Street Racing With The SHERIFF?! Coolest Cop EVER!

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Every now and then you find yourself at a car meet with a few race cars looking for a match up. This was no exception. After talking to some car enthusiasts for a while a 700hp Corba Mustang challenged a 2JZ Rx7 to a roll. Heading out to the highway a sheriff pulls up to the Rx7 and ask him on his PA system to do 'something cool'. Said and done, the RX7 spools up and makes a pull for the sheriff
before turning on the highway. It's always a scary moment riding in a race car whenever there's a cop nearby, but when you get asked to do a pull for them, it's actually kinda cool!
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Broke [N]
That mustang was fast as shit.
ViceVersa Musik
That wrap on the Mustang is sick as fuck!
2jz swapped FD? why tho
Killa T1Acid
0:20 that's possibly the sickest cobra I've ever seen, is that a bermese python style wrap?
Geminijets NewMexico
that terminator pulls hard as hell in 1st.
Evolved Imports
there's a few cops like that in our area. usually let us race a couple hours before shutting it down.
Zx10r Power
Holy moly!!! those cobras give me chills everytime I hear them running. say what you want about fords, but they have the nastyest sounding vehicles. the diesel super duty is another one that is so sick when it's suped up
JF McKeown
Jim 100% liquid
why did they break after going so fast?? why not off the break and let the car goes by it self?
Bob Davis
Good Old Forsyth County Sheriff! The 400 can be a fun time!
Why would u get on it! When a sheriifs car! Is on your left! Very stupid!! Really stupid!...What if that sheriff was a jerk!.. hey got lucky!
Derek Wall
is that cop driving a dodge charger?
Marcus Blicker
Great video! !! That Saturn though! who tunes a Saturn? ! Man that has to shock the shit out of a lot of people! The ultimate sleeper!
700hp cobra.... me thinks it a little more than that.
Adolfo Cervantes
Saturn lol
kyler sebastian
surprised that sheriff didnt try to get him for exhibition of speed i had one try to get me for it the other day
James Roberts
This is Georgia I always see that snakeskin cobra at meets it's sooooo mean
Class of 2014 when dr.fowler was still there
This is how people get killed.
Great White Rabbit
the rxy makes 700hp @ 22 psi according to tdib in the other vid but in this vid there running 18 psi.This would be pretty short of 700whp more like 600whp
saturn, lol
4BangersProduction !
I seen that termi on blue's ch
um....u dont need to race if u already know the hp
Subaru Modz
love the guy smoking by the gas pump
What make were the rims on the Redline??? Sooo much want!!!
Aquatic Sparrow
Thank you for uploading this. It made the news. And now that sheriff got in trouble. The police is suppose to set the example by keeping the streets safe, not acting as if its the apocalypse.
Luis Gonzales
That cobra is fucking sexy as fuck
Ruben Salazar
sweet ass rx7
Wow, that Mustang's snake paint job is cool as hell and I don't even like Mustangs.
james liu
Can someone tell me how them cops cars are usually modified?
0:47 ok the 2jz is a good engine but why buy a rotary engine and swap it
Miles Johnson
Bruh this was right next to my school
Justin'z SRT8
The news is making a big deal on this video of a cop racing a street car
Blue 24
Shoulda kept the rotary
Looks like that Saturn has Jupiter tune. GM 4's don't fuck around.
Kristen Miller
to bad a chevy wasnt involved, lol but props to that dohc blown ford for the wins...
Youtube Account
The highway patrol police package chargers only have 385 hp. A texas state trooper told me . He had a 2014 dodge chargers
Mason Ladd
This video ruined my area, Forsyth county is filled with cops now and I cant even touch my gas pedal without being pulled over
its called Torque! fellas
Jesse Hasch
This video is lying to us. There's no such thing as a Saturn race car. Saturns are junk, they fall apart, they are unreliable they are cheap they are slow. I know, my college has a ton of junk cars we tear apart, and we got like 3 saturns. Not only are they cheap and weak, but they are a bitch to work on. Saturns are weaker than dodge neons, and that's saying a lot, because neon is as bad as it gets. Ain't no one in the right mind would invest money in the modification of a Saturn. Get a ford or something, dude, for real. Other than that, all the other cars are legit.
lol this made it onto the news
Is that kid really smoking in the gas station?
Mawrk _
when u also realize this was right in front of your school, cograts 1320 u made it on out news
These guys have been doing this for so long you would expect them to have a better mic
RptrKlr 60
you'd think between the cobra and the 2j rx the rx would have spanked that thing both being 700hp
Squirell E1
That Saturn tho!!
i follow that cobra dude on ig his cobra is dope asf
Rick Sabo
dude in the shitstang is a none street racer
RaGe Sensation
watch out mustang if u keep pushing ur car like that it will break down like fords usually do!
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