4:52 ha you faggot
Patrick Petrillo
0:50 I'm speechless
juhi singh
Cole Lambson

James Pochron
12:09 tho
Ron Seamans
4:24 the guy who blasted the kid in the face with the water bottle. I want to punish him.
Jackson Lumsdon
12:13 i think I just witnessed a murder
Jackson Lumsdon
12:23 i think I just witnessed a murder
My left ear enjoyed this
Leilani Vaughan-Williams
The first one is "News reporter gets attacked by VICIOUS&MALICIOUS seaspray!"
Prazi Draco
3:03 not sure that's love...
The Fandom Master
Canadian geese are scary af
Silvia Martinez
5:09 dat was hillarius 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Baumann
Evident she jury qbzwsf dignity salt approximately pump.
Archer Eldred
That was funny
The first one is the best
Katie Bosh
Holy moly 🐏
Nina Langner
12:39 😍😍😍
1:12 aprovecha el bug chihuhua
Tee Pee
7:09 SOMBRA!
amber dog
13.11 the dog went pshyco
Tyler Gour
10:10 I think she dead
Aiden Amerson
Jonatan Arzi
I feel bad for the guy at the clip 15:21
starting is boom
15:26 is he alive?
Zachary Siudut
15:25 OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Savannah Grace
Wtf? The kid doing the jump In the baby car?? How else could she have possibly thought that was gonna go???
What's the song 2:38?
Maradona Drogadão
4:52 WTF ????
Henrik Bartels
Omg the dude with the fish on his fishing route really was born to fish...
Noel Artem
12:05 German and their beer🤣🤣
Jacob Chan
What's the song on 2:38 pleases?
Erikpadilla vlogs and more
12:39 when mom takes me to school
Teh Pede
My favorite: 3:03 - "He loves to get OWWWW!!! heh heh that's charlie!"
Rouds GamingHD
0:56 bestt :d :D :D
Rouds GamingHD
0.56 best
potatoe productions
The most funny one was that girl on the exercise thing and in the tied top😂😂😂
Eric Jalbert
Pigeons-space-Coldplay 99
At 15:21 the car does a round off backhandspring
Little Dongle
9:12 get wrecked
angie frank
Harry Randel
Puppy with her mom...
Harry Randel
What was that flying thing on the monster truck fight?
Harry Randel
Jeep flips

Man got out of the car

Harry Randel
The rabbit!!!
Zoe Paulsen-Rivera
Dat golfer tho
Funny Fails
Haha, funny stuff :D
Check out also my channel ;-)
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