Rhoadtrip 1
Video idea turkey bowling trick shots
juliet goodman
i was already subscribed ;)
Ginni Bracy
i think garrett wants sunscreen not chapstick
Elite Tricks
Normally Tyler wins every Battle
Kenny Portillo
They took team Edges song
Greg Love
If i comment and coby replies i will freak
Greg Love
Go coby
the beast
Saminella for life
Elle Retzlaff
Coby is cuteπŸ˜πŸ˜…
Grayson Paik
danny ruiz
Ty can you stop being in the face off it just gets boring watching you for every single face off as the announcer or as a contestant
Adrian Ifteni
I subscrided
Adrian Ifteni
I want to see garrot as a announcer
Brillnic Mun
Tyler your such a dick no one does that when your the announcer saw loser why can't you just take it like a man, loser.Why can't some one else be in Tyler's place. Why is he leader vids would be better without him for sure!
Ibalisticcat 27
Your wwe champion garretttttttt
Great Lego Builder
Wow they used a wwe title
Cute Vines
Why the changed the name of theirr channel to whistle sports
Get outta here tyler
Liliana Rodriguez
Why dont they do more stereotypes
Kian Dunlop
Dude that is perfect
Leo mikkola-patel
i wish it was jim shorts
Aileen Jones
Turkey so much turkey!
Sonia Falco
Am I the only one who thinks that Tyler rigs this all the time
Guys ill like ty to join our team
Raymundo Lopez
Dude perfect when you play face off how come all of you guys wear fake front teeth
The good Stuff for life
I subbed
JJ gaming
I think he can
Diamond Boy
Yes a human can lose
The Terrian
Willy Billy Nilly
Let’s go garret!!
Firefoxy 64
Hi ty
Nolan Stainback
Boomerangs trick trick shot vid ;) :)
Josette Novorosky
you guys are so awesome
Dineshbhai Modi
Darien Skaj
Bernard Adrian Lee
animal abuse
___CHOOSEmeBoy __5
6:57 did you here the team edge intro??
Swoosh Perfect
Please sub to me
krissy baker
I subscribed
krissy baker
I want what garet got
Shepherd Swan
Jon carter making me cringe the hardest I ever had
Team edge song
Zyan Diaz
Coby’s the worst announcer
Who's watching in November 2017
GWS Productions
Who's watching on 2017 Thanksgiving (HAPPY THANKSGIVING
The Chosen One
Is it just me or does Ty look heated
Brandon Jaimes
Why ty😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Taimur Khan
Happy thanksgiving everybody..............
Shawnee Sheldon
i shout ty was going to win
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