GIANT Gummy Worm! (MattyBRaps, Ivey & Justin)

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This week, MattyB & Ivey sit down to play the gummy worm challenge.  Justin shows up to show off his new pet.  

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Alexa OMG Nita
You're so funny justin
Gigi Nichols
i love you matt
Dead Pool
Jay Johnno2
Ivey is a dickhead
Eliza Luna
MattyB and I've r mean lol I know its just a worm but still lol
Eliza Luna
u guys r mean
Janice Lake
okay that was just. ... weard
yette silva
yette silva
Sis and Bro
Justin is the best
Sis and Bro
Jacklynne Ramirez
awww poor Justin in the end 😔😂
Zeanique Pierre
3:06 behind you!!!!!
Team Padilla
Who is watching this in 2017
Taleah Smith
I feel bad for Justin
quason parker
I dont like matt at the begining with that face
John Mcateer
are you Justin boyfriend lvey
Ragnar Oswald
Wonny Leysner
met dosen love vok yon
Ceandra Jackson
it took me 2 years to grow it, its 3 months old
Hannah Girdley
Matt: "We are going to be tasting these exquisite gummy worms" 😂
Tina Wadkins
Ivey you and Matt are not dating so stop saying you guys are he doesn't like you anyway
musiclivon 1221
Guys sorry for the spelling I was in a rush
Rafeal Wondemu
Justin is always sad salgado
ivey and Matt looked like a cute couple
Emma2017 Labda
You can get one at
Merhawit Tafere
I am laughing so bad.
Brielle Tookas
Call me now
Laura Blancas
mattyb yuor mean
Mega Survivor
Justin your fucking stupid its a gummy worm
Gabby Francois
justin is so funny
Kayden Wonack
that look mattmade when ivey said his girlfriend
Ellie King
do you guys know justen has feeling is well
Luis Duran
ooo you have a girlfriend 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Humberto Mendoza
hola como
Violet Camacho
so funny hahahahahahaha
Justin Gaylord
Hay Justin my name is Justin
Summer Waters
Lol who is this "Justin"
Ellie King
you guys are so mean to justen
Bertha Napoles
Justin i love you al your dig fan you are so funny 😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️️❤️️❤️️
Christina Smith
I feel bad for your Justin
Abby Caissie
I feel bad for Justin
Yama Mariama
Stacey Vang
Matty i thought you didn't like ivy !😛
Stacey Vang
so funny
musiclivon 1221
The most funny thing about this video is that Justin Ivey and Matty b did a pinkish e promised se to Justin then they ate it and Justin caught them
Noon Algabri
it means wher the boys pee
Noon Algabri
pokey is a bad word
Sashel Garlitos
Matt you actually like Ivey
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