :)
vasilis g.
6:13-7:14 old school ;)
Henry Coldrain
and i cant park my car properly
Александр Владимирович
я лучше вожу раз в 100 я водил не помню что и я кароль машин
Adin Icic
When it comes to maneuverability, Euro cab over trucks are the best. You can squeeze last inch to get most out of the space without worriying about the nose like American trucks like Peterbilt or International have.
Tommy Arnold
Fucking male drivers, get them off our streets.
Rathod Munubha
yt is fucking edgy

putting a truck vid in the recommended for jaayy
Wilton Batista
nossa gotei muito eu do Brasil da aqui de Aracaju-Sergipe
10/10 !
Art O
This drivers must trained by Russians, I'm sure, just kidding.
Rajvir Ghuman
driver kamaal 22
Vernon Bellini
: )
The yellow and red truck at the end don't deserve to be in here! They could have got in, in one or 2 tries easy. Perhaps not te red one, but certainly the yellow one
The Swamp Fox
Wish my long wheelbase Pete 389 would turn like those MAN euro cab-overs.... @6:25 is the exact same rig and reefer unit as mine.....might I add that was a talented driver. I wouldn't have wanted to park there, I'm scared to scratch my truck or get my truck scratched, so I try to find nice open least the car hauler next to it didn't have 4 feet of vehicle sticking out.
KJris DeWitt
3:00... where is the skill there???
The second clip sexual. XD
Jason Hancock
Awesome talent these chaps have . Amazing like turning the 18 wheeler on a single dirt rd with drop of shoulders . I have seen car drivers who can't navigate a turn on those type of roads . PS Most car drivers have tunnel vision they only see themselves That's dangerous and unfortunate for us all .
Obese European
New level of respect.
michael stanich
the dump truck driver with the 2 loads "WOW".
Emon Arema
Share experience with the other truck driver.
Emon Arema
This is very good education video how to drive a truck. 👍👍😃
Adu Yadav
Vishal Yadav love majida
Adu Yadav
Vishal Yadav love majida
Arthur Luan Vianna
alguem e brasil
Ni gel
and im here preparing for my 5th driving test :/
Silver ImpAct
WOW,soo tight.i`m amazed
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