Was That Tweet From Trump Or Shakespeare?

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The President doth tweet too much, methinks.

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What the HELL is wrong with Trump. His advisers should tell him to ease up on the crazy talk before they do anything else.
"There Trump is, in the Oval Office. He is ready, pen is in hand."
Frank van Tellingen
Why can't Trump even string a coherent grammatically correct sentence together? He talks like a four year old.
vlin 39
Uh... not pentameter, though. Shakespeare used iambic pentameter... Trump's missing an iambic foot.
To build a wall, or not to build a wall?
Stephen is proof a turd can stick around and stink for decades
Mona M
What's up with the hands ?!
Caitlin Young
Guys, thousand Anyone hear worse than this vidfo? 2 .
John McLean
Huge Patrick Stewart influence on Stephen's Shakespeare impression! :-)
Actually lunch isn't where the deal is made, it's dinner. But unfortunately no one else was in the room where it happens
Adam Aucoin
you could have called them "Yucky Charms" common!!
David Edwards
Surely everyone realizes by now that when trump talks about trumpcare, he means only that trump will be cared for. He doesn't give a flying fork about anyone other than HIMSELF. (What happened to the secret service guarding his family in trump tower)?
I'm still giggling over "Malignant Schumer". This was definitely one the better nights. ^_^
Guys the pen is in hand >.> trumps words lol 😂
terence nelson
o trump dies !!!
It's not Shakespeare as even though it is iambic it is not pentameter as it has only four beats. the DEMS scream DEATH as O care DIES. Only four so not Shakespeare
habib syed
Its the late show and I'm your host Stephen Colbear.
David Torres
pen is in hand
Oscar Garcia
A man with the brain of 100 monkeys... I’m dead💀
A Spoonie Journey
I wanna be in the lunchroom where it happens
Tok Lin Yeo
Pen in hand? More like pen is in hand (if you know what i mean)
Erika Bodlak
People r tweeting impeach impeach but that won't solve all the issues I don't like Donal Trump but after him it's mike pence and extra also u have to go through multiple stages to get him impeached which is almost impossible because he knows and is Buddy buddy with the people who would need to inciate the impeachment process so instead of focusing on impeach i think the best alternative root is to inform yourself on your local election and vote whenever a aprotunity presents its self do with this info as u wish peace ✌️
Dennis DuFrane
Does he talk about anything else at all?
Gonzalo Rayo
I am not from the USA but first time I see trump seat next to a black person,
James Curtis
He always wears the same suit.
Joe Aly, your measure of success is "as long as I come out on the top of the money pile, everyone else can eat shit" and that is why the Rosemarie's baby is the president
Charles Uwakwe
This man is a legend! Just give him all the Emmys you can find already.
Barjas Al Barjas
"A fool thinks himself to be wise (Trump, Alex Jones), but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. (Obama, Stephen Colbert)"

"Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind (Trump and his supporters)."

"Some rise by sin (Trump), and some by virtue fall (Sanders)"

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here. (Trumps administration)"

- William Shakespeare
Akira Stevens
LMAO I live in Nevada and we all hate him. If he votes for trumpcare, then he really has zero chance against challenger freshmen congresswoman Jacky Rosen.
Sumair Bawa
listen to 1:01 at 0.5x speed.
Diego D. Garza
gotta give credit where it is due. Trump said we would be winning all the time and I didn't believe him. well the people who enjoy the aca won, and all the credit goes to Trump. thanks Donny boy!
Arbazz Ahmed
IIIII will be 😂😂😂😂
Automaton 1
Wheres David?
David Copperfield
Stephen Colbert is brilliantly funny! Good writing staff, too.
this video is cringe
Sarah Rivers
Encore!!! I would totally listen to Shakespeare "on tape" if Stephen was orator!!! Xo love you
Alexander Forslund
Lovely Jon casually playing some Monk in the background.
cov fefe
Wow, how easy it would have been for Trump to tweet instead, "*I* must keep my promises to America".
I love Stephen reading Trump's tweets
I appreciate the work that colbert has done in the past, but he really
doesn't have a show without trump, as much as I don't like to admit it
Trump seems to end 99% of his tweets with an exclamation point.
John Grimm
Trump has tried to be a bully all his worthless life. Trump is a punk who needs his ass beaten.
Ella DeMore
All of these dorky Shakespeare comments are making my day!!!
Trump has a selection of pens to choose, but his favourite is pen 15.
Some OneDivine
Lol..that was so funny..pissin myself laughing. Thank you.
Carl Kolchak
voter suppression is the biggest problem facing the U.S., not russian interference.
I encourage Trump to alienate all the Senators he can who hopefully will soon be voting at his impeachment trial.
Please take the mic off the idiot that keeps interrupting a good show.
Gabriel Fluke
trump has the brain of half a dead monkey at best (the lower half), a hundred monkeys would probably be smarter than him and all his supporters put together.
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