How cars went from boxy to curvy

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The big shift from boxy cars in the '80s to curvy cars in the '90s, explained.

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Mason/dad Duffy
graphics improved duh
Donut Gaming
Ahh boxy car remind me of play GTA vice city
Moist HotDoggo
At one point they will just be circles
B L U Ξ T Ξ K protection
In Latvia diesel costs -.98 euro
MyName Jeff
very curvy indeed...
future generation of curvy cars will be like this
Bruno Marseille
where is my 🅱️ oneless car
Adam Gronemeier
Isn't this kinda self explanatory?
Tide Bleach
I like boxy cars better. When I get a drivers permit/liscence, i want a boxy car because they look great.
Meme Man
I like my steel box that isn't made of shitty plastic.
Everyone knows why....
Cars are still boxy in Canada.

in South Park
"Curvy" line at 0:31 is bullshit. Marginal increase in curviness.
they went from flat to thicc
Real shame, I love the old boxy cars!
Cuz curves r sexxxy
Nissan cube designers did n't get the memo
Benjamin Kham
edgy brah where you at
can we talk about the fact that in western europe the gas price is still like 7 dollars per gallon?
Boxy is better
Eric Weng
Well, now we can a-Ford these gas prices.
Boxy was due to the much larger heavy duty structural impact requirements the U.S. government mandated...the car companies went to AERO look and cab forward once C.A.F.E. requirements got even stricter...and AERO was also meant to then compete even more with foreign brands. Look at a 1980 Chevy US MADE vs a 1980 OPEL European made car...same ERA..different legislation.
Partly boxy cause Fashionable...trendy at that time folks...also lower cost cutting measures BUT main reason for boxy was meet the stringent government crash requirements and was the era of the engineer...the designers had to take a step back and had very limited ways they were allowed cause of feds.
Ants Garcia
30 years later cars become shaped like a ramp
zerora !!
1:36 what mercedes?
Those boxy cars were fugly as all hell
Filomena Gavino
Oh!so in the future it will be a triangle made of purely glass even engine!wow...

(Sarcastic but that might happen and i like your vid)
Swaggy P
nowadays the cars are diverse
I'll save you 4 minutes: aerodynamics.
Mr. X
Modern cars look the same.
Nick ohh
I own a Taurus
“ Back In my day, people and cars didn’t have curves. They had edges”
Ben FU
came for boxxy, was disappointed
fresh oats
thicc boys
Johar Shah
So basically gas price did all this...
Intelligent Horse
I prefer curvy than boxy. I feel more free and faster in that type of car.
Ishay Bar-Yosef
I am very surprised that you didn't even mention that the boxy cars were made of steel and that the curvy cars are aluminum bodys.
Alexander Antonov
boxy cars are better.
Lord Narwhal IV
Next thing y aknow cars are gonna be circles and ovals
How cars went from beautiful to ugly.....
Hans Peter Grüner
The Mercedes G-wagon hasn't changed since the '80s
Cassie Koenigshofer
When will we merge with cars?

Man and machine.
for us today, those cars look boxy, but that doesn't mean anything. Just look at the Audi 100 C3, it was the mass production car, with the least wind-resistance, and if you look at it today, it looks very boxy, but they just made very proper engineering to create such thing
charger master
Its called being more aerodynamic to save fuel.
Tom Farmer
I miss old boxy cars they were beautiful and luxurious. The last generation of them were the 97 to 99 Chevy truck lineup
hidesk dwi
cars are becomong curvier just like women
Matthew Irizarry
Video is crap. Ignores the fact that safety regulations do more to dictate the physical shape of cars than fuel economy ever has or will. Huge fat round noses of cars are to prevent pedestrians from getting mauled. Massive A pillars to prevent crushed roofs in rollovers. HUGE doors to protect occupants in side impact crashes. This video also fails to address the fact that boxy cars are making a return, and have been for quite a while. Vox needs to stick to tabloid crap.
Nah... American cars are still box lookins.
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