Philip DeFranco
If there is no video tomorrow, its because Editor James killed me. lol
Hope to see you then! Don't get used to shows this big. :)
Yeah I REALLY don't agree with the whole women experience a pain that no man can imagine. To this BS claim I'd like to bring up a medical issue I have that, to be blunt, is my left testicle getting the cord twisted and slowly dying. Imagine the worst time you've ever been kicked in the nuts, take this moment and multiple it by 5 and that lasts up to 2 weeks. This male part is also directed to the vomit response and has to be in a constant moving pouch that has thousands more nerve endings than the female genitals and has a natural reaction to almost everything. I've had a 2 slipped discs, 3rd degree radiation burns that wasn't treated medical attention leaving 40% body scars, teeth literally snapping, oh and having glass shards be in my food, nowhere close to testicle pain. I'd say pussy to nickname the vagina is adequate
"I really hope it's not over 18(minutes)" >19:43
Zala Siddharajsinh
I know my comment is late as hell, but I feel it needs to be said since I haven't seen anybody saying this yet. The insult "pussy" comes from the word pusillanimous which means "showing a lack of courage or determination; timid." Therefore the insult pussy does not come from a woman's genitalia, or a cat
1. I don't gaf about it's connection with his outside life. I'm just happy that some piece of shit drug dealing rapist got his face smashed in.
2. nice shirt phil.
3. yeah cuz caal girls typically know 5 languages. smh.
4. No. Assad is worse than hitler.
caveman Versace
Trump is President, that is a fact. He is what he is and there's no changing that. To keep attacking him and discrediting themselves is just getting pathetic.
Der Bewn
i recommend "The tale of two narratives" by sargon of akkad.
Randi Matsuzaki
100% of my bad flight experiences come from United--I don't fly them anymore.
Jack KissMyAspergers
Dave Carroll's response to the United debacle was priceless. Omg, go watch it.

aaaand if you don't know who Dave Carroll is, please watch "United Breaks Guitars" 1, 2, and 3.

Just read his book, absolutely loved it.
Alex Hutcheson
14:24 , Spicer needs an earpiece that plays this on loop

EDIT: that apology by Spicer was actually quite decent
Gee Tee
"Pussy" that is slang for weak isn't based on lady bits but instead from "pusillanimous" which means cowardly. So, there's that. Penis is awesome but the word "dick" isn't used as a compliment either. So, there's also that.
I think people are assholes period.. left right straight gay yada yada yadda... just looking for the "other side" to mess up.. I take what everyone says with a grain of salt
Lucifer De
I stopped flying United years ago. They have always treat their customers like shit. They are the Greyhound of the air.
Wastel Sold
So scary to see the United CEO talk. It's very unsettling to watch a sociopath at work.
Ashley Macdonald
never apologize for long videos
I come to YouTube not to watch 3 minutes of a half ass done video. I live for the longer more put together and informative videos such as these.
Ashley Macdonald
never apologize for long videos
I come to YouTube not to watch 3 minutes of a half ass done video. I live for the longer more put together and informative videos such as these.
If I have ANY way around it, I would NEVER fly United. I've been fucked before, and the worst part is they're never even sorry. Forget customer service, they don't even treat customers like people.
Jack Jammen
Dropping bombs of gas is indiscriminate.
June Kiborn
can i just say that i hope the swatting douche canoes get the maximum sentence
June Kiborn
the daily mail is a disgusting rag

and it's unfortunate that the only people who can afford to defend themselves against the lies and attacks printed in it are billionaires. seriously, daily mail is horrible. they're full of hate, and they make stuff up, ruin and smear people in all kinds of ways.

the people who read the daily mail, sorry you are scumbags by proxy
A. Neufeld
Just saying, my mom gave birth to me, her first child, naturally and without pain meds, on the farm during a blizzard (winter in Canada lol) and I was just shy of 11 lbs. I say this entirely to brag about my mom being a badass.
Justin Martyr
FILTHY CE ALIS Commercial. . . .
WUT ABOUT the FILTHY CE ALIS Commercial?????
POT, Tobacco, VAPES = a Scum Bag who uses the SHIT!!!
Also People who wear (Meaningless Stupid) Tattoos are
Also Scum Bags!!! ME??? Never Smoked & Zero Tattoos!!!
Justin Martyr, 14th & Center (near the Safeway), Salem, Oregon!!!
I can be Found at Chemeketa College, Down Town &
on City Buses & at Winco Grocery Stores!!!
Happy birthday
Cree Ingles
United screws up so they try to discredit the victim by bringing up his past. That's some typical cooperate bullshit right there‼️
it's over 18 I love it
idiot number3
unpopular opinion. Sean Spicer is actually Bagdad Bob in witness protection.
Jay Carp
My takeaway from the Spicer story is that the frogs are gay
Red &Only
I just finished wiping off my monitor...first time clicking on your secret links. I clicked first 1, felt "eh.." Then I clicked Ramsey link. (My 5 year old daughter and I WERE eating lunch) "...grandad's knee replacement high pitch giggle" then we launched our lunch and into laughter! Thank you!! That felt great !! :) :)
Kidney stones are hands down worse than child birth.
Lena Rodriguez
That poor woman. That child was huge. He's cute though but I couldn't imagine going through that naturally.
Yes Phil, using the Runescape Twitch picture
Olivia Liang
Thank god it was rubber bullets for once
"Pussy" as a term of weakness does not refer to female genitalia. it's short for "pusillanimous", which is defined as "showing a lack of courage or determination; timid."
13:03 badly trying to say Hitler did not use chemical weapons on the battlefield army vs army, he did gas the Jews. Poor taste but not trying to revise history.
6:45 it's a problem because settling does not stop them from spreading lies. They can target someone less powerful next time.
CEO should be jailed, The victim should sue for millions in damages.
someone needs to start writing speeches for him. asap....
Anthony Salazar
No way on earth I'm ever flying united again
BlitzBro Razgriz
i mean, let's not forget, Hitler used Mustard gas in bombs on troops...
I hope he knows that kidney stones actually hurt more than pregnancy. I've talked to many woman who had both and they all agree with me.
Shyakyra Lithz
OMG I stumbled on your channel by mistake (you can call it coincidence), I have to say. i love you!, You're so on point and your arguments are so coherent and deeply thought. I had to subscribe. :)
Crystalann McHaffie
It's so awkward to listen to him talk about hitler, stumbling and tongue tied. How does he have that job
If the booty too thicc, it could be a trick. LUL
Alex Gray
"no one should be mistreated that way" i love how there's this huge outrage about some guy getting beat up by some security (while i of course feel sorry for him, no doubt) as if it was the first time, while there are literally people dying violent deaths in bullshit wars on a daily basis, and its just become normal to us. the internet really is a weird place
Jo White
his crappy apology was FAR too little FAR too late imo!
Blah deBlah
The practice of subjecting an already-victimized person to such a review of their past is unconscionable.
Even discussing it is shameful, because bringing a victim's past up is just an attempt to muddy the waters and defend something that is completely indefensible, aka beating a passenger and a customer.
Joe Reyes
Phillip DeFranco

Everyone knows that Assad did not gas attack his own people, it makes no sense for him to do so. Every investigative report, including those by the pentagon and the US own people show that it was a false flag
Spicer is like a fucking five year old in an older man's body. How the hell did he get his job?
The Christian Syrians only defender is Assad if he goes the same shit that happened to non Muslims in Iraq and Lybia & is now happening to non Muslims in Eqypt will start up in Syria as well. Assad regime has evacuate civilians out of war zones constantly through out the war and these convoys have often gotten under attack like the most recent one that killed over a 100 civilians. Also how the fuck did Assad use chemical weapons when he literally handed them over to the Obama administration?
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