10 Amazing Hot Glue Life Hacks You Should Try

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HOT GLUE is THERE FOR YOU! Here’s 10 simple ways to put hot glue to the test. 
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You can fix all kinds of things around your house using hot glue. We will show you how to attach a button, dampen noisy cabinets, even resize a ring that is too big.

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Focak Nedim
Faze Nano
its high noon and justice rains from above

oh god no
Udaya sree kayathi
hot glue gun really helps you in all the ways
FallenEagle 7315
Man those overwatch references lmao!
Rohin Bhat
why doesn't he post videos
Faathima Padia
i wish i hqve a glue gun
Love the old greg shirt!
The Entertainment Channel
Some nice ideas
Ramdas Bhosale
where do we get hot glue gun
thatone kid
hot glue cures cancer
LoL plays & Animes
im ur father
The Overwatch references :o
omg me just made two overwatch jokes in one video when he dosnt have a gaming channel..... im subscribing for that only.
Alfred Li
Overwatch really
why I am watching this? I don't have even a glue gun
FiRe Ray
Ha ha I am totally laughing at those corny overwatch jokes
Westin Keeley
I can't believe he made an overwatch joke
Mark Mason
I'v got you in my sights
Facepunch Gameing
who noticed the overwatch refrences
if your to lazy to zip up your jacket your not goin do that lol its a good tip tho
George Williams
why the overwatch puns
Kanak Diwakar
I make hot glue gun at home.
Amy Ling
that overwatch reference 😂
Oh my god those overwatch references, so awkwardly placed. Lol
Kyle Thomas
I love the old gregg Shirt, where can i buy it?
Sebas Fur
Ha I got the overwatch joke
Eevert Jurmu
Pratap Reddy
What is cost of your gun
Marzieh Ghodsi
"Line or two of hot glue"
Did anyone else understand it rhymes
Hot glue is useless in a cold world...
Epic Fun Gaming
3:11 slips down stairs and breaks skull

You can use hot glue to repair any broken body parts
Chillax Gaming
Wanna know another way to keep a ring on? DONT PUT IT ON YOUR PINKIE
It's high noon. Someone's been playing overwatch
life saver
last hack is not for americans
Matt Wilde
at 2:36 was that an overwatch reference 'high noon and justice rains from above '
Rachit Sardana
plz give me the link to buy your glue gun
Assasin_Games YT
why the pun intended Its High Noon and Justice rains from above from overwatch?!?!?
Leeya Kats

do you recommend this one?
Ashkey Manuel
wonder if my clear tape can do that too.
cause what the hell i dont even own glue gun.
Ollie T.
High noon? Justice? Why man. Just... Why??
Daniel Drewes
Do you play overwatch?
Sean O'Neill
you can stuff iin your nose too.
Robsons reptiles42
its high noon justice will rain from above overwatch
martin coxon
the UK is known as Giotto
martin coxon
Len kagamine
lol at 2:40 he made a mc cree pun XD
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