How cars went from boxy to curvy

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The big shift from boxy cars in the '80s to curvy cars in the '90s, explained.

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Yusuf Farajallah
When i look at cars sometimes it looks like a face
I remember the boxxy ones
Because my grandpa had a Renault Station
chre chris
In 10 years were gonna be driving circles
Sportphotoatl. Georgia
My name is boxxy !!!!!!!!!
Project Memphis
Simple answer. Research into Aerodynamics and Physics.
Lailani Austria
so does this mean in the future cars are going to look like balls with wheels underneath it
Very well presented
Sintrex XissoX
the american cars all look terrible wtf
hi does anyone have the original tape of 3:30 ????? im really into how computers were used in the past
I think it is only in peoples minds that "round" cars are more aerodynamic that "boxy" or straight lined cars.
Bruce Halperin
The VW Beetle has always been curvy.
Salt Factory
Two prime examples: Toyota AE82 FX-GT/AE92 FX-GT Toyota Aw11 MR2/SW20 MR2
Boxy cars are hot.
The most popular car in Europe during the 6ties was the Beetle and that is about the most round car there is.
Jage A
beetle bruh completly round*most famous car in the hall world
You guys are so full of information I've never needed
Nike Kyrie 2
Why is Volkswagen Beetle so curvy
Gabrial Hazell
Lol I have 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis. Its curvy in 1991 they were square. I want a 1991
What about Volvo at the time? Very boxy, but still technically European.
Cars went Curvy-boxy-curvy
Lenny Dean
In the future it will be Triangular or Circle!
lokirna md45
indians still use 1950s cars until now
Sang Nguyen
I prefer boxy
What about kei cars? some of those a literally a square with a nose
Kevin Char
2:33 car models change too, from full clothing to less clothing... Meh~
Boxy Foxy Roxy Moxie.
Sage Maneja
i preffer boxy aesthethics but ill take any curvy car from the 90's over the egg-shaped french cars from today
let's begin gaming
eventually everything will turn from boxes to circles
Waiting for the moment where Vox makes this somehow about race or gender...
Gamer CZ
I actually like more boxy cars beacuse they look better and dont have those fu*ked high tech weird lights :D
باقيفوكس Bagivox
your name is Vox..... wooow
Charlene Tan
you got the teslas which look like round loaves and the corvettes which are like sharp inclines
Kenneth Cohagen
Cars went from curvy to boxy to curvy. 40's, 50's and 60's cars were curvy as hell. But they were ugly, so by they 70's cars moved away from curvy space age designs to more practical boxy designs. As time went on and ELA regulations required that auto companies get better fleet average fuel mileage streamlined designes became more practical. Now we have cars that have lower drag coefficients than the corvettes of the 70's! This started when the Honda CRV beat the Corvette with a drag coefficient of .31 to the corvettes .32. Many cars today have drag coefficients of 2.8 or lower. My Ford Fusion, 4 door family sedan had a drag coefficient of 2.87. And that's a car that being used as a taxi cab in NYC! A frickin taxi cab! My wife doesn't see the embarrassment in this but it's not lost on me!
Catalin Soaita
Chevy Impala '67
Dodge hellcat?
Yellopenpen :3
Because boxy cars were too EDGY.
CJ Russell
its because they lost weight, also it had to fit the social standards for the other cars.
Fatal Cactus
I love me them old classic cars really unique styles in my opinion.
Amir Mirzaei
Its kinda funny I like 1980 boxy cars more
Darius Jackson
the 60's 70's had the BEST cars well at least Chevy in my opinion, you can tell by the way cars look in yesterday nascar aka REAL American cars to today's nascar all the same looking shitty lookin cars😞😡😡😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😠😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡
John Doe
Fist of them all is Tatra 77 1934- 1938. Made in Czechoslovakia. World exist even outside of United States of Merica.
I have a 92 VW GTI 16v. LOVE the style. The 93 MK3 Golf looks like every other round hatch. No character. I have kept it since 2000 and have not seen anything I like as much since the early 90's.
Fez Master
car blows up THE FUTURE!!
Modern round cars look like modern gym shoes and modern gym shoes look like modern round cars that look like modern gym shoes. I dislike the design of both of them.
I guess you could say that the popular shape of cars took a... turn... in the curved direction.
tsion hailu
I love this channel. So refreshing
Aeta Tribe
Curvy cars make drivers want to speed up. And Speed Kills.
Aaron Xiong
cough*Lamborghini *cough
K. lamar eye v
what?? ford struggled at one point??
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