How cars went from boxy to curvy

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The big shift from boxy cars in the '80s to curvy cars in the '90s, explained.

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Modern round cars look like modern gym shoes and modern gym shoes look like modern round cars that look like modern gym shoes. I dislike the design of both of them.
I guess you could say that the popular shape of cars took a... turn... in the curved direction.
tsion hailu
I love this channel. So refreshing
Aeta Tribe
Curvy cars make drivers want to speed up. And Speed Kills.
Aaron Xiong
cough*Lamborghini *cough
K. lamar eye v
what?? ford struggled at one point??
Paul0 H_____0
bring back boxy cars!!!!
Musli Stiles
why Europeans have much better cars than U.S.A
Yarwoo Community
in the 90's the cars were to round. now there actually more streamlined and triangular.
I disagree it was because of gas. According to the graph you showed, 1990s was pretty much at its lowest price. I believe it was just styles of the time.
its pronounced porcsha!
this was almost a no-brainer if you think about it
Josh M
What was the Si-Fi movie at the end of this video?
Owen Moore
i prefer box cars
Gosh I hate the Scion xb...
Mike Page
Not to mention boxy cars look pants.
cars were curvy before they went boxy
soon cars will look like a water drop. The most aerodynamic design.
Lambos are boxxy.
Elizabeth Y Michael Cazares
I like boxy 70s 80s cars
My e30 was just beautiful one of the best looking cars I've owned
saad cheema
My car was born Boxxy like 60 years ago and its still boxy. Yes Jeep i am talking about Jeep.I don't know if u can even call it Car
boxy cars are much sexier
Richard Klepper
pretty much explains why all modern cars look just a like
Justin Hill
Nintendo's NES video game console went from boxy with a front loading design (NES-001, 1985) to curvy with a top loading design (NES-101, 1993).
the cars in the 1980s big box are much conformable than the today curves.
Tennessee Anderson
Interesting never thought of all cars that way before. SO cool.
Dan The Diamond Killer
I, personally, hate the new car designs. WE NEED SOME ORIGINALITY!!! THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME TO ME!
And first aerodynamic car was Tatra 77
Marin Eduard
its simple, being curvy means aerodinamics wich mean more speed and better aceleration
actually cars were curvy in the old times too. example in the 40s and 50s
Szymon Bober
The curvy ones are more areodynamic.
I like "angry cars" like some Audis and BMWs
David Cazes
Boxy looks better to me, a jeep XJ is the best looking SUV ever made in my opinion, it looks rugged. Now cars are so round they look like jelly beans.
quacksackerthegreat Starfire
Now they just need to go back to rear-wheel drive....
No mention of Fiat, Ferrari, or Alfa Romeo models of that era!? You failed to mention the best cars of the time!!!
lathunion n
curvy is better with everything when it comes to men
i think the more curved cars were so influential because it is like if you make a circle in minecraft
¡BEAT! McSickle
Nissan Be-1 made all cars curvy
I figured it was because of evil whitey.
Bring Back Boxy.
phung tran
Wait it is pun intended when he said aff-FORD-able ?
They really failed to mention SAAB, the car manufacturer that was a spin-off of a airplane company. Their cars from the 60:th has about the same aerodynamic performance as cars from 40 years later.
Patrick EH
The premise you forward is incorrect. I have a relative who was a GM engineer during that time period. The driver wasn't gas prices, it was fuel mileage standards ordered by the US Fed gov coupled with increased safety standards ordered by the gov that drove the more fuel efficient designs in the USA.
uhhh one word...AERODYNAMICS
Best 5 examples are:

Chevrolet Impala
Dodge Charger/Challenger
The Airflow never sold well, genius
Cars always looked like the Top Trending technology at the time. eg.
Trains inspired first models of cars (when they were groundbreaking tech)
Airplanes/spaceships inspired the 2nd generation (everyone loved planes/space)
Profits inspired the 70's generation (they literally cut corners/box to make cheap cars)
The future inspired 90's cars (everyone assumed the future was a rounded concept)
00's and 10's cars were inspired by aerodynamics (self-explanatory really)
Today cars are inspired by the trending technology (Electricity/Technology, Computers)
If only pickup trucks and SUVs, aka Stupid Ugly Vehicles, could follow this trend instead of remaining ugly boxes on wheels.
real cars have curves
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