How cars went from boxy to curvy

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The big shift from boxy cars in the '80s to curvy cars in the '90s, explained.

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Nobody remembers the Ford Tempo/Mercury Topaz, the car nick-named "the jellybean" by most people upon seeing it for the first time. It was introduced in 1984 and was about as curvy as the Ford Sierra.
Mark Seibert
Interesting video. If you look back there are a handful of cars that were game changers for the industry. When comes to automotive design, the Audi 100 or 5000 in North America was one of those cars. When it hit the market in 1983, it's styling was like nothing else and the Ford Taurus was most certainly a copy of that design. Before the Audi 5000S hit the market, Domestic sedans were big boxes with chrome bumpers, square headlights and big grills.
Emil Dahl
3:05 Eminem would've been proud!
David Jimenez
good old time when the word US & Produce fitted together without a "does not" between it.
Also, the curves lend to safety in that they assist in displacing shock during impact. With the curves, the energy is directed along the curves and away from the passengers. This helps protect occupants (bodies) from absorbing the impact.
Adventure Guy
"A whopping 73.1 cents a gallon." If only that were the case today 😒😒😒
Liam Hugger
It's seems to be a sort of a trend or fluctuation. They went from round, to boxy, to round. Newer designs are certainly not boxes, but lines are starting to become more hard. You can see with the 4th gen mustang, how it was very round, and the new edge design hard harder, more defined lines. I believe soon enough, they will trend towards a "boxier" shape.
Boxxy cars look so much better in most cases, not all
Aerodynamic is an impossible standard unless your flying a fighter jet to work every morning, until then you can drive a hybrid couch and still spend the same on gas as you would a hybrid car the shape of a bullet... It comes down your competence as a driver, and the bullish prices on gas, unless it runs on will power, your streamed lined supercar isn't saving you anything.
Before the Taurus, there was the Audi 5000
Wait... 73,1ct per gallon?? In Germany now 5.15€ per gallon for regular gas.
Alain Guillemette
Also I believe that the technology made it easier to make even more curvy edges at a cheaper price
Trolley Head
He forgot to mention that soviet cars were also curvy in the 1970's.
Presenting, the all new, TRIANGLE CAR!
Ramond Olive
in 2056: "Why did phones go from Big to small to big again?"
How are cars still not very fuel efficient with the aerodynamic shape? My '91 civic gets as good gas milage as some of the most fuel efficient non-hybrids these days. The 88-91 CRX HF can get up to the 40 something miles per gallon or higher even with its boxier shape
Awesome Person
real cars have curves :^)
Jaden Figger
at 2:46 it looks like the guy on the left has a camera as a head
Fuel economy, pressured by the Government from the days of the gas crunch, drove the science of aerodynamics, and the use of lighter materials, as well as electronics to control fuel and emissions, that mechanical devices could no longer do effectively...this was tied with the sleeker bodies we see a nut shell
Douwe E.
Modern day scifi movies - shows 15 year old movie
DerpyFish 01
Boxy cars actually gook good. I want them to come back
Real cars have curves
Janice Bedford
It's really a marketing formula they use with car designs. They have to make the new shapes which are just rehashed shapes seem new and trendy. So your shape is now out dated and not cool. If you felt good about the car or products you buy then no one would ever see a reason to buy a new one.
Andrew Corpus
Damn gas 93s car and up have cuves, thicc af😖❤🅱💩🔫
America doesn't know how to make cars
Richard Howin
after curvy now edgy ._.
sooo basically they became ugly
Jr Poole
I'd still rock a 1995 Taurus SHO
RDG2 Geometry Dash
so basically T.A.W.O
G is from the 70s ;)
real cars have curves
Boxy > Curvy
Björn P.
As a child of the 80's I personally like the more boxy shapes, but your mileage may vary... So! If it is all about air resistance, why don't all car models have the same optimal shape by now?
0:00 Chick Hicks lol
Dean Natuno
Cars started to become curvy when Mr. Bean got famous as well as his Volkswagen.
real cars have C U R V E S
This is bullshit. Many European cars were boxy in the 90s, especially the early 90s. Look at BMW, their "boxiest" models were from the late 80s until mid 90s, like the e30, e34 and e38. Same with Mercedes and the w124
Derek Issigonis
Wasn't the Ford Taurus one of the most unsuccessful cars for ever made?
William Guy Thilgen Jr.
Auto's started boxie, evolved curvie and then returned to boxie. Every generation (15 - 20 years) they change. The same thing applies to colors. Humans get tired of the same old, same old and demand change. A sucessful manufacture, is one whom selects the right time for the changes to be accepted by the throng. The changes from boxie to curvie and back again happens in small but deliberate sequences as do the colors we all find pleasing today. The association of the color pink for females and blue for males has the longest record if acceptability by primerarily Americans. It originally started as a marketing ploy in or around 1943. Prior to that, infants and babies were always dressed in white.
Malachi Guy
You can see the same thing in women.
The Mammalizer
Type in 1970s cars and 1980s cars on the internet and its strange how backwards the designs got. And is it me or does 1990s cars look like they are made of a sort of cheap material.
I'm not too sure about the logic here as cars from 30s were even curvier, than cars today and in-between they made straight (boxy) cars. So therefore I believe it was only because of trend.
what scifi movie
what is that in the last part
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