5 Horror Movies Based on True Stories

Horror Films True StoryScary Films Based on True StoryThe Conjuring True StoryThe ConjuringWolf CreekWolf Creek True StoryHills Have EyesHills Have Eyes True StoryThe Amityville HorrorThe Amityville Horror True StoryTexas Chainsaw True StoryEd GeinIvan MilatAlexander Sawney BeanEd Warren

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Welcome to this video where we go through five of the scariest films that are based on true stories!

These include, The Conjuring, Wolf Creek, The Hills Have Eyes, The Amityville Horror and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

If you enjoy these kinds of videos, and are curious about dark, scary, creepy, weird or interesting and factual information from around the world, please subscribe for more! 

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Isaac Rivera
colossal is crazy would be a perfect narrator for this channel lol
cesar rojas
This guys voice is chilling
Justa guy
i was watching this at night while it was quite then somebody with a loud ass engine rod by and scared tf outtae
The Dragon Lord
DragonHub here
Sir Slapa Ho
Vladimir crotchlickmeoff
King James had the right idea We should do that to rapeist pedophiles murderers and all of the bad people
Bob Steve
Good thing I'm on the toilet
World of Retro Gameplay
Great video!
Franky v
Tbh I thought the ouiji board movie would be in this list
Frank Lucy
InnerBeast Gaming
The Texas chainsaw massacre was real,then it was movie. Then it a character in Mortal Kombat X which you can get as a DLC
Jessica Garcia
i was born in july 10,its just weird to me that mostly all cases happened in July , between the day I was born,well wow my birthday is based on serial killers😐😅
Redcarl Padilla
Cant sleep
The amityville was proven to be false to make a big profit
Ivan Plepo
Only thing that is scary right here is mahh boy voice
Deanna Chisolm
GamingWith_ Cha
I've already learned about Ed Gein in school he is a terrible perso
theshadow FTW
the mutants on the hills have eyes is basically people nuked the area but the mutants wanted revenge and that's why they killed those people
hills have eyes is lit
Jesus your voice fucking creeps me out you need more subs
Azul Hernandez
Phillip Sidebotham
It's pronounced the "cunjering" not the "conjuring"
jose navarro
I think #2 is deeper
Jacob Winter
I subscribe
Elite Rockstar
The guy talking makes is creepier
Spiceinator Gaming
Pissing the bed with fear, or just pissing the bed...
Tatiana Hill
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy he was so wrong for doing that to the ladies and man the most of it is ladies
Tatiana Hill
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy he was so wrong for doing that to the ladies and man the most of it is ladies
normal_ ranger
who else came to the comments because it was a little scary
binh vo
I will buy some clothes and blankets for the homeless and a gallon of glue for slime
BMike TN3
Juicyxylophone 9
5:03 yo who would want to kill a girl like her with her demonic looking eyes! She probably has superpowers fuck!!!
jose torres
Look at the number of views🙀
Amanda Sabino
get on gta5
AwesomexxWaffles HD
A bear with a gun

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ⌐╦╦═─ (/) (°,,°) (/)

hes the next serial killer
Adil A
People don't realize that the logo is like pornhub
Simon Kleinertz
it has 666k views
Reece Icy
Jesus Christ I watch this and it has 666,099 views lol no
Young Fresh
His voice is scaring me
Whats more scary? the video or that the video has 666k views 0_0
Richard Smith
look at the views
My Ex Girlfriend was a true horror story
Ur logo looks like Pornhubs logo :l
[Fan] XxExpert_ThiefxX
Before u put the screen in full screen there are spoilers
Cayzey Cake
Backpacker killer ( the man who only kills expensive backpacks )
John Paul
Eww what the fuck? That nigga made a belt out of nipples and noses?
The Fact Dropper
LMAO you are trying way to hard to sound scary
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