How cars went from boxy to curvy

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The big shift from boxy cars in the '80s to curvy cars in the '90s, explained.

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Richard Rosielle
And before that they were curved again and before that the were boxy. They are just creating new markets so you can tell that your car is getting old.
Jesus Christ
I'm a rebel. I support evolution and new technology hahaha
Ms Phoenix Warmwood
At least cars from the 70s are not douchey
Colonel Colonist
graphics got better
streetboost garage
What about the 1985 toyota Camry le
Brian Smith
The Citroen DS has to be the most beautiful curvey car.
John Dcruze
i live 19 but the 18 sucks 16 js better 44 is good CAUSE JUESE was sill there how about 1 hu hahahahahhaha my point IS I LOVE THE 2000 ALOT BUT 3000 SUPER MUCH MORE LOVER EVER 4000 I DONT KNOW
real cars have curves
Gsgsbs Nsjsjs
cuz I like to like something
Nav Bravic
3:35. What? If that car is "really round" then I'm really a tuna fish sandwich.
its pretty simple the more boxy a car is the more drag the car gets the more drag the more gas it uses. they made it curry so that itll be less drag less drag means it'll fuel efficient which will save you some money. but I do love the box type cars the more edge it has the more mean the car looks like imo
Christopher Chamberlain
I like the boxy, sharp look better
From what I understand car design in America has evolved from a few factors; current stylistic trends such as the rocket age, advances in building materials, intellectual property rights, and federal law on safety. The later may be the most important factor. You may notice that we don't have open wheels or head lights outside the body of the car like in cars of the past. Laws mandated these changes. You may have noticed changes in the nose of cars today from the 90's to today. The federal government decided that too many pedestrians were sustaining leg and hip injuries from car accidents. So now all cars must have a bulbous front end and windshield to minimize the damage to a person getting hit. And as for the curvy designs of cars in the 90's, part of it was to make it more difficult for foreign countries, such as China, to steal car building designs and counterfeit their own versions. Basically boxy cars were easy to replicate. I'm definitely no super expert on the topic, but these guys could have been more in depth and accurate in this video.
What about the Citroen ID and DS models that superseded the Traction Avant models? The entry-level ID and upscale DS were huge and looked like space ships compared to the Traction Avant which looked like a '29 Cord.
Adam tsie
in 1000 years cars would become big circles with no wheels!
Corey Ray
I liked the 1977 Chrysler... It would have made a kick ass dirt track car! If you ever watch the 1979 Daytona 500, those are all body styles that were no longer in production. I always thought as kid the rear side windows on a ford Thunderbird was interchangeable with a mercury couger of the same year, just upside down and on the opposite side.
Jan Brady
My mom had a 1991 Buick LeSabre like the one shown in the video. Those were very good cars.
carlos bro
Can't wait till cars 3 2017 June 5 😁
Gertrude Perkins
they didn't. they went from curvy to boxy to curvy. pointless video.
Uthman Baksh
Am I the only one that likes cars that are curvy?
yaboykevinn _
get yourself a 240z
Valchix 135
cool vid !
I like boxy cars
Dmitry Litvinov
G-wagon will never be curvy
Thanks Sayeid
Cosmos Media
Soon Cars Are Going To Be Flat
Brandon Butler
I love boxy cars! I hate curvy cars
cars look boxy again
Carter Sharpnack
vox:a whopping 71 cents
me:that's not even a dollar
Clorox Bleach
Ba A
Same thing happened to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition ;-)
GOLD 1515
Cause curves are sexier...
Cars of the 90s are my favorite. Quite aerodynamic and at the same time different from each other. W124 or E39. I love them.
No wonder modern cars are so fugly
Savage Nation
I always wondered this

Now my life is complete
Fuel efficiency, computing power got better and better allowing curves in CAD models with fluid dynamics analysis, better manufacturing techniques, safety etc.
purple GAMES
in sweden 1 liter of gas cost 2$;(
Lee Loomis
i Saw 4 cool Pictures about someBody Buy A crappy car and Build a Living Quarter Box on Top

ii wish cars Rv dealerShips WiLL Start Building House on Wheels The size oF one or? 2 parking spaces

and MayBe Haul a Little Landscaper Trailer just to Grow VegetaBles just Too Live EveryWhere on This 🌎 Habitable Water BuBBles Planet it will Be a Bad Day iF aLL The Oceans​ just Leaked pop out innToo space
they forgot to mention that it was way cheaper to manufacture boxy cars back then as compared to now.
Yuriy Romanovich
people what is the truck on 1.05 ?
william stockton
Vox, you missed the whole reason cars went from boxy to roundy. The computer. If a person knew nothing else, they could look at the correlation of the growth of computer tech to the expansion of curved lines on car bodies.

See, it is really hard to do accurate curves with a big clay blob and a hand spatula. But with CAD, that can be done really easy with very good precision. The cost of curves, before the computer, was just too high . . . both to design, and second to make. Not only do you have to create a curved surface, the car makers also had to make the matching curved dies and molds that have to precisely match those finished surfaces so you can get a curved door to actually shut every time.

Good video but you missed it completely.
Edmundo Hernandez
Ok hi, so my name is boxxy
PORSCHEEEE. its not Porsch. Its Porsche. Ffs
Buddha BlazerSS
Oh Vox you have once again amazed me!
Dylan Littlewood
get it afford when theyre talking about a ford
My car gotta be Extra Thicc
Everything looks like a Camry or Accord these Days. DULLLLLLLLLL.
Cars where curvy in the the 30's, 40's, and early 50's as well. So, you video should really say: "How cars went by curvy to boxy, and back to curvy again."
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