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John Oliver explains why America’s bail system is better for the reality tv industry than it is for the justice system.

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Shmuel Kligman
When's the next episode?
The Otter
Why cant bail be relevant to income????
Paul Burkhalter
Correction: Masterbated into a coconut.
Mark S.
i'd actually watch that
Samantha Smith
When i was little i really liked the show dog the bounty hunter... Idk why but i did
I don't know if I should feel depressed about this, but I think I would watch the shit out of Pretrial Services! What has my life come to?!🤦‍♂️😫
nemesis 11883
I am a republican and don't agree with most of the lefts views but bounty hunters being barely regulated is insane. I'm a off truck driver and I'm regulated until I'm blue in the the face makes no sense.
Joseph Frazier
you know if the pretrial services show was a comedy alternative to things like law and order...I'd watch the ever loving shit out of it
nemesis 11883
you only get bail back if your not convicted or don't take a deal.
Jebus Cryss bail bonds!
lily wessberg
i would watch that
Fireball Flareblitz
JesUUUUUUSS Christ Bail Bonds
Bail: why is this still a thing? - deToqueville
What I feel the bounty hunters do is read Star Wars the bounty hunters code and translated it into real life and made the guild a TV studio also read the book it very good
jimmy boyy
It's always a good day when john Oliver happens
get out and ride
you know 30 % of Americans hate you oliver they are not watching you and hate you.
Paul Tucker
Any system that keeps non-violent citizens locked up just because they cant pay an arbitrary bail fee is a system that preys upon the poor and wastes time and taxes on imprisoning them... but Pre-Trial services are a great start for lowering bail out fees. The process that you go through in the system is basically as easy as shown it in the that last bit. For example with a weed arrest in texas it can be as low as 30 bucks to get out and like maybe 50 bucks in drug test fees with a check in every 6 weeks until trial. $80 is much better than hundreds of dollars for regular bail, but that is only available to first time offenders so we still end up with plenty of people in jail for no reason other than they can't pay
Simon Poulsen
If you get arrested in Denmark the Police will have 24 hours to put you in front of a judge or release you from custody. The judge will review the collected evidence and decide on whether to release you or put you into investigative custody / pre-trial detention.

There is no option for bail and the decision on detention is completly professional
Bail is like paying monney to kill someone, its basically trophy hunting for humans.
wait.. "this is learning to speak korean all over again"?? .. I feel attacked O.O
Kyle Beals
but like.....they broke the law?
Drayvel Harris
orrr, don't be a criminal :D
Leon Konings
And this is how the cold war made The United Stated hurt herself.
Thought I recognized "Brett".
Dean Winters, aka Ryan O'Reily from the prison show Oz.
Epic Face2
10:45 the magic d21
Jason Dutton
Jonas Vogel
How much did you have to pay that guy so he'd use the line "I'm the piss sniffer"?!
My bond when i was arrested was 40,000, and dudes are saying they cant scrape together 1000?
The Sunflower Seed Enthusiast
So, i've been a bounty hunter for a few years. If anyone's got some questions, feel free to ask.
Matthew Pharr
I am in marching band and I do not approve of this message.
Mig-Wel XD
Braden Chittick
How was he forced to plead guilty because he couldn't pay his bail?
Lyn Martin
I know you are making fun of stupidity, but the fact that this is true makes me ill! The dumbing of America is rampant and explains a lot. 37th in education when we used to be 1st?! Explains a lot. Explains who we elect to run things. No education ignoramuses REALLY SAD!
Dizzzy Ldr
bail is the new way to get phucked in the butt without going to jail. Sorry for the rude words.
Darth Parallax
Gun rights? I agree with them. Citizens' Arrest? I agree with that, too.
Bounty Hunting? Shouldn't that be criminalized under ''conspiracy''?
You know who else is a Bounty Hunter? FUCKING BOBA FETT.
5:03 That is the most amazing commercial I've ever seen.
Or if you're out of marching band for just a bit, you lose your spot!
Has anyone named Miguel pronounced it Migwell?
15:49 That's the Vulture, I don't care what you say
Katy Terry
I bailed my best friend out of jail once. Fulton county georgia (Atlanta) didn't give a 10% option and the only choice I had was to use a bail bondsman. They didn't even give me the option to pay the jail directly. 20% upcharge was the best I could find. Total bullshit. And she honestly made an honest mistake. Put a 20 year old girl in Fulton county jail to prove a point. Fuck all this.
Glad i don´t live there. This is scary.
Anton Slavik
Bail bondsh aggraveated sexual shatishfaction man! Mmmmm! Uhmmmm! Wlanutsh.
John Sabbagh
I would watch it. And I just wanted to say John Oliver thank you for these clips it's great to see someone making videos like these with thorough sources and a clear understanding of the subject.
Bailey Edwards
I just realize Jesus Christ Bail Bonds is in Maryland and I wonder how close to me they are
Tyler Channell
That shows feels like the office hahahaha
Adam Manyfingers
Would do a show in that !
I'll be gone within a year
Third world
Bail is such a bullshit system. If you are a flight risk or a danger to society you stay in jail. If not you are set free. That is the system the rest of the world uses and it is a better one.
John Oliver for president
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