10 Amazing Hot Glue Life Hacks You Should Try

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HOT GLUE is THERE FOR YOU! Here’s 10 simple ways to put hot glue to the test. 
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You can fix all kinds of things around your house using hot glue. We will show you how to attach a button, dampen noisy cabinets, even resize a ring that is too big.

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Jess Garza
2:38 overwatch reference
What's this??? Another hack I can't do because I'm broke??
Vikingdude64 Gaming
Those overwatch references made my day
Hamster Hayk
BEST LIFE HACK CHANNEL EVER keep up the good work:)
Drago Kai
2,189 people didn't realize that they were supposed to let the hot glue cool when making grips for things and accidentally glued their clothes to their hangers
Sport Unicorn35
Really overwatch jokes
Pikachu :3
i love my hot glue gun i would use it even in the world war if it were shooting glue
Gershia James
Space travel?
:( ?
PhoenixSavageboi 1087
Why am I wAtching this.i don't even have a glue gun or hot glue
Lucero Arroyo
Easy now fuzzy little man peach... (OLD GREGGGGGGG)
Unseen YT
it's high noon is a reference to mccree from overwatch, and justice rains from above is a reference to pharah in overwatch. they are both lines for their ultimates.
Jaden Standish
Hateful Mexican
this dude just glued glue
Fantom Tales
Kanai Lal Dr
can we use it on broken driver side mirror?
Matthew Portnoy
on the table one was that a over watch reference
Samantha Duncan
so much overwatch jokes #2017
Tutorial Shock!
2:36 aye overwatch reference!
It's Robby
I was trying some of this........burnt the top layer of my skin
YouTubeTähti •
use superglue..
-.- Benyovszki
that overwatch pun tho..... XD
Logan Palmer
Rebekah Hamontree
I like your old Gregg shirt.
real KHz
glued hangers into all my clothes, now they never fall on the floor
gorilla glue
I want your old gregg shirt!
Chris Tran
Just buy the glue rolls
whats that overwatch reverence doing in there????
Nahid Sultana
i have this hot glue
Overwatch references
tøp is my øxygen
Hah the OW reference was appreciated.
Overwatch, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lahking AyeSoul
"It's high noon" is that an Overwatch reference??? lol
its high noon and justice will rain from above one month after overwatch comes out
Thomas Brashaw
Tai Eileen
he said a reference at 2.40 to overwatch
2:37 No. No. No. Just no.
Oh my god. YES! "What's this" that's a reference to the song from nightmare before Christmas, as you are holding a painting of jack. Amazing. You made my day.
Its High noon and justice rains from above " XD XD XD 2:36
overwatch puns :)
Lavender Water
Nice overwatch reference
Velociraptor 01
At 2:40 is that a overwatch reference
Dean Primmer
You know when I searched for "top 10 hotglue videos", I expected something else entirely...
enderlordElite gaming
he made overwatch puns
Viola Lockhart
Loving the Overwatch puns
Jager D
2:41 His gun ran out
Katie Trimmier
Overwatch references
RankSlave /GeekSphero
Just M
holy shit you look exactly like toni kroos
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