How cars went from boxy to curvy

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The big shift from boxy cars in the '80s to curvy cars in the '90s, explained.

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boxy cars are still here, in Singapore
Ruben Nouta
Trump: Germans, buy American cars
Germans: Build better cars
ariean rachmat
i prefered boxxy
Nick Dzink
why do newer cars(2007+) feature sharp edges?
Salted Chip
i actually like boxy cars like the BMW E30
Latin Geek
Where is that footage from a design room at 1:30 from, exactly? I'm impressed at just how much floor space and drafting tables they had.
I had always wondered about this topic ever since I was a kid. Thanks for answering one of my oldest questions
Because... aerodynamics? Duh..
Keep it short 70s sexy cars 90s ugly cars. Thank me later
Llama :D
I draw boxy cars
Matt Bolt
90s was the worst ever decade for car design
Clorox Bleach
Curves are good, but the only car I want is a 1967 chrysler newport
Things seem to be a bit different here in Japan. Honda makes a very popular model of car that looks like a box on wheels! It's even got the word "box" in the name, the Honda nBox!
Maria arredondo
Gotta love the free market
This has always been a question in my head. Thank you for explaining!
Aribut Viktorovich
My name is boxxxxy
john burry
more like, big ugly junk 1960-1980 nothing but fuck'n garbage who wants a 40 foot big junk any ways they leaked oil every where, hard to start, no start, burn oil, stink like a lawn mower ... its better today. This day and age cars are getting past 250.000-300.000 miles can't do that with those 60-79 hell at six years they were junk. oh I love the people that say the old cars were better in the 60-70s still around today...My qustion to that how much bondo is under that paint ? In the big pitcher, those 60-70s are full of holes and bondo, just look under the carpet nothing left.
But old cars still better than plastic cars...
Giorgi Kenchiashvili
I prefer boxxxy
Foggiest lizard
The G wagon is still boxy.
Remembering 1992
The Ford stock price data is provably inaccurate. Just go to Google finance and check out the historical price data. The stock price took a nose dive after 1986 and did not recover until the second half of 1988. After an ephemeral surge, Ford stock never recovered from the early 00s correction and is now just a hair's width above late 1986 levels. It is amazing how many graphs and "facts" can be proven wrong with just a moment's research. Vox simply made this stuff up. DISGUSTING!!
Remembering 1992
The narrator's voice is disgustingly contrived. Typical Millennial garbage with the unnecessary pauses and emphasis.
I love 70s more
I love the 70 more
Nitsua Noslohcin
0:33 "since then cars have become curvier" shows first gen legacy wagon probably the boxiest wagon of the 90s lol
Adam Musial-Bright
Vox looks for a pattern boxy vs curvy cars that equals not aerodynamic vs aerodynamic and 70 equals boxy vs before and after 70 equals curvy. This is wrong! Do not create videos on a topic you did not researched. Here is all explained in a perfect article to this video:
J Fr55man
this video is full of inconsistencies and simply states an opinion.
Carla Moreno
@Vox Please so a video on auto lending practices.
Stephen Stanbury
Thanks Vox, a question that has long been bothering me since growing up in the 90s.
Jake Thompson
dude stfu the cars in the 60s were curvy and that was late 70s and 80s. then late 80s it changed again. and so on and so on your not telling anyone anything new waste of time
Even the airbags got curvey now days ...
Birki gts
Im all for efficiency, But the boxy consumer cars of the past just looked so much better than the round consumer cars of today. Though, i think modern high end cars look almost as good, if not just as good as the boxy cars of the past.
20s - 60s cars were curvy and looked awesome tho
joh joh
boxy to ugly*
Hard The Hedgehog
actually, some cars produced in usa, like plymouth superbird are more curvy then boxy.
Gianluca Pesaresi
I was just waiting for them to mention the roundness of the prius, but they never did. You could roll that thing down a hill. End over end, that is.
howdy dude
A quality Vox video? how rare
The Paranoid Blues Man
Modern cars are all generic blobs.
Kalid Ali
i like my cars curvy
we went from boxes, to curves, to boxes, now curves again. but the first curves looked better
alex pencek
3:14 the big jump of fuel economy after 1980 was not because cars were more aerodynamic, it's because car companys started having fuel injected cars instead of carburetors
Alex Paulsen
This is very American-centric...

Volkswagen beetle, AC Cobra, Morris Minor, D-type and E-type Jaguar, and even older designs like the Ford Prefect are all nicely curved.

The 1970's and early 80's in the USA was a mistake for motoring in this regard, and that's the only part of automotive history where I can genuinely think of boxy shapes. But cars did not always go from boxy to curvy in other parts of the world (mainly Europe, who invented the automobile might I point out). They just shifted between varying states of curvy.
Personally I miss the cars of the 30s. The Maybach 6 concept is the car design I dream of seeing on the road...
Gas got expensive. Just saved you 4 minutes.
As long as people can afford fuel at a reasonable price, don't expect most of them to really concern about saving energy/our environment unless enforced by laws.
Every decade or two, car manufacturers vacillate between curvy and boxy. The main reason is to appeal to buyers, thus making the previous model look dated. It isn't really about aerodynamics, because some "boxy" cars (as explained in the video) are quite aerodynamic, while some curvy ones aren't. Car designs have been tested in wind tunnels for nearly as long as there have been cars, as part of the engineering and design process. This is true in the US, and probably just as true in Europe, so it's incorrect to say that one was more forward-thinking the other in that regard. In a nutshell, the reason is mostly a matter of aesthetics and what consumer taste or sense of style dictates.
3:26 Is that pen-looking device supposed to be a mouse?
Neil C
Pronounce Porsche correctly
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